Why allergies are on the rise

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About 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. have some type of allergy, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with more than 1 in 4 children. Those numbers represent dramatic increases in allergy cases among the population: Food allergies among children doubled from 2000 to 2018.

Northwell Health ...Read more

How technology can help you find and keep track of items while you travel

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People left behind 2 million items at airports in 2023, according to The Unclaimed Baggage Found Report. Just 10% of lost item requests are found.

Whether it's a beloved piece of jewelry or car keys, misplacing items is a stressful—and time-consuming—part of life. A 2023 Lostings survey found on average, a person spends 2.5 days a year ...Read more

High stakes, historic rewards: Olympic sports with the most injuries

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Simone Biles' decision to forgo participation in the gymnastics competition during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics because she was experiencing the "twisties" was a wake-up call to many spectators and fans watching the sport. Gymnastics is extremely dangerous, and if Biles had experienced anything off with the coordination of her body and brain,...Read more

How do executives feel about AI?

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For many business leaders, the key question around generative artificial intelligence is no longerif but when.

Given recent advancements in generative AI models, the innovative technology remains top of mind for executives wanting to stay on the cusp of new business models and job functions. From automating repetitive tasks to generating ...Read more

Lessons in civics are a privilege most often enjoyed by more affluent students in US schools

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Americans' trust in government is at a record low. Fewer citizens participate in elections than other similarly developed democracies. To top it all off, young people have limited opportunities to learn about how U.S. governments, the justice system, and the courts work, according to recent survey data.

Civics activities have the potential ...Read more

What are family engagement liaisons, and why do fewer than half of US schools have one?

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Strained relationships between parents and teachers, chronic absenteeism, and disengaged students are just a handful of the ongoing issues in schools across the nation. In response to these concerns, many schools are seeking an innovative solution.

Many schools are taking action by hiring family engagement liaisons to help turn this ...Read more

How TikTok has changed the music industry

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On Dec. 3, 2018, 19-year-old Atlanta pop artist Lil Nas X opened up TikTok and uploaded his new song, "Old Town Road." The artist was used to making viral content on the internet, and that savvy was put to good use when his country trap tune quickly started taking over the social media app. Over the next few months, hundreds of thousands of ...Read more

Changing tipping culture has Americans befuddled: Does everything require a tip?

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Tipflation is upon us.

The COVID-19-era explosion of cashless points of sale and touchscreens in shops, cafes, auto repair shops, and anywhere else money is exchanged has sent tipping culture into a tizzy: People are even prompted to tip upon checkout at retail shops and merch booths at farmers' markets.

Approximately 72% of American ...Read more

How the US ranks globally in data transparency and openness

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From the Bureau of Labor Statistics to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States has numerous statistical agencies that make federal data available to the general public. However, these systems are not foolproof, and the quality of data collection and dissemination is only as trustworthy as the people at the helm.

The...Read more

The creator economy is worth an estimated $250 billion. Where is that money going?

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It's been four years since social media darling Charli d'Amelio commandeered a dance created by Jalaiah Harmon and leveraged a seconds-long viral video into a multimillion-dollar personal brand, underscoring the fickle and often privilege-oriented nature of who succeeds and who doesn't in the content creation industry.

But for every Charli d...Read more

What is an eSIM and do I need one? 5 common questions about the technology answered.

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Many mobile users may be familiar with SIM cards, physical chips that hold data about your mobile plan, such as your wireless carrier and phone number. They also help connect your phone to a mobile network.

Over the years, these cards, which started the size of thumbnails, gradually became smaller, and their names reflected the change. Mini ...Read more

5 of the biggest upsets in Summer Olympics history

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For athletes and sports fans alike, the Olympic Games are the pinnacle of sporting events. Every four years, more than 10,000 athletes from nearly every country come together for the Summer Olympics and compete in dozens of sports. With over 3 billion people watching, it's arguably the most popular sporting event in the world, showcasing sports...Read more

A closer look at how heavy electric trucks are gaining a foothold in the US transportation industry--and how we got here

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As cities worldwide implement zero-emission zones for freight, transportation businesses and local authorities have increasingly looked for ways to electrify heavy-duty vehicles.

Global sales of heavy-duty electric trucks between 2022-2023 climbed by more than one-third, according to the International Energy Agency. The United States ...Read more

How are family businesses adapting to AI?

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Multigenerational family businesses are often built on reputation and relationships. Today, the rise of generative artificial intelligence introduces both a challenge and an opportunity for family enterprises that have long negotiated how to maintain their values and succession goals while evolving with the times.

To better understand how ...Read more

How the internet has changed the way we send each other money

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The internet transformed how people manage their finances. Online banking was a big leap, and the most recent shift has been in sending and receiving money from almost anywhere in the world instantaneously.

Uniqode compiled a list of ways the internet has altered how money changes hands. Though hard currency, in one form or another, has been...Read more

Has my data been breached in 2024?

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Data breaches are on track for a record year in 2024 as cybercriminals increasingly hunt for valuable information.

On average, a data breach exposing sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers, has around 172,000 victims, according to a ConsumerAffairs analysis of the Identity Theft Resource Center's database from 2018 to the ...Read more

Could you transform your yard into a flourishing wildlife haven?

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Four years ago, Melody Murray started noticing these cute signs in her Portland, Oregon, neighborhood of Sullivan's Gulch. Posted in residents' front yards, the signs read: "Certified Backyard Habitat" with a drawing of a black, red and white spotted towhee sitting on a leafy branch. 

"I didn't know what they were for," says the Ohio native...Read more

Working from home: Better or worse for mental health?

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It's the continuous debate that plays out week after week on LinkedIn. When companies call employees back to the office, a certain percentage of them quit or express unhappiness after working remotely and successfully for an extended period. Then there is the hybrid debate. Is hybrid once or twice a week? Four times a week can be called hybrid,...Read more

Preschool is popular, and more school districts are adding it

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Two best friends sat at a small wooden table planning a party on the phone. Would they have cake or cupcakes? Both, they decided.

But the dessert, like the party, was pretend. The girls were 4 years old, the table was knee-high, and the phones were red plastic. The girls sometimes held them up to their ears and other times gleefully spun ...Read more

Which generations are the most and least obsessed with electric cars?

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Some people love electric cars. Others just can't adjust to plugging a vehicle into an outlet, and the idea of running out of battery in the middle of nowhere creates anxiety.

Way.com's data-driven friends at Statista wanted to understand the generations-old love of EVs and hybrids. They asked over 8,000 people across the country whether ...Read more



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