Top country song from the year you graduated high school

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Music provides the soundtrack for our lives—and there's a reason for that. There’s a scientifically demonstrated link between music and memory. This is especially true of high school years; the music we listen to as teenagers sets our musical taste for life. That’s why certain songs may bring you right back to your high school prom or ...Read more

Top 100 country songs of all time

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From classic country tunes to contemporary country sounds, these 100 songs are an essential part of music history and showcase some of the most impressive storytelling skills in the country music genre. To find the top country songs of all time, Stacker analyzed Billboard’s Greatest of All-Time Top Country Songs to create a ranked list ...Read more

30 stunning photos from the Golden Age of Jazz

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Between the 1930s and the early 1950s, Manhattan's 52nd Street (also called “Swing Street,” or simply “The Street”) was the hub of the city's nightlife. The street was home to iconic performance venues including the Downbeat, The Three Deuces, Charlie Parker’s Birdland, Famous Door, Kelly’s Stable, Spotlight, Jimmy Ryan’s, Club ...Read more

Clint Eastwood: The life story you may not know

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Most well-known for his film roles of cowboys and cops, audiences first met the tall, taciturn, handsome Clint Eastwood on the small screen, when he played cowboy Rowdy Yates on the hit television Western series "Rawhide."

From there, he was the inscrutable "Man without a Name" squinting under the sun in Sergio Leone’s Western movies and ...Read more

Country music history from the year you were born

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Over the past century, the country music genre has become one of the most popular and recognizable within the American music industry. It first originated in the early 1900s, particularly among working-class Southern Americans. Elements of fiddle songs, ballads, banjo, jazz, and blues became entangled together, leading to its official ...Read more

Baby names losing popularity in the 21st century

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There is a clear life cycle for virtually everything humans have created, including baby names. What was popular or trendy 10, 50, or even 100 years ago often isn't popular now, while other trends cycle back into popularity every few years or decades. The 1980s saw plenty of babies named after the British royal family (William, Diana, Elizabeth...Read more

Marlon Brando: The life story you may not know

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Film and theater aficionados have long been enthralled by Marlon Brando, the brooding genius many argue was the greatest actor of our times, and that appreciation shows little signs of fading.

In real life, Brando was the underdog, the product of an unhappy family life with a bad boy image. He challenged authority, declined to play by the ...Read more

Notable events in the history of Earth Day

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The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, came on the heels of events in the ’60s. Some point to the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969; others say the first Earth Day was inspired by the publication of Rachel Carson’s "Silent Spring" in 1962, which shed light on the destruction of pesticides like DDT. Whichever milestone you associate with the ...Read more

What spring looks like in every state

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Slowly but surely, Americans are shedding their coats and heading outdoors to embrace the welcomed change of seasons as spring unfolds around the country. Using historical weather data and various event listings, we’ve gathered 50 different looks at spring around the country.

Average spring temperatures throughout the U.S. fluctuate ...Read more

Cities with the most properties at risk of flooding

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Flooding is a huge problem in America and is only getting worse as global warming increases the frequency and strength of tropical storms and hurricanes, and the warmer atmosphere holds more water, leading to more rainfall. Warmer temperatures also trigger winter snow to melt faster and earlier.

Flooding in the United States is likely to ...Read more

Homeschooling laws in every state

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Across America, the number of children being educated at home rather than in public, private, charter, or religious schools was already growing before COVID-19 in 2020 forced schools to close their doors to help keep students safe. Some 1.7 million children (3.3% of the nation’s school-age population) were homeschooled in 2016, the latest ...Read more

Best country music albums of all time

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If baseball is America’s favorite pastime, country music may well be America’s favorite music genre. Country music has deep roots in America, and different country artists have taken the genre to new stylistic directions.

Ray Price messed around with rhythm, Willie Nelson veered into jazzy realms, and modern country artists such as Eric ...Read more

100 best cities to raise a family

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How do you find a good city to raise a family? The most ideal spots provide safe neighborhoods, quality education, recreation opportunities, and affordability. Weighing all those factors and more and finding the right locale among nearly 20,000 incorporated cities, towns, and villages across America can be daunting, so Stacker collected 2020 ...Read more

100 best 90s movies

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The 1990s represent a magical decade in pop culture history. The O.J. Simpson trial, gangster rap, Must See TV, grunge music, and “Friends” dominated water cooler conversations, while the internet was just beginning to grab the attention of the world and hit college computer labs. While all of this was happening, incredible movies from big-...Read more

100 best documentaries of all time

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Great documentaries often give access and illumination to stories that would otherwise go untold. The subject of a great documentary can be anything from a single individual’s life to a broader political event, and the effect of the films can be anything from uplifting to devastating.

To celebrate the genre, Stacker created a ranking of ...Read more

Most and least educated states in America

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More than 50 million Americans each year attend public elementary and secondary schools, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, making the country's schooling system one of the farthest-reaching (and most impactful) government services. And while debate over alternatives like charter schools rages on, one thing is ...Read more

How anxiety and depression rates changed in every state during COVID-19

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It's now been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the lives of people around the world. The virus brought immense feelings of stress, worry, fear, anger, loneliness, and for many, grief.

Sunday Citizen used data from the U.S. Census Bureau'sHousehold Pulse Survey, which collected responses biweekly between April...Read more

100 best sci-fi movies of all time

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Like most movie genres, science fiction goes back almost as far as the medium itself, all the way to 1902 to be exact. That was when Georges Méliès—an innovative genius of many talents—unleashed his 14-minute masterwork: "Le voyage dans la lune," better known to American audiences as "A Trip to the Moon." Inspired by the written works of ...Read more

Most widely watched but universally hated movies of all time

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Still fresh on people’s minds, 2017’s “The Disaster Artist” tells the story behind the making of “The Room,” one of the most famous turkeys of all time. Like Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood,” James Franco’s flick is also a testament to the power of clueless filmmaking itself, and the ridiculous movies that emerge as a result. These ...Read more

25 best TV shows about nursing

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Central to any successful health care facility is the contingency of nurses providing patient management along with immediate, supplemental, and ongoing care. These workers serve as the center of a hospital or medical office’s orbit, integral to daily operations and life-saving care.

In television, many shows highlight the efforts of these...Read more



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