On the frontlines: How nurses have responded in conflicts throughout history

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The first figures that come to mind as war heroes are undoubtedly soldiers. But oftentimes, it is easy to forget there are others working alongside them in war zones, though behind the scenes: nurses.

During World War I, over 22,000 professional nurses served in the Army, around half of whom deployed to the Western Front. This number rose to...Read more

9 in 10 small businesses use tech platforms--here are the most common types

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Small businesses looking to reach potential customers, streamline sales systems, and manage payroll are increasingly turning to technology to optimize their operations. Over 90% of U.S. small businesses use at least one technology platform for their operations and growth, according to a 2022 survey from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The ...Read more

25 LGBTQ+ people who changed the course of history

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Though you might not have known it, some of the most significant figures throughout recorded history were members of the LGBTQ+ community. Some made monumental contributions to various fields—the sciences, visual arts, academia, literature, music, and politics, among others—and did so despite the social pressures and oppositions present ...Read more

25 LGBTQ+ athletes you need to know about

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Every moment of an athlete's career—and oftentimes their personal lives—is placed on display, dissected by analysts, media, and in some instances betting sites to determine what their future season could look like. With such a public profession, it can be difficult for athletes to feel comfortable showing up in the world as their authentic ...Read more

25 Asian American women film and TV directors to know about

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Asian American women have been directing projects for the big and small screens for decades. Undeterred by the obstacles they continue to face in an industry that has long prioritized a male director's point of view, these women have found ways to raise funds, start their own production companies, release their films, and even launch their ...Read more

As more physicians approach retirement age, are we prepared for the shortfall?

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About 2 in 5 active physicians will be 65 or older by 2034. While many physicians have historically retired closer to age 70, burnout exacerbated by COVID-19 will likely accelerate rather than delay retirement among the current cohort of practicing physicians.

As a result, the United States is projected to be short between 38,000 and 124,000...Read more

10 jobs with the most remote work opportunities

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Remote work is more common now than ever, with over 10% of civilian workers working remotely in 2022. The surge is, surprisingly to some, resulting in more productivity. An Upwork study found 61% of employees reported increased productivity by the end of 2020. Hiring managers also reported improved performance from employees one year into ...Read more

50 roasters across the US: A guide to coffee in every state

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What makes a good cup of coffee is personal. Some coffee connoisseurs swear by an AeroPress, while others are drip loyalists. But what about the steps before that? Sure, how a cup is brewed impacts the flavoring, but so does how it's planted, harvested, and roasted.

Everything from the soil of the coffee plant to how the cherries are ...Read more

7 things you need to know about throwing a milestone birthday party

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Celebrating another trip around the sun should always be a memorable occasion. But as the years pass, people tend to treat their birthday like any other day. When it comes to milestone birthdays, though, there's no excuse notto dream a little bigger and be surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones.

Milestone birthdays are what you make ...Read more

The benefits of 5 types of in-person tutoring

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The COVID-19 pandemic proved to have an undeniable, lasting impact on the learning outcomes for students of all ages. School closures, hasty transitions to remote learning, and isolated learning environments have resulted ina significant drop in average math and reading test scores for grades 3 through 8 compared to pre-pandemic scores. In fact...Read more

How off-grid solar could fill energy access gaps around the world

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When it comes to how our society generates and produces energy in light of the looming effects of climate change and global temperature increases, some scientific experts think we're simply headed in the wrong direction.

The world's energy supply is derived, by a significant margin, from sources that are not only nonrenewable but also ...Read more

How computing technology has evolved in the classroom

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For many middle and high school students, the COVID-19 pandemic marked a major departure from the models of education they had been accustomed to for most of their lives. Instead of interacting with their peers and engaging with their teachers, eating lunch together in the cafeteria, and perhaps going to band practice or art class, they ...Read more

These are the top challenges employers face when hiring

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As the economy recovers from the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, more employers are finding it difficult to hire new employees compared to before the pandemic, according to the Federal Reserve Banks.

Simply Business reviewed data from the Fed's Small Business Credit Survey 2022 Report on Hiring and Worker Retention to identify some of the ...Read more

Breaking down racial disparities in diabetes prevalence

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Diabetes is a disease about which there are countless myths, misconceptions, and even moral judgments. Widespread cultural beliefs about who develops diabetes—as well as how and why—contribute to stigma and shame around the illness while obscuring its real, and very troubling, social determinants.

To many, diabetes—particularly Type 2�...Read more

LGBTQ+ individuals are disproportionately impacted by gun violence. Here's what the data shows

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Cultural attitudes toward LGBTQ+ rights have undergone a massive shift over the past several decades, with many people who once opposed them becoming more supportive more quickly, according to historians, than most other issues in American history. Over the last decade alone, the enshrinement of the right to same-gender marriage and the ...Read more

The history behind 7 casino games that are popular to play online

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The introduction of the internet marked a significant turning point for iconic casino games—slot machines, poker, blackjack—and their transition to online gaming.

The adoption of the online gambling industry allowed for popular forms of gambling to be played anywhere around the world at any time. The continued growth of online casino ...Read more

States where small businesses have the highest rates of survival

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If you're thinking of starting a business, you might want to give some consideration to location. In which state would you have the best chance of success? Iowa tops the list, followed by Wisconsin, South Dakota, Kentucky, and Minnesota.

And the worst? The state of Washington.

The vast majority of small businesses survive the first 12 ...Read more

How to choose which tasks to automate

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When businesses want to get ahead, they often look at automation to improve productivity and increase revenue. Automation can allow staff to spend less time on basic, repetitive tasks, which frees them up for more exciting and value-added work.

Automation isn't new, but digital tools, sometimes more broadly called "intelligent automation" ...Read more

Active vs. ordinary nitric oxide: Where each exists in the body and how they impact your health

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Nitric oxide—known by the formula NO—is so vital for humans' internal physiological processes that it was crowned Molecule of the Year in 1992. It plays a chameleon role as a signaling molecule, able to enter and elicit functions in nearly every system of the human body.

In the past recognized merely as a free radical, NO is now known to...Read more

A timeline of the Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War was a conflict with profound international implications that changed the landscape of American international policy for decades to come—a phenomenon called Vietnam syndrome.

On a human level, the war was disastrous—an estimated 2 million Vietnamese civilians were killed, and over 1 million Vietnamese soldiers lost their ...Read more



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