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Annie's Mailbox: Head in the Clouds

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Dear Annie: I am a college senior, graduating in May. I am currently undertaking two internships, and one of them will include a job offer when a position opens up. But I don't know if I should take it.

I have always had a passionate desire to live in Europe. Since childhood, I have never wanted anything so much. Last year, I studied abroad in ...Read more

Old Flame Keeps Flickering

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Dear Annie: An acquaintance from my past (1983) contacted me in July 2019 after searching for and finding me on social media. We have been speaking on and off since then, but he now calls me every day (sometimes two times a day) and says he's making travel plans to come see me.

He lives in Canada, and I live in Massachusetts. Back in 1983, he...Read more

Ask Amy: Husband snoops on wife’s private writing

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Dear Amy: I'm asking you to weigh in.

My husband thinks that it's fair game to read my computer or phone screen over my shoulder, even when I'm clearly writing or viewing something private.

I've asked him many times over the years not to do this, but he refuses to stop reading my screens. He definitely doesn’t like it when I do it to him.

...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Forlorn Father

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Dear Annie: Twenty years ago, my 16-year-old son left my home in North Dakota to live with his mother in Arizona. He was tired of my drinking and the poor living conditions we had. Not long after he left, I went into alcohol treatment and started a long affiliation with AA. I now have nearly 20 years of sobriety.

For a number of years, I was ...Read more

Toxic Times Two

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Dear Annie: I recently separated from my husband, and we are in the process of a divorce. The relationship was a bit toxic. But it was my choice to leave, and I left for my own mental health, as I struggle with anxiety and depression and self-esteem issues.

I have reconnected with a man I dated a few years ago. He is so sweet, and he has told...Read more

Ask Amy: Single mom wrestles with tough choices

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Dear Amy: I am a 32-year-old woman with a 6-year-old son.

I am in a relationship with “Larry,” who is 48. He is not my child's father.

Before meeting Larry, I lived alone and raised my son by myself.

After losing my job, my son and I moved in with my folks. We were financially dependent on them. Over the course of a year I looked for work...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Still a Lady in Texas

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Dear Annie: Four months ago, my wife of 22 years left me. She moved in with her parents, filed for divorce and said she is going to find happiness. She had an affair, and we tried to work through it, but she wanted me to heal according to her timetable, not mine.

I have custody of our children, and she rarely sees them. When she does, it is all...Read more


Erika Ettin: How to put down your phone and meet new people (yes, including 'The One')

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Online dating seems like the most obvious way to meet a potential partner — after all, how many singles (who are ready to mingle, of course) do you know who don’t have at least one dating app on their phone?

But online dating has become more than just a place to find dates. When someone moves to a new city, it’s a place to chat with ...Read more

Single File: Love Partnership (Continued)

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I read in women's letters the signs of their struggle to find an answer to their quandary. The feeders of the race, the gender asked to nurture those around them, women today are asking for -- no, insisting on -- emotional reciprocity. At the same time they confide in me their fears, they insist they will not settle for less than partnership in ...Read more


Barton Goldsmith: How to make your relationship more interesting

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There are thousands of ways to keep your relationship interesting, but I’ll only give you a few special ones that will not only make your partner feel loved, but also make you proud of your efforts. The more you put into your relationship, the more you will get out of it.

Do something sweet every day

For my wife this comes naturally; for me ...Read more

COVID Confidential

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Dear Annie: Is it wrong or unethical to tell a friend that a mutual friend has COVID-19 without securing that individual's permission to discuss their medical status?

I used to be a nurse before I retired 10 years ago, and I know it's considered a breach of patient privacy laws to discuss the health status of those you are treating. But among...Read more

Ask Amy: Mom wants to keep news of first child a secret

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Dear Amy: Fifty-five years ago, when I was young and stupid, I had a child out of wedlock and placed the baby up for adoption.

Fast-forward to now. I am married to a different man and have a 48-year-old daughter and a 38-year-old son.

I have two grandchildren. My husband knows about my indiscretion, but it never comes up in discussion.

...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: I just being an old wet hen?

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Dear Annie: We have two children and a 13-year-old grandson. Two years ago, our 48-year-old unmarried son very reluctantly told us that he has been diagnosed with gender identity disorder and considers himself to be female. This came as a complete surprise, but we decided to support her wholeheartedly, and we find her to be much happier than ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Putting The Removes On Someone

I recently had my addiction recovery memoir published. I'm very honest and vulnerable in it, and readers feel super-connected to me because of it. Most just briefly thank me for how it changed their life, etc. However, a few have really latched on to me via social media. I respond to their first message, and then they write back with pretty ...Read more

Will My Work Crush Work Out?

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Dear Annie: I recently met someone on a business trip at our company's office in Arizona. I'm located in the Southeast office.

Although we work for the same company, we are not in the same department, so there is no real need for work interaction.

We did seem to hit it off really well during my visit, and I have already reached out with ...Read more

Ask Amy: Sister wonders how to fix flawed sibling

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Dear Amy: My younger sister is 54. She has been divorced three times and has a teenage daughter.

Both of our parents are deceased. My sister currently has a nice boyfriend she has lived with for a few years.

The issue is that she cannot seem to keep a job for longer than a year. She has been terminated from at least six jobs (that I can count)...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Ready To Go in the Northeast

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Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for 11 years. We have three young children and a great relationship.

We recently decided to move from Boston to Georgia. My husband, children and I believe it is the right choice. The problem is my mother-in-law. Right now, we live within a mile of her. She is devastated that we are moving and is ...Read more

Helping Out the Host

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Dear Annie: I had Nordic dogs for many years and loved them dearly, but they do have a trait that might be off-putting to some. Huskies have wonderful two-layer coats that shed, no matter how well they are groomed. The sister referenced in the letter from "Concerned Husband" who doesn't pet the husky mix may just be trying to avoid going home ...Read more

Ask Amy: Sober friend worries about friend’s enabling

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Dear Amy: I am a recovering alcoholic, currently celebrating seven years of sobriety.

A dear friend of over 30 years, “Brett,” is in a relationship with an alcoholic woman named “Emily.”

Brett has rescued Emily from drunk-driving accidents before the police arrived. He has picked her up from work for being drunk at lunchtime. The list ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: A Sad Marriage

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Dear Annie: My 25-year marriage is falling apart. My husband's 40-year-old daughter, "Sally," has been living with us for eight months. She occasionally buys a few groceries, but otherwise pays nothing. She does no work around the house. I've asked her to help clean the shared bathroom. She says she doesn't think she should have to do any ...Read more