Stories behind holidays around the world

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The period between November to early January is well established as the holiday season in the U.S. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are a few of the most popular holidays in America, but there are so many other major holidays in various countries throughout the year that are a significant part of the cultural fabric.

Using a variety...Read more

10 stories of hyperinflation in history

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In 2006, Zimbabwe experienced one of the most severe cases of hyperinflation in recorded history. The economy was unstable, with many of the country’s citizens unable to provide for their families. “[There] is barely enough to feed yourself, let alone your family. It’s like we are living hand-to-mouth,” a taxi driver told the BBC at the...Read more

Beyond star ratings: 10 things consumers should look for in product reviews

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Here’s a riddle for you: If you can’t hold something in your hands before buying it, how do you know what you’re getting? Consumers have had to learn to contend with that conundrum since the first online shopping order was placed in 1984. It’s simple enough if you’re purchasing something you’ve used for years, such as a favorite ...Read more

Here's how much delivery drivers make in every state

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Working as a delivery driver can take many forms. Those who prefer rural areas can choose to work picking up crops from farms and taking them to markets around their states and beyond their borders. Drivers who live in the suburbs can work for a delivery service that primarily delivers packages to companies and people’s homes. And those who ...Read more

20 essential terms for commercial real estate investing

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If you’re looking for a way to build a solid financial footing and passive income streams, most experts will tell you that a long-term asset allocation strategy is key.There are lots of different investment avenues you can take to build wealth or just add some stability to your finances but pouring all of your spare cash into the tumultuous ...Read more

How COVID-19 affects the brain

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A growing body of scientific evidence suggests some COVID-19 patients will experience neurological signs or symptoms of the infection. Genetic material from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has been found in the cerebrospinal fluid of a person with COVID-19. And the virus has been found in the brain tissue of patients who died of ...Read more

How customer reviews have shaped buying habits over time

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Shopping habits have changed dramatically over the last several decades.

In the '80s and '90s, shopping malls and big-box retailers reigned supreme. Outside of catalog and mail-order shopping optionsconsumers had little choice but to venture out to stores to complete their purchases—and it wasn’t unusual for teenagers, couples, and ...Read more

The environmental impact of disposable diapers

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One baby uses roughly 3,000 disposable diapers each year, and can go through around 8,000 before being potty trained. Not only does this cost a lot of money—around $75 a month, or $900 a year—but it creates numerous negative environmental impacts.

To better understand the ways that disposable diapers can harm the environment, Nicki’s ...Read more

10 iconic bands that have reunited in the past 5 years

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They come together, rock the world, break up or take a break, and then, if fans are lucky, they reunite. In the era of coronavirus, more bands than ever are coming back together. Is it nostalgia and a longing for the good old days, or do these groups simply want to perform again? Though some bands have had to push tour dates out to 2022, their ...Read more

Fastest dogs in the world

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Imagine walking your lovable dog down your favorite stretch of road, when a car alarm suddenly catches your attention. In the second it takes to glance at the commotion, your furry best friend jolts, yanking the leash from your hand. By the time you turn around and begin to run, the dog is already halfway down the block, and you realize you may...Read more

10 plant-based desserts

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Plant-based eating has grown in popularity. Eating a plant-based diet simply means eating foods mainly from plant sources such as seeds, nuts, legumes, fruits, beans, whole grains, and vegetables. Although plant-based diets involve zero animal products, many people incorporate plant-based meals into a diet that also includes occasional meat, ...Read more

181 rural hospitals have closed since 2005--see the states that have been impacted

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Rural hospitals have long struggled financially and the situation is getting worse. In the mid-1940s, Congress provided funding to build hospitals in rural areas, leading to a rise in their numbers, especially in the South. By the 1980s and 1990s, those hospitals began closing, partly a result of Medicare spending.

Since 2005, 181 rural ...Read more

50 triple LPs it's finally time to listen to

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In the wide, deeply varied, and ever-opinionated world of music, there are always milestones in which (most) critics agree. Over the decades, for audiophiles everywhere, these can often be linked to the releases of game-changing triple albums. Triple albums are exactly as they sound—a release of three albums together in one.

They span all ...Read more

What to know about buying foreclosed homes

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If you’ve been in the market for a new home at any point in the last two years, you know how tough it can be for buyers to land a deal.

Markets across the nation are still dealing with housing shortages caused by the unexpected pandemic-fueled buying frenzy, which has depleted inventory and caused prices to skyrocket to new heights. In ...Read more

Metros with the biggest freeway systems

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Millions of Americans travel U.S. roadways every single day. While the Interstate Highway System was conceived in 1921, it really didn’t take shape until the 1950s under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He supported the enactment of the Federal-Aid Highway Act in 1956 for several reasons, including congestion relief and economic development. ...Read more

How climate change impacts extreme weather across America

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The phrase “global warming” may sound fairly innocuous. A few degrees of temperature difference spread out over a century doesn't sound like much to many people, and the most compelling images associated with the phenomenon often involve glaciers and polar bears, which makes the threat seem distant.

In November 2021, delegates from ...Read more

10 amazing comebacks from sports injuries

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It might be a championship repeat squashed by an unfortunate Achilles tear or a career nearly ended by a “one-in-500” shoulder injury. The most heart-wrenching moments in sports often involve watching a favorite athlete go down with an injury that keeps them out of the game for a significant period. For some it might even mean an end to ...Read more

10 signs of a healthy real estate market

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Many factors impact the housing market, which can make purchasing a home difficult for anyone. Consider the effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the housing market throughout the past couple of years, for example. Nearly every market in the country has experienced a housing shortage, and home sales and prices are through the roof.

...Read more

Celebrities' favorite holiday traditions

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Set out the menorah and turn up the Mariah Carey tunes—it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Over the next couple of months, 46 million turkeys will be consumed at Thanksgiving, 93% of Americans will celebrate Christmas—purchasing between 25-30 million Christmas trees in the process, and one in every 14 revelers will observe the ...Read more

What to do after a house fire

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The sound of a smoke alarm can strike terror into even the bravest person’s heart. Though it can give the warning you need to escape a disaster, it also heralds a potentially deadly situation. In 2020, fire departments in the United States responded to a fire every 23 seconds on average. Death in a fire occurs every two hours and 31 minutes. ...Read more



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