How many workers can AI really replace? Estimates are all over the place.

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Wasn't artificial intelligence supposed to take over your job by now? A year of fear and generative AI adoption in workplaces has yet to culminate in widespread job displacement—though it's too early to close the book on its potential to take over, according to some expert forecasts.

Verbit analyzed jobs data from Challenger, Gray & ...Read more

Signature sandwich from each state

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The culinary landscape of the United States is as diverse as its population, with each state proudly boasting its own signature sandwich that often tells a rich story of culture, history, migration, and tradition.

From the lobster rolls of Maine to the po'boys of Mississippi, these sandwiches have become iconic representations of their ...Read more

The 411 on area codes: How new tech and population growth fuels the need for more digits

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212. 213. 312. If you know, you know.

Over nearly 80 years, area codes have come to signify regional identities and a deep connection to a place. So what happens when tech and population growth collide, and the three-digit number synonymous with home is no longer available?

Spokeo analyzed the proliferation of area codes and how they are ...Read more

Influencers are upending advertising. Here are 4 ways their brand collabs have changed the marketing game.

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Successful brands have long recognized the importance of giving ad campaigns a face. Though seemingly new, the trend to use influential figures in marketing stems from a storied past of using fictional characters (think Ronald McDonald or "Mikey" for Life Cereal) and celebrities in high-profile campaigns.

But with the rise of social media, ...Read more

Data shows severe depression is most prevalent among teens

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Rates of depression and other severe mental health conditions have become increasingly prevalent among teens—and a modern confluence of factors may be heightening mental health challenges in young people.

The numbers are sobering: In 2021, 4 in 10 students felt persistently sad or hopeless, while 1 in 5 seriously considered attempting ...Read more

5 health benefits of honey you may not know

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Used medicinally since ancient times, honey soothes coughs and comforts colds. It's perfect in a cup of tea and may even reduce symptoms from upper respiratory tract infections, according to a review of 14 studies that took nearly 1,800 people into account published by BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine journal in 2020.

Many of us may already be ...Read more

The one-hit wonders every rock music fan will remember

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The term "one-hit wonder" is often perceived negatively—like the act was a flash in the pan or reaped the benefits of a popular fad or a film or television sync—but most musicians would give anything to have just one hit.

Stacker dug through the annals of rock music history and highlighted 20 one-hit wonders, identified by rock artists ...Read more

Americans' confidence in their ability to retire remains shaken

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Americans' attitudes about life after work have shifted some in the last two years as higher costs of living force them to reconsider retirement plans despite stable incomes and a healthy stock market.

Wealth Enhancement analyzed Employee Benefits Research Institute data to illustrate how American confidence in retirement has changed amid ...Read more

The 5 most popular international summer travel destinations in 2024

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Summer is the most popular time of year for Americans to travel, and despite concerns about inflation, 2024 could be a bustling year for summer vacations. A Nerdwallet travel report showed that more than 2 in 5 (45%) Americans plan to take a summer trip that involves booking a flight or hotel.

Family is a big component of summer plans. Four ...Read more

Developments in oncology over the last year showing promise for cancer patients and others

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Leaps forward in tech and science this past year promise greater accessibility and quality of care for Americans suffering from nearly all forms of cancer.

Medical Technology Schools analyzed academic studies and resources from leading cancer research institutions, including the Mayo Clinic and the Cancer Research Institute, to round up the ...Read more

Flags for mental health: How to spot signs of a struggling child

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Is a struggling child just "going through a phase," or is there something more serious going on?

Many families grapple with this question when trying to identify underlying mental health issues their child may be facing. Still, it is a complicated question. Throughout the stages of development—from toddlerhood to the preteen years and ...Read more

As temperatures rise across the US, here's how to protect yourself this summer

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It's only halfway through, and already, 2024 is on its way to being one of the warmest years on record.

May marked the 12th straight month of record-high temperatures, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information. The average global surface temperature was 60.7 degrees Fahrenheit, about 2.1 degrees above the 20th-century ...Read more

How designers can make websites more accessible for the millions affected by color blindness

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As people spend more time online, inclusive design has become more important than ever, as it ensures everyone can access information. Yet, according to WebAIM, a nonprofit at the Institute for Disability Research, Policy & Practice at Utah State University, as much as 95.9% of home pages are inaccessible to those with disabilities. Imagine ...Read more

The troubling link between rising rents and lower life spans: Where are renters most at risk?

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A notice about increasing rent from a landlord has always come with a degree of heartburn. Now, researchers suggest it's linked to a higher likelihood of early death.

Foothold Technology analyzed a recent study by Princeton's Eviction Lab and data from the National Low Income Housing Coalition and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to illustrate...Read more

5 garden parties made headlines and history

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For centuries, garden parties have brought everyday citizens together with the elite to enjoy hours of fine dining and entertainment. Dating back to ancient times, Romans would dine al fresco among the lush greenery of their home gardens.

King Louis XIV was known to throw sumptuous celebrations at his palace in Versailles, like the Great ...Read more

What does brand loyalty look like now? Why businesses are revamping their customer rewards programs

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It is a tough time to be in the retail business. Inflation has taken its toll on consumers' wallets in the past few years, and although prices are no longer rising as quickly as they did in 2022, they still are up by around 20% compared to the start of 2020.

These price increases have caused consumers to find more ways to save money. ...Read more

The rise of apps to find friends instead of romance

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When Jenné Norris, 31, landed a remote job supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts through recruitment in a major technology company, she knew it was time to leave the Washington D.C. metro area for Charlotte, North Carolina. She'd attended college in the Tar Heel State, and many of her friends still lived there. Longing for ...Read more

5 home modifications for older adults looking to age in place

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As baby boomers age, the majority want to continue living independently in their homes, otherwise known as aging in place.

About 78% of homeowners over the age of 60 prefer this option over moving into a senior or assisted-living facility, according to a 2024 survey from real estate company Redfin. Many Americans want to age in place to ...Read more

Which Olympic sports have had the biggest rise in popularity?

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The last time the Summer Olympics were held in the United States, a record television audience tuned in. It has not been matched since.

The 18-day event in Atlanta benefited from incredible showings by the Magnificent Seven, the Kerri Strug-led American gymnasts who won the country's first gold in the team event; Michael Johnson, who donned ...Read more

5 niche sports you didn't know you could bet on

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Sports betting in the United States has exploded into a nearly $10 billion market in the six years since it became legal outside of Nevada.

The three major professional leagues in North America—the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball—dominate the action, but you can make (or lose) ...Read more



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