Captain Comics: Who is Batwoman? Glad you asked…

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"Batwoman" has arrived on The CW, filling the bat-shaped hole in our hearts left by the cancellation of "Gotham." And not a moment too soon!

Premiering on Oct. 6, "Batwoman" stars Ruby Rose as Kate Kane, a.k.a. the eponymous crime fighter, taking the place of Batman, who has been missing for three years. Gotham has gotten even worse in the ...Read more

Captain Comics: The mad, mad world of The Joker

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Warner Bros.' "Joker" made $96 million at the box office in its opening weekend, making it the biggest October opening of all time. But it also raises a lot of questions, both in-story and out here in the world, which your humble narrator will seek to answer.

Q: Is this the real origin of The Joker?

A: Sure! And so are all the others.

The ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Stumptown' began on the printed page

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On Sept. 25, People who gave the debut episode of "Stumptown" a try met an unusual woman, one whose life is a mess, but whose ability to manage violent, unpredictable situations is nonpareil.

Dex (it's short for Dexedrine, which is a hint of how odd her life has been) Parios is a combat vet, in her mid-30s but acts younger, takes care of her ...Read more

Captain Comics: Fall forecast — fantastic!

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Summer's over, school's begun ... but the drumbeat of genre material on screen, in print and on TV continues unabated. Fall will be (in some cases literally) fantastic. Let's preview:


"Joker" is the first to arrive, and the one we know the most about -- most of it really positive. Premiering Oct. 4, "Joker" has won the Venice ...Read more

Captain Comics: A conversation with Alex Segura, co-president of Archie Comics

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Alex Segura, the co-president of Archie Comics, has been telling an entirely non-comics story for many years. Starting with 2013's "Silent City," Segura related the travails of Miami P.I. Pete Fernandez through four novels.

And now with a fifth, "Miami Midnight," that story might be finished. Segura says he's wrapping up the Pete Fernandez ...Read more

Captain Comics answers your Teen Titans questions

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"Titans" is back on the DC Universe streaming service, raising questions for those among us who aren't experts in the history of DC Comics. Fortunately, Captain Comics is here to answer those questions!

Q: "Trigon," the first episode of "Titans" season 2, felt more like the end of a season than the beginning of one. Why is that?

A: Because "...Read more

Captain Comics: Relaunched superheroes

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A few weeks back, DC Comics promised to bring a long-abandoned, fan-favorite super-team back to its pages, and sure enough, the Legion of Super-Heroes reappeared in all its old (and updated) glory on Aug. 28.

And they've done it again. On the same week that the Legion returned, DC re-introduced another long-abandoned, fan-favorite super-team. ...Read more

Captain Comics: Disney+ will have both new and legacy content from all its major brands

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If you're a genre fan, Disney+ is going to get your money.

The new streaming channel doesn't launch until Nov. 12, but the House of Mouse held its biennial D23 Expo Aug. 23-25 with enough juicy announcements to make Lockjaw salivate. Disney+ will have both new and legacy content from all its major brands -- Disney, LucasFilms (Star Wars), ...Read more

Captain Comics: Farewell 'iZombie' and 'Swamp Thing'

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The just-ended, comics-based shows "iZombie" and "Swamp Thing" have three things in common:

1. Both just aired their series finales.

2. Both were uncommonly entertaining for most of their runs.

3. Both ended in a clumsy, rushed manner.

Writer Chris Roberson and artist Michael Allred launched "iZombie" in 2010 at Vertigo, a DC Comics imprint,...Read more

Captain Comics: Amazon Prime's 'The Boys' is a romantic with a twisted side

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You might have noticed that it's hard to find heroes in Amazon Prime's new series, "The Boys," which dropped July 26. A look at the source material shows that this is by design.

"The Boys" began as a comic book series at WildStorm, an imprint of DC Comics, in 2006. After six issues, though, the anti-superhero slant -- and no doubt the over-the-...Read more


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