25 oldest colleges in America

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Education has always been a cornerstone of the American experience. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin stressed the importance of having a place to teach America’s youth back in 1749. Franklin famously said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Even before then, the colonists knew education was the key to the furthering...Read more

Best college in every state

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Deciding where to go to college is one of the biggest decisions a teenager has to make in their lives, ultimately having an impact on everything from future earnings and potential student loan debt to which opportunities they’ll be afforded to network with alumni.

While every student wants to get the best education they possibly can, there...Read more

States with the biggest solar economies

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Solar panels have become normalized among landscapes, spotted everywhere from the open spaces of deserts to rooflines of dense residential areas. Installed on rooftops, covered carports, parking lots, and even closed landfills, solar accounted for  3% of America’s electricity in 2020, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (...Read more

History of the Federal Work-Study program

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The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program, part of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, was created to increase access to higher education for low-income students. But while the program removed certain mid-century barriers, it has widely been seen as not keeping up with the times—particularly as tuition, cost of living, and inflation continue to ...Read more

10 essential documentaries on the opioid crisis

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention breaks the opioid epidemic into three waves. The first wave began with the introduction of OxyContin—the highly addictive painkiller made by Purdue Pharma and introduced in 1996—and an increase in prescribing opioids. Spiked opioid addiction rates quickly followed.

A significant rise in ...Read more

What to know about workers' compensation in your state

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​​​Workers’ compensation, which can provide cash and medical care to employees injured on the job, and benefits to survivors in cases of a work-related death, began with a federal program in 1908. It gave benefits to civilian workers whose jobs were hazardous and became the first kind of social insurance established across the United ...Read more

History of anti-drunk driving advocacy

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The year 2022 marks 40 years of tracking alcohol-related driving trends and major changes to how the United States legally and socially tolerated drunk driving.

Anti-drunk driving advocacy has a relatively recent history, and like many other major civic movements, was galvanized by the culmination of numerous avoidable tragedies. Many of the ...Read more

10 tips for reward points travel

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Many credit cards offer a variety of ways to rack up bonus points with daily spending. It’s all about knowing the right card to get that fits into your budget and lifestyle. Travel credit cards in particular tend to carry high annual fees, but they offer cardholders the opportunity to earn points to redeem for rewards.

Western Direct ...Read more

Best small towns for retirees in every state

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Many Americans who have bid farewell to the workforce or are thinking about it are turning to places that offer affordability, a strong economy, quality health care options, less traffic, and overall, more comfort. Neighborhoods outside major cities and metropolitan areas have grown in popularity among retirees, with 26% moving to smaller towns...Read more

States that will be most affected if Roe v. Wade is repealed

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One historic decision has been endlessly passed around states over the last year. Roe v. Wade expressly protects a pregnant person’s right to choose to have an abortion. It’s under review by a now supermajority conservative Supreme Court, but reports suggestit could be struck down at any moment, as more and more states bring their own ...Read more

8 things medical TV shows get wrong

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Fictional hospitals make for great television. Medical shows set romance and drama against a backdrop of life-and-death situations. After all, the writers do have to keep viewers glued to their seats for an hour.

However, what happens every week on medical dramas “Grey’s Anatomy” or “The Resident” is often not what happens in real ...Read more

How processed foods cause weight gain

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Both nutrition scientists and the public debate the relative merits of so-called healthy diets, such as vegan, paleo, and low-carb, but most experts agree on one thing: avoid ultra-processed foods and stick to a diet of whole, unprocessed foods. Ultra-processed foods contain high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and artificial flavors ...Read more

10 states with the most federal COVID-19 worker safety violations

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As the coronavirus struck, safety at the workplace urgently became more important than ever. Newspapers and televisions were filled with vivid images and stories of workers crowded into close quarters, lacking personal protective gear. More recently, issues of workplace safety have extended to whether employees must be vaccinated against COVID-...Read more

10 benefits of tracking your medical history

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Tracking your health history can feel overwhelming. Particularly for those managing complicated conditions or a number of different conditions, keeping records of all your doctor’s appointments, conversations, tests, lab results, and other procedures might feel like a significant amount of work. But the advantages of keeping such a record of ...Read more

10 once-iconic fashion brands that no longer exist

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What makes fashion iconic—a specific design? The longevity and evolution of a brand? The cultural climate into which a piece or style is born?

The most influential fashion brands and designers stand the test of time, having occupied distinctive places in fashion history. These icons enjoyed the unique experience of influencing a generation...Read more

Cities with the most delivery drivers per capita

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In today’s world, delivery drivers are in extremely high demand.In 2021, Texas-based company Sisu Energy offered drivers $14,000 per week due to the nationwide truck driver shortage. Many truck drivers had either left the industry or retired at the height of the pandemic as there wasn’t a lot of product to haul. Now, the need is back due to...Read more

10 tips to beat your to-do list

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Life is busy. With home and work constantly requiring attention, it is often hard to figure out what to tackle first and how to balance it all. Making a to-do list can be helpful. While to-do lists are a great tool, 41% of items on these lists are never completed, according to The Busy Person’s Guide to the Done List: The Science of Small ...Read more

Top Winter Olympics ski moments

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The ​​first Winter Olympics was held in 1924 and has since served as fodder for some of the most memorable and inspired moments in sporting history. With the opening ceremonies for the 2022 Beijing Olympics coming Feb. 4, Curated looked back at 13 of the greatest ski moments in Olympic history.

Skiing has, in one form or another, been ...Read more

10 metro areas with growing real estate markets

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Bidding wars. Over-asking offers. Cash buyers. Eager investors. Inventory shortages. If there’s one part of the economy that has been completely upended by the pandemic, it’s the housing market.

Cities like San Francisco and New York have always been well out of reach for the average homebuyer. As tech and business hubs, these cities are...Read more

How the changing workplace could reshape American health care

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As the coronavirus rages on, so do its impacts on the country’s businesses and workers. Remote work and hybrid arrangements are gaining a stronger foothold, and about 2.2 million Americans remain long-term unemployed while millions of others are quitting their jobs.

This massive health and economic disruption is inevitably impacting health...Read more



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