Captain Comics: Catch up on 'Snowpiercer' saga

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"Snowpiercer" the series arrived May 17 on TNT, a weekly show set after the end of the world.

While not as depressing as it sounds, it's still pretty bleak. The premise is a new ice age, and what survivors there are live on a train eternally circling the Earth, its engine a perpetual motion machine that, as long as it's running at or above a ...Read more

Captain Comics: New releases making up for lost time

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New comic books are back in the pipeline to comic shops, after the pandemic halted distribution back in March. Here's the A-list:

"2020 Ironheart" #1 (of 2, Marvel Comics, May 20, $3.99, digital only): Ironheart is Riri Williams, a teenage genius who built her own Iron Man armor and took Tony Stark's place when he was thought dead. One suspects...Read more

Captain Comics: Batman vs. your pandemic boredom

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Nothing stops the Dark Knight, not even a pandemic. Here are some Bat and Bat-adjacent graphic novels, all from DC Comics, all $29.99 (for the hardbacks), all available from bookstores and online retailers:

-- "Batman: White Knight" is actually a 2017 miniseries that was collected in trade, hardback and "deluxe" in 2018 and 2019. The reason it'...Read more

Captain Comics: Holy quarantine! Comics industry providing plenty of content to keep us busy

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The long drought is broken. Diamond Comic Distributors, which delivers most comics to retailers in North America, announced April 28 on Twitter that it would resume full services on May 20.

Diamond had previously announced in late March that it was halting all deliveries, which left comic shops with no new product, and no way for publishers to ...Read more

Captain Comics: These graphic novels are magical, lavish, engaging in an offbeat way

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Not only is it "safer at home," but it's also an opportunity to do some recreational reading. Here are some of the more offbeat graphic novels that have recently crossed my desk:

"The Runaway Princess" by Johan Troianowski (Random House, $12.99)

Technically this is considered a YA graphic novel, but it skews much younger than that -- ...Read more

Captain Comics: More days of gloom and doom for comic book industry

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Roughly every 20 years, Zombie Chicken Little rises from his grave and predicts the end of the comic book industry. The last time was in the late '90s, sooo ... yep, here he comes, shambling along right on schedule.

And, honestly, he could be right this time. A few weeks ago, Diamond Comic Distributors Inc. -- which has a virtual monopoly on ...Read more

Captain Comics: Here's your comics-for-pandemics reading list

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The pandemic burning through the world right now is terrifying, lethal and virtually unstoppable. But one thing it isn't, is unexpected. We've been through this before -- the 1918 flu, the Black Plague -- and experts have long been predicting this one.

Which has made pandemics an irresistible topic to explore in fiction. Comic books, in ...Read more

Captain Comics: Meet Marieke Nijkamp, the author who unlocked Barbara Gordon in 'The Oracle Code'

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Fans of Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon's daughter, know the strengths of the character. Her determination, tough-mindedness and eidetic memory led her to be effervescent Batgirl in 1967, and then, after being shot by The Joker and confined to a wheelchair, the omniscient Oracle in 1989. She's back to being Batgirl in current DC comics, but ...Read more

Captain Comics: Celebrating 80 years of great characters

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The year 1940 was, in general, a pretty lousy one, what with World War II and all. But it was a great one in comics, with roughly a jillion new superheroes debuting from roughly a jillion publishers, thanks to the popularity of a certain Man of Steel.

Foremost among those 1940 publishers was today's DC Comics, which has had some success ...Read more

Captain Comics: What to watch on small screen as coronavirus hits movie industry

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The comics-based movie "Bloodshot" began screening at theaters nationwide March 13, and it's remarkable. Not the movie, necessarily, though it might be. What's surprising is the fact that local theaters are screening anything at all.

Yes, I'm talking about COVID-19 and "social distancing." With virtually all sports canceled, lots of restaurants...Read more

Captain Comics: Pirate genre ready to be plundered anew

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Avast, me hearties! Pull up a barrel and I'll spin ye a tale of freebooters, sea-soaked adventure and more blarney than ye can swing a sabre at! Aye, I be talking pirate comics, ye scurvy sea dogs!

There are many, no doubt, who will be surprised to find out that there ever were pirate comics. But "Treasure Island," the novel that is credited ...Read more

Captain Comics: Books delve into 'Avengers,' 'Star Trek: Voyager'

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In these days of digital everything, it's rare when we ink-stained wretches receive physical, analog review copies. And when there are nine of them – well, we tend to take notice.

The nine books in question came all at once from Titan Comics, a prolific and eclectic publisher in the UK. They publish comics, collections, collector's editions ...Read more


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