Captain Comics: Yoe's weird, wacky superheroes

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What's super and weird and nearly naked all over? "Super Weird Heroes Vol. 2: Preposterous But True!" a new hardback that hit comic shops Sept. 5 and will come to bookstores Oct. 2.

This latest opus from publisher Craig Yoe is a celebration of the truly oddball characters burped up in the early years of America's comics industry in the never-...Read more

Captain Comics: Wham! Bam! It's Batman Day

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DC Comics is making Sept. 15 a Batman Day to remember.

Batman Day, a promotional gimmick the publisher has offered since 2014, usually has a variety of freebies and specials at participating comic shops, bookstores and libraries, and this year will be no exception. But this year's Batman Day will have a huge video component, as it will see the ...Read more

Captain Comics: Let's see what 'Iron Fist' Season 2 has to offer

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The second season of "Iron Fist" drops Sept. 8 on Netflix, and advance word is that the addition of new villain Typhoid Mary and the return of Davos are reasons for excitement. If you're not convinced, here are some of the best Iron Fist collections to remind you of what an awesome character he (and his friends) can be:


Iron Fist ...Read more

Captain Comics: Beach buddies

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If you're looking for some beach reading, the comics industry is ready to provide. Here are four options:


The story of the injustices suffered by the co-creators of Superman is oft told, but usually through the eyes of writer Jerry Siegel. "The Joe Shuster Story: The Artist Behind Superman" (Super Genius, $24.99) tells the ...Read more

Captain Comics: A look at what Hollywood has in store

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It's the Dog Days of Summer, when news about genre movies and TV is mostly about the future, not the present. But there is a lot of it, so let's check the Hollywood teletype:

-- Dunned Gunn Not Done: The controversy over James Gunn keeps rolling along. But the worst is probably over for the beleaguered director.

Some background: Gunn had ...Read more

Captain Comics: Press rewind and give these 'fresh start' Marvel books a look

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Marvel's rolling "Fresh Start" initiative has reached many of its major titles in recent weeks, re-launching them with first issues and new set-ups. Some new elements are obviously inspired by the movies, but we can also see Marvel correcting what it sees as mistakes. With "Spoiler warning" fully in effect, here we go:

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN No. 1 ...Read more

Captain Comics: So you think you know Teen Titans? Think again

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If you saw "Teen Titans Go! to the Movies," which premiered July 27, and you're not a regular Cartoon Network viewer, you might be a little confused.

"Wait," you might say. "Isn't Cyborg in the Justice League? Isn't Starfire black? And isn't Robin called Nightwing now?"

The answer? It's complicated.

The movie is based on a cartoon, "Teen ...Read more

Captain Comics: James Gunn controversy and Comic-Con update

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Despite the absence of some big players, Comic-Con International: San Diego had the usual tsunami of movie, TV and comics on July 18-22. Virtually all of it is of interest to genre fans -- like those who usually read this column -- so let's try to pack in as much as we can:

Gunn Misfire: After a right-wing troll weaponized some nasty, 10-year-...Read more

Captain Comics: For better or worse, changes ahead for DCC 'Trinity'

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On the eve of Comic-Con International: San Diego, the "Trinity" of DC Comics has already been making news.

But are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman better for all these changes? The Magic 8-Ball says "Ask Again Later," as it always does. But the preliminary news is mostly good.

The biggest changes have hit the Man of Steel. In DC's 2011 "New ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Ant-Man and The Wasp,' spoiler alert

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Now that you've seen "Ant-Man and The Wasp" -- and you have, right? -- here are 20 semi-spoiler fun facts to know and tell:

1. High fidelity: The films take a lot of liberties with the source material, but they get the essence of the characters right. In the comics Henry Pym "has a lot of falling-outs," Scott Lang is a quintessential screw-up, ...Read more

Captain Comics: An intro to 4 new players in 'The Ant-Man and The Wasp'

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"Ant-Man and The Wasp," premiering July 6, brings four important new characters to the franchise. They're all based on various Marvel Comics characters, of course, but vary in particulars -- sometimes pretty important particulars. Here they are:


In the movie "Ant-Man," we learned that Janet Van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) was the ...Read more

Captain Comics: A close-up look at the captivating 'Luke Cage' characters

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Netflix's "Luke Cage" season 2 features a gallery of fascinating characters, most of whom have appeared in the comics. Well, sort of. There have been some changes:


Alfre Woodard has given us a nuanced character in Mariah Dillard -- part politician, part gangster, a woman who sees herself as a civic hero as she drifts farther and ...Read more


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