Captain Comics: A super dose of wackiness as Howard the Duck returns

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In a word: "Waughhh!"

Marvel Comics fans will immediately recognize that as the battle cry of Howard the Duck, whose combat strategy generally consists of running away, tail feathers held high as he advances in the opposite direction. And he's coming to a TV near you.

We should not be surprised. Comics have been taking over the small screen ...Read more

Captain Comics: Things are horrifically awry in the DC Universe

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Things aren't going so well for our super friends in the pages of DC Comics. And, to paraphrase Ralph Dibny on "The Flash" TV show: It's not even summer!

Summer has long had a special place in comics. Back when the books were aimed exclusively at children, summer meant kids with more free time and -- more importantly -- more disposable income. ...Read more

Captain Comics: Movie trailers 'Polar' and 'Alita: Battle Angel,' making the rounds

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"Polar" and "Alita: Battle Angel" are two movies based on comics whose trailers are making the rounds. But that's about the only thing these two very different projects have in common.

"Polar" has already arrived on Netflix, based on graphic novels by Spanish writer/artist Victor Santos. Oddly, while Dark Horse publishes those graphic novels --...Read more

Captain Comics: Deciphering the weird 'Doom Patrol' team

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Things are about to get weird on the DC Universe streaming service.

"Doom Patrol" premieres Feb. 15, featuring a superhero team that's one of the oddest in DC Comics' enormous stable of characters. And it's on purpose! Many "Doom Patrol" covers in the 1960s featured the blurb "The World's Strangest Heroes!"

We got an inkling of just how ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Deadly Class,' high school drama with a bit of murder on the side

Entertainment / Comic Books /

"Deadly Class," which arrived as an ongoing series on Syfy Jan. 15, is that rare critter: a comics-based TV show that improves on its source material.

These changes were evident in the pilot, which aired online as a preview in December, and then aired again as the show's premiere Jan. 15. While the look and the feel of the show is very in line ...Read more

Captain Comics: Peak TV? More like Geek TV

Entertainment / Comic Books /

The geeks have inherited the earth. Or at least television.

Once we were the red-haired step-children of American audiences, subsisting on a thin gruel of giant-insect movies, "Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazines and "Star Trek" reruns. But now sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, magic and comic books rule the small screen -- and geeks are wearing...Read more

Captain Comics: Top 20 comics, sci-fi, horror and animation movies of 2019

Entertainment / Comic Books /

It's going to rain genre movies in 2019. That's bad for movie critics who only like talky dramas, but great for popcorn-loving plebes who apparently don't know any better. There are too many to even list, so let's just look at the top 20 comics, sci-fi, horror, and animation movies of 2019, in reverse order of my enthusiasm.

(Note: Release ...Read more

Captain Comics: The new 'Young Justice' is not a lot of things

Entertainment / Comic Books /

"Young Justice," an animated show that ran on Cartoon Network from 2010 to 2013, is returning for a third season on the DC Universe streaming service Jan. 4. The series is modeled on the Teen Titans, but it's a Teen Titans -- and a Justice League -- you haven't seen before.

To describe the show, it's almost easier to say what it's not.

"Young ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Elseworlds,' familiar faces in unusual places

Entertainment / Comic Books /

Taken on its own merits, this year's annual superhero crossover on The CW was excellent. Titled "Elseworlds," it put familiar faces in unusual places, featured character-driven humor, introduced several fascinating new characters and wrapped with an intriguing mystery.

Then it turned out to be a prologue.

"Worlds will live, worlds will die" ...Read more

Captain Comics: 10 fun facts to know and tell about Aquaman

Entertainment / Comic Books /

Newly minted movie star Aquaman swims fast and talks to fish. What else could you possibly need to know? Well, he's been around for 77 years, so a lot. Here are 10 fun facts to know and tell about the Sea King:

1) He wasn't the first underwater superhero. Or even the second.

Namor, the Sub-Mariner, burst from the pages of "Marvel Comics" in ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,' spins parallel worlds of webs

Entertainment / Comic Books /

Where did all these spiders come from?

In most cases, that's a question you don't want to hear. But it has a great answer when it comes to "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse," the animated movie premiering Dec. 14.

In the film, Spider-Man meets a whole bunch of other interesting Spider-people from parallel earths. But when I say "Spider-Man," ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Elseworlds,' places superheroes in unfamiliar territories

Entertainment / Comic Books /

The superhero crossover on The CW this year is titled "Elseworlds" -- an old DC Comics term with an illustrious history.

We already know a lot about TV's "Elseworlds," which begins on "The Flash" Dec. 9, continues into "Arrow" Dec. 10 and climaxes on "Supergirl" Dec. 11. It will feature "Flash" star Grant Gustin waking up to discover he is now,...Read more

Captain Comics: Coffee-table books for fans of Titan Comics

Entertainment / Comic Books /

It's the fifth birthday of UK publisher Titan Comics, but readers are getting the presents.

Not a lot of British comics make their way to the U.S., and Titan doesn't publish the ones most people know. You won't see Judge Dredd with a Titan logo (IDW has the U.S. rights to that) or Captain Britain (that's Marvel Comics). Instead, Titan publishes...Read more


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