Astrological Signs

How well do you know the traits of the twelve signs of the Zodiac? See if you can guess which sign each of these ten questions is describing.

Points available: 10


I am kind, compassionate, and associated with family and domesticity. My intuitive character makes me susceptible to moodiness, depression, and clinginess. What am I?


I love thinking about the future, and tend to be creative, progressive, and independent. Because of this, I might often be seen as cold, rebellious, and impractical. What am I?


My sign is very powerful and intense. I'm determined, analytical, emotional, and complex. Others may find me jealous, possessive, and stubborn. What am I?


I'm intellectual and diligent, and prefer order and control in my environment. Because of this, I can be seen as cold, fussy, and a harsh critic. What am I?


I tend towards hard work and business, and am ambitious and responsible. However, I'm prone to being materialistic, cold, and dull. What am I?


My sign is associated with human emotions, and I'm generous, affectionate, and dreamy. My sensitivity also makes me paranoid and hypersensitive. What am I?


I value justice, and am charming, idealistic, and diplomatic. However, I'm also considered indecisive, deceitful, and insecure. What am I?


My sign is youthful and versatile, and I am clever, courageous, and adaptable. But I am also nervous, cunning, superficial, and inconsistent. What am I?


I'm generous, compassionate, ethical, and open to travel and expansion. However, I'm also prone to pridefulness, impulsiveness, and superstition. What am I?


My sign is associated with new beginnings. I'm confident, fair, passionate, and enthusiastic -- but I am also selfish, impulsive, and impatient. What am I?