Captain Comics: Red Sparrow, Black Widow sipping from the same wellspring

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Marvel Films has finally put a "Black Widow" movie on its schedule, tentatively for 2020. Some would argue 20th Century Fox has beaten them to it.

Fox's movie is "Red Sparrow," which premieres March 2 and features Jeremy Irons, Jennifer Lawrence, Mary-Louise Parker, Charlotte Rampling and Matthias Schoenaerts. J-Law plays Dominka Egorova, a ...Read more

Captain Comics: Moviegoers, here's a primer (and a few spoilers) to all things 'Black Panther'

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If you plan to see "Black Panther," you'll be introduced to an exciting and eclectic group of people, concepts and even geography. Here's a primer to help you prep, with notes on where the film diverges from the comics.

--VIBRANIUM: The appropriately-named alien metal vibranium absorbs vibrations (including sound) in the bonds between its ...Read more

Captain Comics: Catch up on the best of 'Black Panther' comics before the movie's release

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If you've got Black Panther fever and can't wait for the movie to premiere Feb. 16, here's a (graphic) novel idea: Catch up on the best of Black Panther comics!

First, this is a must: Read the introduction of the Panther in "Fantastic Four" No. 52-53 (1966), however or wherever you can find those issues. Fortunately, they're available in a lot ...Read more

Captain Comics: New releases could make 2018 a better year for Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics rolled out a major publishing initiative last September called "Legacy." While it clearly didn't succeed at everything they hoped, the results are worth exploring for fans of Marvel comics, movies and TV shows.

Marvel needed some good news in 2017, in what proved to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. The Hollywood ...Read more

Captain Comics: Stories behind TV comic book shows

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The week of Jan. 15 saw five genre shows appear on The CW – four returning from mid-season break, plus one rookie. But what's the story behind the stories? Here's Captain Comics with some Fun Facts to Know and Tell:


The Maid of Steel's mid-season return Jan. 15 was called "Legion of Superheroes," which sounds like a silly trifle ...Read more

Captain Comics: New shows have super-powered teens with normal teen-age angst

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Marvel Films and Television has two sets of super-powered teenagers on TV, with a third coming next year on the big screen. Given how popular stories about teen-age angst are, the seeming redundancy should be no surprise. What is surprising is how different they are.

The properties, despite all three being about super-teens, could never be ...Read more

Captain Comics: A primer on who 'Black Lightning' is and isn't

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"Black Lightning," a new superhero show, debuts on The CW Jan. 16. He's new to TV, but the African-American hero with electrical powers has a long, proud history in comics.

But before we talk about who he is, let's establish who he's not.

Black Lightning is not Black Vulcan, the African-American hero with electrical powers on "Challenge of the...Read more

Captain Comics: A dozen superhero movies scheduled for release in 2018

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An even dozen superhero movies are scheduled for 2018. Let's count down in reverse order of the Captain's enthusiasm:

12. "Venom" (Oct. 5): Sony Pictures is trying to jump-start a Spider-Man-villain universe without Spider-Man, who's hanging his webs at Marvel Studios these days. That preposterous proposition, coupled with Venom's unpopularity ...Read more

Captain Comics: Top 10 list of all things nerd from 2017

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It's customary to look back at this time of year, and as it happens, 2017 was pretty good to fans of nerd culture. Here's the Captain's Top 10 list:

10. Horn of plenty: At the beginning of 2017, comic-based shows had already taken over TV. Seventeen shows filled my DVR: "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," "Arrow," "Daredevil," "Fear the Walking Dead," "...Read more

Captain Comics: Disney's acquisition of Fox opens lots of doors for potential movies

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The Mouse has finally eaten the Fox, and most of Marvel's characters are under one roof. Now what?

As everyone this side of Latveria knows, Disney bought Fox's entertainment division for about $52.4 billion, which includes the film and TV rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. That gives Disney some much-needed primo villains, like Magneto, Dr...Read more

Captain Comics: Lifting the 2018 curtain on 3 popular TV shows

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Mid-season finales for a variety of genre shows have come, leaving us a lot to think about before the shows resume next year. With a hearty "Spoiler Warning Ahoy," let's dive in to three of the best thumb-suckers:


This is the undead elephant in the room. For those who don't know, Carl Grimes is going to die.

In the episode ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' season 5, delivers

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A lot of terrific comics-based shows are competing for attention in this era of Peak TV, so it would be easy to overlook "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." But that would be a mistake -- it has become uncommonly good.

"S.H.I.E.L.D" lost a lot of viewers in its first year, when it had to drag its feet until "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" ...Read more

Captain Comics: Edgy, 'Happy!' is the blackest of black comedies

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"Happy!" is the name of a new comedy-drama arriving Dec. 6 on Syfy. Trying to describe it, though, is not always a happy thing.

"Happy!" is based on a graphic novel by two comics legends, writer Grant Morrison ("The Invisibles," "Multiversity") and artist Darick Robertson ("The Boys," "Transmetropolitan"). It is the blackest of black comedies, ...Read more


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