9 discoveries about the adolescent brain that transformed our understanding of teen substance use

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Adolescence is a pivotal phase during the development of the brain, marked byincreased plasticity. That enhanced ability to form new neural connections also introduces more vulnerability to harmful environmental influences.

In recent decades, researchers have found that substance use during this sensitive period can alter brain structures ...Read more

10 different foods used in New Year's Eve traditions and the stories behind them

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From creating vision boards to spending the night out with your most raucous friends waiting for midnight to strike, everyone chooses to celebrate New Year's holidays differently. Yet a common theme held from country to country and culture to culture is bringing people together and celebrating with food.

Food has been a longstanding part of ...Read more

New vehicle costs are tempering but remain high relative to income

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Buying a new vehicle has become much more expensive since the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench into automotive manufacturers' supply chains. New vehicle prices have been rising at the fastest clip in recorded history since the spring of 2021.

That rapid rise in costs began to slow, finally, this year. But that doesn't mean buying a new ...Read more

How your address could determine your heart health

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More than a half-century after federally sponsored segregation limited access to homeownership for Black Americans and contributed to the deterioration of redlined neighborhoods, communities are still feeling the impact. 

Redlining, implemented by the federal government after the Great Depression, graded and color-coded streets based on ...Read more

How hospital employment has changed in 20 major metros

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Hospitals have added more than half a million jobs nationwide over the past decade. Just in the past year, hospital employment grew by 152,000, or about 3%, Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows. The U.S. population is growing and aging, and people are living longer. As a result, health care jobs—including those at hospitals—are expected to...Read more

These are the people most likely to be burdened by medical debt in the US

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Of every five adults in America, two are currently saddled with debt from a medical procedure, emergency room visit, dental procedure, or other health care expense.

Care Better analyzed data from the Kaiser Family Foundation to visualize which groups of Americans are most likely to hold medical debt. The numbers come from a survey fielded ...Read more

The promise of Suboxone depends on erasing stigma in opioid use disorder treatment

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If a person with opioid use disorder overdoses and survives, that person can either seek help or continue using. When the person seeks help and a medical professional prescribes an opioid medication as part of treatment, that person's chances of dying from another overdose in the next year decrease by between 38% and 59%, according to one ...Read more

The science of procrastination and how to beat it

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Everyone's guilty of procrastinating sometimes—even the ancient Greeks and Romans did it.

That said, it's one thing to put off a task for a little while. It's another to chronically avoid doing things until the absolute last minute. Wysa researched the psychology behind procrastination, what makes people do it, and how they can work to ...Read more

Beautiful photos of Christmas markets around the world

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Christmas markets are a quintessential holiday tradition in Europe. Countless cities, regardless of size, likely have at least one open-air bazaar that pops up sometime between mid-November and early December to sell holiday tchotchkes and treats.

These advent markets aren't a modern-day invention, either. They've been around for centuries. ...Read more

Health care inflation remains low as other services continue to spike

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If filling up your tank or getting your groceries in 2023 were any indication, the dollar hasn't been stretching as far as it used to. Since 2000, prices for consumer goods and services in the U.S. have risen by just over 80%—however, medical prices have increased by nearly 115%.

It's no secret health care in the United States is among the...Read more

A cat-and-mouse game: The evolution of card counting

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For centuries, gamblers have been using various strategies to gain an edge. The desire to beat the odds has remained despite an influx of new games at casinos worldwide. Blackjack, one of the most popular card games at online and brick-and-mortar casinos, has players deploying various tactics to win. A popular—and controversial one—is card ...Read more

Alcohol-induced liver injuries spiked during COVID-19

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After more than three years since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers are discovering the knock-on effects spurred by the illness. Along with the more obvious physical health detriments associated with the pandemic, COVID-19 took a dramatic toll on people's mental health, according to KFF, leading to a spike in alcohol use.

More...Read more

The midcentury architecture of the Space Age in 5 essential Googie buildings

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Googie architecture touched down in Los Angeles in 1949 thanks to John Lautner's futuristic design of the long-gone Googie's Coffee Shop in Hollywood. Even though Lautner designed mostly private residences (like the one Gwyneth Paltrow bought in 2014), his style and fixation with the Space Age set the path for his architectural style (initially...Read more

The most unique baby name in your state last year

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For many new parents, choosing a name is one of the most daunting parts of preparing for a baby. After all, there's so much to consider when thinking about what you would call your child for the rest of their life. What does the name mean? What connotations does it carry? Is it too popular? Too unique? Are there other celebrities, public ...Read more

5 effective studying methods for every kind of student

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Learning anything requires practice and repetition, but it can take time to figure out an effective way to do it. Everyone learns differently, and there are many different studying techniques available—but how do you find the one that works for you?

Numerade outlined five study techniques, the cases in which they're useful, and the types ...Read more

The bestselling video game consoles of all time--and dramas behind them

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Competition between brands is prevalent in every major industry, but few battles are as fierce as the ones fought in the video gaming landscape. Going back to the late 1980s and early '90s, major companies engaged in fierce sales and marketing fights over their home video game consoles. Sega and Nintendo were the top console manufacturers ...Read more

What's at risk when you take out a small business loan

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If you're running a small business, you'll likely need to raise some capital at some point. There are many options for doing so—including borrowing from family or friends, taking out a small business loan from the bank, or relying on your credit cards. But no matter how you scrape together funds, it's essential to consider how you will pay ...Read more

How to support small businesses this holiday season

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Are you ready for the holiday shopping season? You're not alone: More than 9 in 10 U.S. consumers plan to celebrate winter holidays and are collectively poised to spend around $960 billion, according to National Retail Federation data.

The holidays are the most crucial time of year for many small businesses. Up to 65% of small business ...Read more

How to help your business prepare for and recover from natural disasters

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Bad weather and natural disasters, like the severe winter storms that hit the Central and Northeast U.S. in late December 2022 and the catastrophic flooding that affected millions in California in early January, cost lives and money.

As of this October, there have been 25 weather and climate events. Each has caused more than a staggering $1 ...Read more

Rosa Parks' historic protest wouldn't have been possible without this unsung hero

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On the northwest corner of Washington and Main Street in downtown Columbia, South Carolina, a brown commemorative street sign sits discreetly above the standard, green signages. Sarah Mae Flemming Way is a nod to a civil rights activist at the intersection where her resistance commenced.

Relatively few people know about Sarah Mae Flemming ...Read more



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