States with the biggest mental health care deserts

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Mental health stigma is largely on the decline in the United States, allowing more people than ever before to pursue care. Yet other barriers—including a shortage of mental health professionals—present ongoing problems for those who would otherwise seek help. More than 1 in 10 Americans lack adequate access to mental health care, according ...Read more

How the US government is incentivizing greener manufacturing

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How sustainable is an electric vehicle whose manufacturing process depends heavily on natural gas? How "green" can a LEED-certified building be when it is constructed with materials with major carbon footprints such as glass and concrete?

Even when creating sustainable products, industrial activities like construction and manufacturing ...Read more

From content creation to companionship, here's how people say they hope to use AI

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While it took Facebook 10 months in 2004 to reach 1 million users, ChatGPT had 100 times that reach within five days.

It's no secret the adoption of new technologies is happening faster and faster—particularly in an era when many cutting-edge innovations come in the form of software. User bases are also increasingly global: Just 15% of ...Read more

Substitute teachers keep schools running. Here are the best ways schools can attract more amid the shortage.

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Who teaches the kids when their teacher needs time off? Or when they leave their position mid-semester? Increasingly, it's the principal or other administrators. While substitute teachers provide a turnkey solution when already-thin ranks of educators need time away from work, they're harder than ever for school districts to come by.

In the ...Read more

Which states have the worst substance abuse problems?

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Accidental injuries, a category that includes drug overdoses, are the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 45—a situation that seems unlikely to change any time soon.

A major contributing factor to this crisis is the opioid epidemic, which continues to ravage the country. More than 105,000 people died from a drug overdose in the...Read more

How technology is bridging brains with computers

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"It's all being done with my brain. If y'all can see the cursor moving around the screen, that's all me. It's pretty cool, huh?"

Those were the words of Noland Arbaugh, a man paralyzed from the shoulders down, who, with the help of a brain implant created by Neuralink, played chess on a laptop using only his mind. The company shared the ...Read more

A tale of two nurses: How average travel nurse compensation compares to all US nurse salaries

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Heightened demand made nursing a high-paying profession over the last decade, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020.

Registered nurses today earn more than $45 per hour on average—about $14 more than the average wage across all occupations in the United States. Traveling nurses with the same skills and credentials can earn ...Read more

Is AI as capable as humans? Here's how far artificial intelligence has come.

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In early 2021, the internet became transfixed by pictures of "avocado armchairs."

Generated by OpenAI's DALL-E artificial intelligence system, the images appeared on the screen after the simplest of prompts: a human user typing "avocado armchair." The results were surreal, shockingly realistic, and marked a turning point for AI. Despite the ...Read more

The outsourcing of housework is on the rise--and it's creating a shift both inside of the home and out

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Groceries delivered to your door with the tap of a button. Meal kits with pre-portioned ingredients sent at recurring intervals straight to your house. Laundry picked up and dropped off, clean and neatly folded.

The outsourced housework market has increased dramatically over the years and shows no signs of plateauing. Despite people spending...Read more

India reached 100B digital payments in 2023: Could it work in the US?

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The National Payments Corporation of India introduced a digital public infrastructure project called Unified Payments Interface in April 2016, which has helped the country attain digital sovereignty by reducing its dependence on foreign service providers for digital payments. Uniqode used NPCI data to explore the growth of the country's UPI.

...Read more

Governments are scrambling to control AI

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In the 2004 film "I, Robot," a detective interrogates a robot in the year 2035, asking it if it could write a symphony or turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece. The questions were rhetorical—the answer was clearly no—yet here in 2024, machines have proven themselves more than capable of producing art indistinguishable from that created...Read more

Why Indianapolis 500 winners drink milk and the history of other race-day traditions

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It's called the "greatest spectacle in racing," but fantastic auto racing isn't what makes the Indianapolis 500 one of the most iconic auto races of the year—the race traditions do.

Stacker compiled five of the race's quirky traditions, sourcing information from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and other news outlets.

Although the race ...Read more

Which common college majors have the highest earning potential?

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More Americans than ever are earning diplomas, which boosts earnings and decreases their risk of unemployment. However, as tuition costs continue to rise, higher education is coming at a greater cost to many Americans.

Learner analyzed data from the Census Bureau via the University of Minnesota IPUMS to determine the most common college ...Read more

6 tips on packing light, according to travel experts

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There's nothing worse than putting your suitcase on the scale at the airport and seeing that number tip over the dreaded weight limit. The only solution is to fling open your bag, take a quick inventory of what you can take out, and stuff those items in your carry-on while customers harrumph in that very long line behind you.

Not only is ...Read more

The 6 US national parks requiring an entry permit in summer 2024

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Jam-packed parking lots, gridlocked roads, bustling crosswalks—these aren't scenes from New York City or Los Angeles but from some of the country's most popular national parks.

According to reports from the National Park Service, destinations like Arches and Rocky Mountain National Parks have seen record visitation numbers in recent years,...Read more

Celebrities who you may not know are serious golfers

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Anyone who's played golf knows it's a nuanced sport. The smallest details can make the largest differences, from knowing how wide your stance should be depending on the club you're using to finding the perfect ball position. The sport is also perceived as luxurious and exclusive, which might be why it's so attractive to celebrities.

Owning a...Read more

Most military spouses have relocated at least once--here are their most common challenges

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Military families face many distinct challenges, from the inherent stress of a high-risk occupation to long-term separations from loved ones that occur during active duty. As anyone who has been through boot camp knows, enlistment in the military isn't just a job—it's a way of life.

Mobility is a major feature of military life, and ...Read more

The fascinating stories behind the names of 10 major airports in North America

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Airports are a traveler's gateway to new destinations, but the names of those airports also serve another purpose, as a window into that city's history.

Many North American airports are named after prominent politicians. Former U.S. Presidents John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush all have large airports named after them, but ...Read more

25 photos of what Paris looked like the last time it hosted the Olympics

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Following three unsuccessful bids over 25 years, the 2024 Summer Olympic Games are returning to Paris, with an estimated 300,000 spectators expected to watch the opening ceremonies on July 26. The city hosted the Summer Games twice before: in 1900, as the first location outside Greece, and then again in 1924.

Much has changed in the 100 ...Read more

Families are experiencing food insecurity as Americans grapple with higher grocery costs

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The double whammy of economic disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent record inflation have Americans going without food at rates not seen since the last American financial crisis.

As costs have risen at grocery stores and restaurants, Link2Feed analyzed data from the Department of Agriculture on food insecurity rates across ...Read more



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