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Disappointed with adult life

Life Advice / Carolyn Hax /

Dear Carolyn:

Is being an adult just the process of becoming more accepting of disappointment in life?

I'm in my 30s and awakening to the fact that nothing in the life I have spent a decade building -- relationships, career, skills, hobbies, home -- is fulfilling to me at all. Is that normal? Do people walk away and start over or is there ...Read more

Gramping Her Style

My friend just joined a dating site for elite creative professionals. Unfortunately, it grabs your age from Facebook, so you can't shave off years. At 50, she's outside of most men's search parameters -- even older men's. What gives? -- Concerned

Aging is especially unkind to straight women on dating sites. At a certain point (usually ...Read more

Should Opposites Attract?

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Editor's Note: Annie Lane is off this week. The following column was originally published in October 2016.

Dear Annie: I am a soon-to-be divorced man who has suffered a great deal of pain after the collapse of my lengthy marriage.

After enduring the dissolution of multiple post-separation relationships, I found what in many ways is the ...Read more

In-law troubles threaten to explode

Life Advice / Ask Amy /

Dear Amy: I have a problem with my brother's wife. She has always been rude to me, my siblings and our parents.

I have never tolerated her rudeness, so she usually just avoids me. The other day, she said something very nasty to me. I very calmly and firmly told her that I would not allow her to speak to me like that. She got angry, but seemed ...Read more

Wife Gets The Silent Treatment Without Knowing Reason Why

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have been married more than 20 years. Once in a while, he'll stop being affectionate and ceases talking to me. Obviously, he is upset. He holds it together for our children, but I get the serious cold shoulder.

He won't tell me why he is unhappy. He simply expects me to give him space. This is difficult because I ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 1/15/2019

Life Advice / Annie's Mailbox /

Dear Annie: I'm a divorced woman who was married to a self-centered man for 30 years. He often told me that if I thought there was something better out there to not let the door hit me on the way out. I finally took him up on it, and it turned out to be the best advice he ever gave me.

For the past three years, I've been dating "Ted," also ...Read more

Explaining nurse's schedule to boyfriend's family is like talking to a brick wall

Life Advice / Carolyn Hax /

Adapted from a recent online discussion.

Dear Carolyn:

I am a nurse, my boyfriend is a teacher. A lot of his family are teachers, too. My boyfriend and I get along great, he is really patient with my schedule and I am completely understanding that he gets extra time off in summers and holidays because he works such long hours during ...Read more

Cold Shoulder After Divorce

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Editor's Note: Annie Lane is off this week. The following column was originally published in October 2016.

Dear Annie: I recently went on vacation with my mom, stepdad and siblings. We went to the river where my stepdad has been going for about 30 years. Everyone else in the community has been going there every year for just as long, if not ...Read more

Father-in-law passes the buck

Life Advice / Ask Amy /

Dear Amy: Over the holidays my wife and two young children were with my wife's family (her mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and their two children).

My sister-in-law insisted that we order take-out instead of having a home-cooked meal. We ordered in, and she paid for the meal.

Days later my father-in-law suggested that he and I should give her...Read more

Parents Declare Their Freedom From Ungrateful Adult Kids

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: My wife and I raised two children -- a son who is a successful doctor and a daughter who is a multipost-grad botanist. We are 72 now, in moderately failing health and very successful ourselves.

Our children were raised properly. We gave them all they would ever need to succeed and be happy. However, neither one is particularly ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 1/14/2019

Life Advice / Annie's Mailbox /

Dear Annie: I have been in a committed relationship for a year. Admittedly, my girlfriend and I (we are lesbians) rushed into things. We moved in together quickly when she broke up with her girlfriend of five years. After the first month, "Dennie" cheated on me with her ex. I wrote it off, but a few months later, she cheated again. I have ...Read more

Dreading graduation accolades after a rocky year

Life Advice / Carolyn Hax /

Adapted from a recent online discussion.

Hi, Carolyn:

I am finishing a training program and the ritual is a gathering with one of the senior people standing up to say (presumably nice) things about each of the departing trainees. I've had a rocky year, and my close supervisors and I know it's well short of my potential and we're all ...Read more

Are Families Really Like Kleenex?

Are families disposable, like diapers, paper plates and razors? Can you really substitute one for another and just go on with your life?

Janet was married to Bob, a fireman, for 30 years. They have three children together.

She received a phone call at work one spring day from a man who asked her why her husband was calling his wife, Kathy, ...Read more

Overwhelming New Friend

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Editor's Note: Annie Lane is off this week. The following column was originally published in October 2016.

Dear Annie: My husband, "Bob," and I have been married for over 30 years. I work full time; Bob is retired. Over the past year, Bob has befriended a man in his early 40s, "Martin." This man has gotten in the habit of coming over to our ...Read more

Man wonders if he is a worthy rival to his GF's phone

Life Advice / Ask Amy /

Dear Amy: I am a 57-year-old man dating a 49-year-old woman. We've been together for over a year.

She is beautiful, smart, sexy, and tons of fun. However, she never puts her phone down.

No matter what we are doing or where we are, she is texting and answering texts from her teenage children. This goes on, no matter how serious or ...Read more

Coming to terms with mother's decline

Life Advice / Carolyn Hax /

Dear Carolyn:

The holidays were great except ... my mother looks like she is dying. She had a significant fall the week before. Went to the hospital. Somehow managed not to break anything. Was given antibiotics for a "raging" (doctor's word) infection. She and my dad managed to get to our family gathering over six hours' drive away.

She ...Read more

Colleague Outgrows Friday Hawaiian Shirt Tradition

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I started working in engineering in the late 1980s and thought it was cute that we all wore Hawaiian shirts when the guys went out for Friday lunches. Now we're in our 50s, and many of my peers still honor that tradition.

I no longer find it cute. In fact, I'm finding it embarrassing because men over 50 -- especially curmudgeonly ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 1/13/2019

Life Advice / Annie's Mailbox /

Dear Annie: My problem is my in-laws. They do not have any friends or hobbies, so they choose to cling to us. They insist on doing everything we do, going everywhere we go.

Our children are active in sports and often play on the weekends. That means we spend every weekend with my in-laws. They talk to their son the whole time about nonsense, ...Read more

A Mixed Bag

Today's column is about why some men cheat, a man who never will and the S-word.

PETER: Sometimes men cheat because they can't deal with one of the side effects of getting older. As a man approaches his later years, he may experience loss of sexual function, which can be devastating. If he's too embarrassed to tell his doctor, he may seek out...Read more

Sister's Communication Has Changed

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: I am writing to ask your opinion about the change in my sister's behavior toward me. I have two sisters, and the one I am speaking of is my elder sister, "Ruth."

Ruth has always been envious of my younger sister and me and resented the close relationship I had with our father.

Until recently, Ruth would call me about once a week ...Read more


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