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Captain Comics: Farewell, and may the Force be with you

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As the new year launches, we inherit what is to me a still surprising world in entertainment.

A world where “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is setting box office records right and left. Where sci-fi, fantasy and comic book properties dominate the small screen, from South Korea’s “Silent Sea” on Netflix to “Book of Boba Fett” on Disney+ ...Read more

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Captain Comics: Movies to look forward to in 2022

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The COVID-19 logjam is finally breaking in movies, so 2022 is going to be a big year at the local multiplex. Here’s a look at some of the big movies I’m excited about, and a few I’m not, in alphabetical order. Current release dates are included, but needless to say, all are subject to the Whims of Omicron. (Which would be a great name for ...Read more

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Captain Comics: What to know about the Sinister Six

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“Spider-Man: No Way Home” hit theaters Dec. 17, featuring a lot of villains from the three Spider-Man film series. To comics fans, all those villains — and their specific identities — suggest a recurring threat in Spider-Man comics: the Sinister Six.

Evidently, the villains in “No Way Home” aren’t ever called the Sinister Six. And...Read more

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Captain Comics: What you need to know about 'Hawkeye'

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Hawkeye may have the title Most Boring Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but “Hawkeye” the TV show is quite entertaining. Especially for comics fans, who know the following (and now you will, too):

1. The two Hawkeyes are reversed.

“Hawkeye” is largely based on a 22-issue, 2012-15 run of comics by writer Matt Fraction and ...Read more


Captain Comics: 'Hit-Monkey' worth a look

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Marvel’s “Hit-Monkey” came and went without much fanfare when all 10 episodes dropped on Hulu on Nov. 17. Which is a shame, because it’s good.

There are reasons why it received so little promotion. One is that it was schlepped over to Hulu, where the Mouse sequesters all its R-rated fare, instead of the higher profile Disney+. For ...Read more


Captain Comics: December shows worth watching

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The year may be drawing to a close, but the onslaught of prestige TV isn’t slowing.

Here’s a look at the December premieres that have my fanboy senses tingling.


If you missed this show when it debuted on Netflix in 2018, go binge its first two seasons immediately.

Yes, I know that the original show (1965-68) devolved into ...Read more


Captain Comics: The week in genre TV, recapped

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Last week was a big week for genre TV premieres. Let’s get started:


The CW’s “The Flash” started its eighth season with a five-part story called “Armageddon” on Nov. 16, which will run Tuesdays until Dec. 14. Then the show takes a hiatus until March 9.

What’s “Armageddon”? Fans have been wondering about that ...Read more

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Captain Comics: Disney+ Day recap

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“Disney+ Day” arrived Dec. 12, with a lot of announcements for Marvel TV shows on the “Marvel Studios Disney+ Day Special.”

Here are some big ones, with recommendations for supplemental reading:


The Disney+ Day Special aired a couple of “She-Hulk” clips, with a green Tatiana Maslany in a comics-accurate purple-and-white ...Read more

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Captain Comics: Remember the redheads

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National Redhead Appreciation Day occurred Nov. 5 this year, a celebration that naturally made me think of comics. Because everything makes me think of comics.

Here in the real world, redheads make up 2% of the population, the smallest cohort of any hair color. It’s not entirely because thousands were burned at the stake in medieval times as ...Read more

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Captain Comics: More cool genre shows

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The fall avalanche of cool genre shows continues! Here are some interesting ones:

“Marvel Studios’ 2021 Disney+ Day Special” (Nov. 12, Disney+): A whole bunch of stuff will be happening all over Mouse properties and platforms on Nov. 12 — the two-year anniversary of the debut of Disney+. This special will offer sneak peeks into upcoming...Read more

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Captain Comics: What's new with Wonder Woman?

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Thursday, Oct. 21 was the very first Wonder Woman Day, as decreed by DC Comics. And all I can say is that it’s about time.

Thursday is an odd day for a “Day.” Comics arrive at comic shops on Tuesdays (DC Comics) and Wednesdays (everybody else), and Saturdays have a lot of foot traffic (so Free Comic Book Days are always scheduled on ...Read more

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Captain Comics: Highlights from DC Comics online convention

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DC FanDome, the DC Comics/Warner Bros. online convention, streamed Oct. 16. It was three-and-a-half hours of TV and movie stars, trailers, announcements and more — and I watched it all, so you don’t have to!

Seriously, it was a lot of fun. It was a bit short on serious announcements, but chockablock with star commentary, teasers, songs and ...Read more



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