5 ways to take the stress out of traveling for work

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Business travel is back on the rise, which means that whether you were a frequent flyer or just an occasional out-of-towner, you’re likely going to be hitting the road again. According to the U.S. Travel Association, companies are planning to spend more money on both domestic and international travel through 2025. This means roads, airplanes,...Read more

Most popular guard dog breeds

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Man’s best friend is a truly amazing animal.

Our dogs know so much about us. Not only do they learn to communicate with us without speaking, but dogs also have an uncanny ability to sense our moods. And that’s just as pets: Working dogs can be trained to perform even more incredible tasks, like guiding the blind, detecting bombs, ...Read more

5 things to know about the Internet of Things

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The internet of things has become a buzzword you’ve likely seen in the news over the last several years. As more people buy smartwatches, autopilot-enabled cars, smart TVs, game consoles, or even smart refrigerators, the internet of things grows in its vastness and depth, with billions of electronics online at any moment.

These rapid ...Read more

5 cost-saving ways to keep your pets healthy--and happy

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Medical bills can be overwhelming, not just for people but for pets too. Every pet has its own unique needs, and it’s the duty of their owners to ensure their four-legged family members stay healthy, happy, and by their side for as long as possible.

Preventative care is the best way to keep your pet healthy: It refers to simple steps pet ...Read more

From cobblers to e-commerce: How buying shoes has changed over 300 years

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Yes, shoes can be considered utilitarian, but for many people, they’re beloved. How deep does that love go? Former Philippines First Lady Imelda Marcos opened the Shoe Museum of Marinka in the early 2000s to showcase her more than 2,700 pairs of shoes. Footwear doesn’t need to be fancy to be meaningful. A favorite pair of muck boots can ...Read more

How to combat proximity bias in a hybrid work environment

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid work environments have grown in popularity and seem to be here to stay. As of January 2022, 58% of employees work in hybrid models, according to a Future Forum survey of more than 10,000 knowledge workers. Of those surveyed, 95% say they desire the type of work schedule flexibility that a hybrid model can ...Read more

10 kid-friendly chores that can help teach new skills

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Household chores are more than inconvenient necessities or things to “make” your children do: They can function as building blocks for a young person’s development. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has even established a set of milestone criteria parents can use to both gauge their child’s development and make inroads ...Read more

10 must-have features buyers look for when searching for a home

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Selling a home can be stressful no matter the price bracket or the neighborhood. Additionally, the pandemic has added more complications to the current housing market in America, even as the Federal Reserve made a concerted effort to limit the economic damage of the world shutting down for such a long period of time.

The average interest ...Read more

Spending on utilities, furniture, and other household goods rose in 5 years--here's why

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As Americans ease out of the pandemic phase, many have been feeling the financial crunch of inflation as the cost of food, fuel, and services have rapidly risen. While the rate—and speed—of inflation hasn’t been seen for decades, consumer spending on housing, utilties, and household goods has actually been on a steady rise well before ...Read more

Common health problems for popular dog breeds

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If you’re asked to name a few loyal friends, chances are your dog’s name would be top of mind. They’re the friends waiting patiently by the door when you return home, showing every ounce of gratitude for a full dinner bowl. Their loyalty and companionship have earned them a spot as “family” for many pet owners.

It can be difficult ...Read more

What shopping in the metaverse might look like

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Imagine our world, then picture it fully digital. For many, it looks like the metaverse, an immersive virtual space where we can log on to meet friends, shop, work in virtual offices, and even buy virtual real estate. Offering an estimated $800 billion market opportunity, the metaverse is eyed by online game creators, social networks, and ...Read more

5 new Netflix series to watch this weekend

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There’s hardly ever a shortage of options when it comes to finding something new to watch on Netflix. The streaming service is constantly dropping new original content—be it films, documentaries, or binge-worthy TV series.

When it comes to spending, Netflix annually shells out $17 billion on original content. Despite being in a multi-...Read more

5 statistics about the pet insurance industry in America

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Pet ownership is a significant responsibility, and one of the most crucial aspects of it is maintaining your pet’s health. Trips to the veterinarian’s office for yearly checkups, blood work, consultations on diet, and even in the case of emergencies can have a damaging impact on your budget if you do not or are not able to, plan ahead.

...Read more

50 first jobs of famous actors

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First jobs: We’ve all had them, and they are rarely glamorous. Often, we are fetching coffee for our superiors, making copies, or doing data entry, all for the chance to climb the corporate ladder. But have you ever had to dress as a chicken while handing out fliers to promote a Mexican restaurant? How about paying the bills by working as an ...Read more

27 prolific film producers of the 21st century

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Movie stars, along with some directors, have the most recognizable names when it comes to film. Even though the producer, or a team of producers, does some of the most crucial work bringing a movie to the screen from start to completion, they aren’t often household names.

The producer, or production team, organizes every aspect of getting ...Read more

Inside the biggest wave of salary increases since 2008

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Have American employers finally put more power behind the paycheck? The country's workforce is now seeing the highest wage increase averages in 14 years as evidenced by budget increases that companies dedicate to worker compensation.

Kazoo compiled a list of facts and statistics about what is causing these increases, combining research from ...Read more

How AI predicts what you'll buy

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It’s a jungle out there—few places so much so as the world of “smart” advertising.

There, marketing geniuses have developed increasingly sophisticated algorithms that take all the information gathered about you online or from your phone and piece together a customer profile that may include everything from your favorite pair of socks...Read more

How America's aging population will affect nursing

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The U.S. is expected to experience an increase in demand for medical care—a trend that will be shaped by a demographic shift some callthe “gray tsunami.” Baby boomers, the generation born immediately after World War II, have left their mark on the U.S. population—21% of all Americans are expected to be 65 or older by 2030. The aging ...Read more

1 in 4 home offers are now cash--here's what that means for the average home buyer

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Real estate in the last few years has produced one of the hottest—if not the hottest—markets in the last quarter-century. With a limited number of houses for sale, competition is fierce and bidding wars abound.

To compete, many homebuyers offered all-cash offers to win over sellers—they comprised 25%of all market offers in February ...Read more

10 commonly asked questions about inflation

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In March, American consumer prices rose 8.5% from 2021, creating the sharpest increase in inflation since 1981. The average national price for gas climbed to an all-time high of $4.33 per gallon in March, driven partially by the ban on Russian oil imports after the country’s invasion of Ukraine. Grocery costs are similarly rising: According...Read more



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