9 valuable collectibles you can invest in

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Despite record-level inflation, alternative investing—particularly in high-end art—is on the rise.

The Collectors Report by Art Basel and UBS found that the median expenditure on art by high-net-worth collectors in the first half of 2022 was $180,000, up $16,000 per collector for all of 2021. Additionally, collectors spent more per piece...Read more

10 cars celebrities drive and their average pricing

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Cars aren't just a means of getting around town—they're a status symbol.

The most expensive car in the world as of 2019 was the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, ringing in at about $19 million. Soccer player and car collector Cristiano Ronaldo is the car's suspected owner. That astounding price tag was bested in May 2022 when a 1955 Mercedes-Benz...Read more

Tips for hassle-free holiday travel

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It's that time of year again when travelers start planning for holiday travel—if they haven't already started. After a couple of arduous years of restrictions and continued inflation, Americans are especially determined to get a glimpse of new scenery and travel out of town to visit loved ones.

Bounce compiled a list of travel tips for the...Read more

10 casino movie myths debunked

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When has Hollywood ever not been a sucker for romance? And what's more romantic than a story about Sin City in all of its smoky, Strip-strutting, immoral glory where a down-on-their-luck underdog gets a second chance? Reality, however, can be much different from Hollywood portrayals of organized crime bosses patrolling smoky, anything-goes ...Read more

These 25 metro areas have the highest homeownership rates in the US

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Purchasing a home is quite possibly one of the most important investments in a person's life. It's a dream for many, and in the last few years, the housing market skyrocketed as prospective homebuyers flooded the housing market. Many were motivated by historically low interest rates and had flexibility due to remote working to widen their ...Read more

What free college looks like in the US

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The cost of higher education in the U.S. has skyrocketed in the last few decades and for many families, college is no longer within reach. Although student loans may be available, they can remain an enormous financial burden long after graduation. Because of these challenges, the prospect of free tuition can be exceptionally attractive. Free ...Read more

10 tips for managing payroll for small business owners

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It's essential to closely manage company payroll in a way that best suits your specific business needs and supports your employees. Given the complexities of state and federal taxes and the importance of paying your staff on time, keeping good records sets you up for success as your business grows—whether you're bootstrapping a startup or ...Read more

25 over-the-top Christmas displays from across America

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As soon as the final slice of Thanksgiving turkey is carved, it seems radio stations start playing Christmas music around the clock, and twinkly lights appear on houses. In fact, some hardcore holiday lovers start decorating and decking the halls for the festive season as soon as Halloween ends—if not earlier.

There's something impressive ...Read more

These countries increased solar capacity the most since 2007

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Solar energy has been collected and utilized since as early as the 18th century—but the past decade or so has seen a marked acceleration in the growth of solar energy as a power source across the globe.

This shift is partly altruistic: Government administrations are communicating concerns about fossil fuels more vocally and holding each ...Read more

Plane ticket prices dropped this year--here's why and how you can find deals

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After the airline industry's hammering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, data from the International Air Transport Association shows domestic travel was up by 26.5% in August 2022 compared to the same time a year prior. Despite lingering volatility—namely from fuel price hikes related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine as well as staffing shortages�...Read more

Why many colleges are treating entrance exams as optional

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College entrance exams, long used to demonstrate an individual's aptitude for learning, are being phased out at many colleges and universities across the U.S. largely due to accusations of inequity.

More than 1,700 U.S. colleges are test-optional for fall 2023, according to FairTest data, with nearly 80 schools not considering college entry ...Read more

From co-ops to condos: Understanding the 6 types of residential properties

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Are you actively searching for a new home? Whether you have a clear picture of what you desire or you're casually scrolling through listings, this is an exciting yet tedious process. With an overwhelming amount of options available, it can be hard to choose what feels perfect. Perhaps you aren't quite sure what kind of space suits you or your ...Read more

15 things AI can (and can't) do

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Artificial intelligence is a technology built and programmed to assist computer systems in mimicking human behavior. Algorithm training informed by experience and iterative processing allows the machine to learn, improve, and ultimately use human-like thinking to solve complex problems.

Although there are several ways computers can be "...Read more

Two-thirds of consumers won't buy from a company with misaligned values--and other customer behavior trends

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed our shopping habits, shifting the ways consumers interact and engage with brands. Apparel, personal care products, and books saw the most dramatic fluctuations in spending among American consumers. As the pandemic recedes, many of these trends are here to stay, and companies are grappling with how best to upgrade ...Read more

12 truly spectacular pools from around the world

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The past couple of years has been a whirlwind as people dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest, significant political changes, skyrocketing inflation costs, and global supply chain shortages. The constant stress is enough for many to daydream of escaping and seeking refuge in spaces that ooze tranquility in deserts, mountains, or the ...Read more

How to make your next manager 1:1 meeting productive

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When well-planned and executed, meetings between managers and direct reports can be meaningful and transformative experiences—particularly for millennials, who represent the largest share of the American workforce.

As such, regularly scheduled 1:1 meetings—as opposed to annual or quarterly performance reviews—can as much as double ...Read more

10 plant-based recipes for a big Thanksgiving table

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Serving plant-based meals during a holiday so focused on turkey may seem far-fetched, but with the prime produce the autumn season offers—and a turkey shortage pushing prices up as much as 73% from 2021—it's the perfect time to add more plants to the table.

Butternut squash, apples, pumpkins, cranberries—all these antioxidant-rich ...Read more

64% of Americans are now exposed to extreme heat. Here's why that's worrying

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The infamous Dust Bowl years of the 1930s saw unprecedented extreme heat waves decimate the Midwest and the Great Plains. Temperatures climbed to well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in states used to a relatively cool climate. Over the span of six years, roughly 5,000 people died from heat-related causes, and intense drought made agricultural ...Read more

10 times real cases got the 'Law & Order' treatment

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Although the "Law & Order" disclaimer in Friz Quadrata typeface is almost as iconic as the "dun-dun" sound, it's not difficult to make connections between what's happening on screen and what's printed in the headlines. For decades now, the "Law & Order" showrunners have reimagined real-life cases that captivated the public consciousness for ...Read more

Exploring the world of island vineyards

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The world's vineyards are as varied as their locations.

From mountainous regions across Europe to coastal areas along the Pacific Northwest, diverse features in climate and soil influence flavor and growing strategies for myriad varieties of grapes. Island vineyards offer unique opportunities and challenges wherever they're found, whether ...Read more



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