Captain Comics: The end is near for some comics-based shows

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Cable and broadcast networks have announced the annual culling of their TV rosters, and for most genre shows the news was good. However, for four comics-based series it's a good news/bad news situation. With "Spoiler Warning" firmly in place, here's the dillio:


The good news: "Gotham" has been renewed for a fifth season.

The bad news: ...Read more

Captain Comics: Confused by Cable's connections

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If you're not a regular reader of Marvel Comics, you might be confused as to who this Cable person is in "Deadpool 2." And if you are ... you still might be confused.

Cable is one of the most convoluted characters in X-Men history. That's saying a lot, given that X-Men comics are notorious for complicated origins, mysterious pasts, time travel,...Read more

Captain Comics: A discussion with Alex Segura, writer of 'The Archies' and 'Blackout'

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"The Archies" is a fun, funny comic book miniseries focusing on the Riverdale gang forming the band everyone knows from the song "Sugar, Sugar," and the 1960s cartoon from which it sprang. "Blackout" is a hard-hitting crime noir, the fourth novel about a troubled private detective who investigates a cold case that dredges up the squalid ...Read more

Captain Comics: An 'Avengers: Infinity War' Q&A

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"Dear Captain Comics: I have watched "Avengers: Infinity War," and now I'm scared, heartbroken and a little confused. Can you help me? Signed, Worried Avengers Fan"

No problem, WAF. Ask your questions!

Q: Has all this happened before in the comics?

A: Some of it. Thanos has rolled over the Avengers at least three times in search of ultimate ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Action Comics,' No. 1000, and counting

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As almost everyone knows, Superman first appeared in "Action Comics" No. 1 in 1938. And now, 80 years and 999 issues later, "Action Comics" No. 1000 has arrived.

That's a lot of action!

DC Comics is celebrating by expanding "Action Comics" No. 1000 to 80 pages, featuring 10 different covers and 10 stories by an all-star line-up of writers and ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Avengers: Infinity War,' not exactly by the book

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"Avengers: Infinity War" is almost upon us -- close enough that we can figure out what Marvel Comics it's lifted from, and to what extent.

As most people know by now, none of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have been direct adaptations. But reading collections of stories that inspired the film can unearth fascinating information.

"We're ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Avengers: Infinity War,' an all-star cast

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"Avengers: Infinity War" arrives Sept. 27, bringing with it one of the largest all-star casts in movie history.

Who's in it? Just about every major character who has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, plus a handful of newcomers. It's easier to list the "name" characters who are not in it, of which there, somehow, are a few.

THE...Read more

Captain Comics: Fantastic! The first family of four returns

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The big news this week from the world of comics is the imminent return of the Fantastic Four. Less so is the Marvel Comics publishing initiative of which it is part.

The triumphant homecoming of the FF truly is important. More than any other character or concept, the FF are the beating heart of the Marvel Universe. Sure, Spider-Man is more ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Legion,” Season 2: The end of everything, and, oh, so much more

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"Legion" Season 2, which premieres April 3 on FX, promises time jumps, psychic possession, strange bedfellows, and fabulous dance routines. Oh, and possibly the end of everything.

"Legion," as surely everyone must know, is based on a character in Marvel Comics: David Haller, the son of X-Men founder Charles Xavier, who suffers from dissociative...Read more

Captain Comics: The confusing planet of Krypton

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Syfy's "Krypton," which debuted March 12, varies considerably from the comics. But that's OK, because the comics themselves have never been consistent about Superman's home world.

Krypton has always been unstable, and that applies to its comics history as well. The only real constants in the last 80 years of stories have been A) Krypton always ...Read more

Captain Comics: Krypton roster tells who's who in upcoming series

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When Syfy premieres "Krypton" March 21, the new series will drop a lot of names that have appeared in DC Comics over the decades. No doubt the show will use these characters in new and surprising ways, but what happened in the comics is still worth consideration, as the print adventures may very well inform TV storylines to come.

Let's take a ...Read more

Captain Comics: What does the death of Carl Grimes do for the life of 'The Walking Dead'

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Some viewers may be dismissive of the latest casualty on "The Walking Dead" as just another Sunday in the zombie apocalypse. But it could well be a turning point for the show.

Before we continue, though, here's a big, fat, honkin' Spoiler Alert. If you are interested enough in TWD to read this article, and you somehow don't know to whom I'm ...Read more


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