Captain Comics: A scorecard for 'Runaways'

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"Runaways," the new Marvel Comics-based series premiering on Hulu Nov. 21, has a cast so large the viewer may need a scorecard. So let's make one.

The clever conceit of "Runaways" is that at some point every teenager thinks their parents are evil -- but what if they really are? In 2003, writer Brian K. Vaughan ("Y: The Last Man") and artist ...Read more

Captain Comics: A primer for 'Justice League' premier

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"Justice League" premieres Nov. 17! Here are 20 fun facts to know and tell about DC Comics' premier super-team:

1. The Justice League of America was created in 1960, but was based on the Justice Society of America. The JSA, which ran in "All-Star Comics" from 1940 to 1951, was the first superhero team in comic books. ("Society" was changed to "...Read more

Captain Comics: Marvel's The Punisher, will let no crime go unpunished

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When "Marvel's The Punisher" drops at Netflix Nov. 17, rest assured that what's on screen will be the best of the many versions of Frank Castle that have appeared in the comics.

Frank (ne Francis Castiglione) at his core is a fairly generic character, with more than a passing similarity to Don Pendleton's Mack "The Executioner" Bolan. As an ...Read more

Captain Comics: The myth that is, 'Ragnarok'

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As we anticipate the latest Thor movie premiering Nov. 3, some may wonder what "Ragnarok" is in the title. Therein lies a fascinating tale -- or tales.

Ragnarok (sometimes Ragnar√łkkr) is a Norse myth about the end of the world. Unlike the Greco-Romans, ancient Egyptians and other related Indo-European cultures, the dour Vikings believed that ...Read more

Captain Comics: Welcome to 'geek TV'

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The week of Oct. 9 saw the season premieres of the four inter-connected superhero shows on The CW based on DC Comics, which constitutes a data dump of extreme importance to lovers of geek culture. This must be examined immediately.

The series are often referred to as the "Arrowverse" in honor of the first one, "Arrow," which launched its sixth ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Marvel's Inhumans,' not so bad after all

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As it hits the mid-point of its run, "Marvel's Inhumans" is obviously not as bad as critics made it out to be. But it does have a conceptual problem going back to its comic book roots, and it remains to be seen whether that will be a bug or a feature.

First, let's address the catastrophic critical reception of the first two episodes, which were...Read more

Captain Comics: Slow sales have Marvel Comics stirring the pot

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Marvel Comics is suffering a historic sales slump -- and it's looking to an initiative called "Legacy" to get back on top.

It's hard to believe, given that Marvel dominates the box office and is ubiquitous on TV. But print sales have fallen off the Bifrost, and that has not only Marvel but rival DC Comics worried, not to mention all of America...Read more

Captain Comics: 'The Gifted,' somewhat 'X' connected, but not entirely

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"The Gifted," premiering Oct. 2 on Fox, is an X-Men TV show. It doesn't fit specifically into the X-comics, X-cartoons or X-movies -- but samples a little bit of each.

"The Gifted" does take place in the same universe as the X-Men movies, but won't connect directly to them. (Sort of how "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." references and builds on the ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Preacher,' 'Gotham' and 'Kingsman' comics and TV versions differ vastly

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Sure, a lot of movies and TV are based on comics these days. But as a lot of the current genre material demonstrates, that leaves a lot of wiggle room for directors and showrunners.

"Preacher," which came to the end of its second season on AMC Sept. 11, is a case in point. It follows the tone, themes and broad narrative of the DC graphic novels...Read more

Captain Comics: Harley Quinn shines on Batman Day

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Can it really be 25 years since Harley Quinn first entered the pop culture lexicon? Well, it's true -- she first appeared on "Batman: The Animated Series" in 1992 -- and DC Comics is celebrating by letting the Maid in Motley take over "Batman Day" Saturday, Sept. 23.

That would be a bigger deal if more people knew about Batman Day. Begun in ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Death of Stalin,' surprisingly humorous

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You wouldn't think that a graphic novel named "The Death of Stalin" would be funny, but it is.

In fact, this blackest of black comedies was snatched up by a writer/director of political comedies, Armando Iannucci (creator of "Veep"), and turned into a movie that will debut at the Toronto Film Festival Sept. 17. And despite being a French-UK ...Read more

Captain Comics: Who are the Inhumans? Glad you asked.

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The arrival of "The Inhumans" on the nation's IMAX theaters Sept. 1 raises a lot of questions. Here to answer them, as ever, is Captain Comics:

Q: Why is there an "Inhumans" movie now, and an "Inhumans" TV show premiering on ABC Sept. 29?

A: They're the same thing. The "Inhumans" movie is essentially the first two episodes of the TV show, ...Read more

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