Captain Comics: Plumbing the depths of the obscure

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Call it the Summer of the C-List.

Despite the pandemic, TV still has a lot of original content -- much of which is based on comic books. But with so many shows lifting concepts, ideas and entire series from comics, most of the low-hanging fruit is long gone. A lot of today's TV shows arise from pretty obscure material.

Which is not to say that...Read more

Captain Comics: Big announcements from Comic-Con

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Comic-Con@Home, the attempt by the San Diego Comic-Con to replicate the show's experience online, had at least one major similarity to its live-action predecessors: Tons of big announcements.

The show offered more than 350 panels (seriously!), which required organizers to get agreements from actors, producers, artists, writers, publishers and ...Read more

Captain Comics: Comic-Con goes online

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What do you do if the pandemic has canceled your comic convention? If you're the big dog, Comic-Con International: San Diego, you take it online.

And it's already started.

Comic-Con@Home runs July 22-26 at an electronic device near you. Go to https://www.comic-con.org/cci/2020/athome, and there are drop-down menus for, well, just about ...Read more

Captain Comics: The bizarre characters of 'Doom Patrol'

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Watching "Doom Patrol" it might be hard to believe the bizarre characters on the screen actually first appeared in comic books. But it's true, as we shall see with this stroll down Memory Lane.

The Doom Patrol: The team -- consisting of The Chief, Robotman, Elasti-Girl and Negative Man -- first appeared in a book titled "My Greatest Adventure"...Read more

Captain Comics: YA graphic novel roundup

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The popularity of young adult graphic novels has exploded, along with their shelf space in bookstores and comic shops. Here are some of the latest:

"Bluebeard" (Papercutz, $19.99)

I vaguely remember this classic fairy tale from my youth as being creepy with lots of spooky foreshadowing and a dark, dark heart. Good news! This version not only ...Read more

Captain Comics: Summer comics crossovers

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The pandemic delayed the usual summer comics crossovers, but the first shots have finally been fired.

In Burbank, in the red Superman trunks, is DC Comics and "Death Metal." In New York, in the blue Spider-Man leggings, is Marvel Comics and "Empyre." Let the battle begin!

"Dark Nights: Death Metal" #1 arrived first, on June 16. My one ...Read more

Captain Comics: Michael Keaton back as Batman?

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The comics industry has barely begun shipping again, and already the Comics Teletype is overheating. Here are the top stories:

ITEM: The Dark Mr. Mom Returns? A lot of comics sites have had a lot of happy talk lately about Michael Keaton possibly coming back to play Batman in the "Flash" movie scheduled for 2022. Prior to this, the word was ...Read more

Captain Comics: Fun facts about 'Stargirl'

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In case you love the new DC Universe/CW show "Stargirl" as much as I do, here are two dozen Fun Facts to Know and Tell about the star-spangled superhero show:

1. Geoff Johns (with artist Lee Moder) created Courtney Whitmore in 1999 as his very first comic book assignment, while working as an assistant for movie producer/director Richard Donner ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Insane bombshell' in comics distribution world

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So, here's some news: DC Comics has cut ties with Diamond Comic Distributors Inc.

Yes, I hear the yawns. Most people don't know how comic books and graphic novels get to where they buy them, nor do they care. But in this case, it turns out to be important.

Here's why: Diamond has had a virtual monopoly on distribution of comics and graphic ...Read more

Captain Comics: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are back

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are back!

Well, for 13 episodes. The seventh season -- and the series -- comes to an end Aug 12 with back-to-back episodes scheduled for the Disney-owned network ABC. Still, it's nice to have Director Mackenzie (Henry Simmons), Agent Johnson (Chloe Bennet), Agent May (Ming-Na Wen) and the rest of the merry crew ...Read more

Captain Comics: Welcome back, Justice Society

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"Stargirl" has arrived on DC Universe and The CW, bringing with it the return of the justly legendary Justice Society of America.

The Justice Society is the oldest superhero team in comics, arriving in "All-Star Comics" #3 in 1940. Another milestone: The team combined characters from two different publishers, "sister" companies Detective Comics...Read more

Captain Comics: Catch up on 'Snowpiercer' saga

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"Snowpiercer" the series arrived May 17 on TNT, a weekly show set after the end of the world.

While not as depressing as it sounds, it's still pretty bleak. The premise is a new ice age, and what survivors there are live on a train eternally circling the Earth, its engine a perpetual motion machine that, as long as it's running at or above a ...Read more

Captain Comics: New releases making up for lost time

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New comic books are back in the pipeline to comic shops, after the pandemic halted distribution back in March. Here's the A-list:

"2020 Ironheart" #1 (of 2, Marvel Comics, May 20, $3.99, digital only): Ironheart is Riri Williams, a teenage genius who built her own Iron Man armor and took Tony Stark's place when he was thought dead. One suspects...Read more



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