10 terms to know about diversity, equity, and inclusion workplace policies

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Increasing awareness of systemic and social inequities has spurred many Americans to take a hard look at the deeply rooted causes of discrimination and bias toward members of marginalized communities, including in the workplace. In recent years, companies have placed more emphasis on implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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Filming locations from the best comedies shot in Vancouver

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Vancouver, British Columbia, has the honor of being the third-largest production center for film and television in North America. As of 2020, the city has seen an annual budget of around $3.4 billion spent on media production, so it's no surprise that it produces more than 65 movies and 55 television series per year. Given these statistics, ...Read more

Where school segregation is still happening across the US

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School segregation in the United States was officially outlawed in the landmark 1954 Supreme Court Case Brown v. Board of Education. And yet, more than 65 years later, its vestiges remain throughout the country.

While the U.S. student population has grown more diverse over the past decade, many schools remain segregated, according to a ...Read more

How women's employment in manufacturing has changed over the past 20 years

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Between January 2000 and January 2020, employment in the manufacturing sector decreased 26% nationwide, in part due to automation and international competition with countries like China. Women were more affected than men, losing 31% of their jobs in the industry compared to men losing 23%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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5 successful young entrepreneurs who have thriving businesses

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Children's roles, in both families and American society, have changed over time. In the past, when families needed extra hands for farming or other tasks at home, children often pitched in, sometimes being pulled out of school so they could help . As the U.S. became industrialized and more parents began working away from the home, childhood ...Read more

Bluebells, lilies, poppies, and more: These are the native wildflowers blooming near you

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The perfect yard with a green lawn and manicured garden is as American as baseball and apple pie—but that doesn't mean it's good for the land.

Lawns and gardens featuring non-native plants, flowers, and grasses require a great deal of water and fertilizer for maintenance. In drier areas of the country, lawn maintenance can drink up three-...Read more

Learning loss is on the rise--here's what schools are doing to help

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused a global disruption to just about everything, including education. Millions of children missed out on classroom learning, and for many students and teachers virtual learning just wasn't as effective. This was largely due to a lack of remote training for educators, some students lacking the appropriate software and ...Read more

Quality of life signs to check for your aging pet

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Pet ownership is widespread in the U.S., as the American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that about 38% of households have a dog and around 1 in 4 households have a cat. These beloved pets are important members of the families they belong to, providing companionship, entertainment, exercise, love, and comfort. 

Having a pet can be a...Read more

Here's how credit card debt varies by state in 2022

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Is your current credit card balance less than $5,589? If so, you're carrying a below-average amount of debt.

But no matter your balance, now is a great time to get started paying down that debt. With interest rates on the rise, outstanding credit card balances could start to have an even greater impact on your personal finances. The U.S. ...Read more

10 emerging wine regions across America

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Napa. Sonoma. Finger Lakes. Columbia Valley. Many of America's most celebrated wine regions have gained recognition from oenophiles worldwide. But even though producing wine is traditionally associated with certain regions, up-and-coming wineries are making their mark in surprising areas across the country from the islands of Hawaii to Arizona'...Read more

7 ways to assess the value of your sports cards

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When the pandemic shut down stadiums across the country, sports cards gained a meteoric rise in popularity. Sports fans who were stuck at home with no new games to watch rediscovered their old trading card collections and started spending time with them again.

This rising interest fueled a boom in collecting, as sellers hoped their ...Read more

How to protect your dog from hot weather

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While sunny months may seem like an ideal time for dog owners to be out and about with their pets, the hot weather can be harmful to dogs. ManyPets analyzed research and reports from veterinary schools and other pet experts to compile a list of ways to protect your dog from hot weather. 

The health issues dogs experience during the summer ...Read more

Breaking down the GRE, GMAT, and other graduate entrance exams

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If you have a graduate degree, you will likely earn more and remain employed, according to a May 2022 analysis by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And interest in graduate school is on the rise. The number of applications rose 7.3% in the fall of 2020 vs. the year before, per an October 2021 report from the Council of Graduate Schools. That...Read more

5 things to know about the unprecedented used-car market

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shut down their plants. This led to a chain reaction of events that culminated in an unprecedented car-buying and selling market. To better understand the current state of the industry, Jerry compiled statistics on new and used auto sales from market experts and government sources.

When automakers paused production on assembly lines, plants ...Read more

10 of the most popular types of items on baby registries

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Preparing for the arrival of a baby can be an exciting yet challenging time for expecting parents. With a vast array of baby products on the market, it is often difficult to know what you really need to buy and what you can live without.

Curated compiled the most wished-for items on popular baby registries to identify common needs for ...Read more

These regions have the most incoming venture capital

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Venture capital investment set showstopping records in 2021. Data from the PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor shows venture capitalists invested $341.5 billion in U.S. companies—more than double the 2020 amount, which was also a record year for VC.

U.S. startup investing is primarily concentrated in 10 regions. ScOp analyzed PitchBook data to...Read more

The numbers behind baseball's triple play

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Four innings into what was otherwise an unremarkable July game in 1990, the Minnesota Twins did the improbable by getting three Boston Red Sox out in a single play. It was the first triple play of the entire 1990 season, and the first time the ballclub had turned such a play in nearly two years. Four innings later, the Twins did the seemingly ...Read more

Alfred Hitchcock: The life story you may not know

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No one comes close to rivaling Sir Alfred Hitchcock in the cinematic world of thrills and suspense. For decades, he kept audiences at the edge of their seats, eyes glued to the screen as innocent men were unjustly accused of crimes, unwitting bystanders were entangled in nets of intrigue, and lovers grew suspicious of one another's intentions. ...Read more

5 common mistakes people make when moving

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When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and remote work became the new normal, many Americans seized the opportunity to relocate. But if you think all there is to moving house is packing up and hiring help, think again. To help make your moving experience as productive as possible, Extra Space Storage shared five common mistakes to avoid when ...Read more

10 sleeping tips for new parents

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Irregular sleep patterns, frequent feeding intervals, and near-constant soothing of newborns can all spell sleep deprivation for new parents.

In addition to being exhausted as a general matter of course, new parents are also tasked with navigating the best way to do things. Advice comes from every direction, and these disparate pieces of ...Read more



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