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Captain Comics: The Marvel roots of 'Helstrom'

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If you caught the first season of "Helstrom" when it dropped on Hulu on Oct. 16, you may be wondering if it's a Marvel TV show or not. The answer is yes, but at such a remove that you can be forgiven for asking.

For one thing, there is only one minor reference to Marvel's other screen efforts in the entire 10-episode season. "Helstrom" even ...Read more

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Captain Comics: News from New York Comic-Con

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The New York Comic-Con occurred online Oct. 8-11, but didn't have the biggest bang. Still, it had enough intriguing announcements to be worth talking about.

The lack of sizzle at NYCC is a little disappointing, given how bombastic the virtual San Diego Comic-Con (July 22-25) and DC FanDome events (Aug. 22, Sept. 12) were. But there wasn't much ...Read more

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Captain Comics: Still plenty of good TV out there

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The pandemic has curtailed a lot of TV filming, and Netflix has begun canceling even successful shows over delayed production. But, amazingly, there's still an awesome amount of TV on the air worth talking about. With spoilers ahoy, let's do just that.

There's an awful lot to say about the Walking Dead franchise, whose expansion has been making...Read more

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Captain Comics: Teen Titans stories celebrate underdogs

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If you've read the young adult graphic novel "Teen Titans: Raven," then you have some idea how good "Teen Titans: Beast Boy," by the same writer-artist team, can be. If you haven't read "Raven," now's a good time to get both books.

"Beast Boy" (DC Comics, $16.99), currently on sale, is by writer Kami Garcia and artist Gabriel Picolo, just like ...Read more

Captain Comics: Exclusive look at new Muhammad Ali graphic novel

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He's still the greatest.

I'm talking about Muhammad Ali, of course, who was a heavyweight boxing champion, activist, poet, philanthropist, philosopher and, above all, a professor of "the Sweet Science." He's also the star of a new graphic novel from Titan Comics, due in February.

I should note this isn't the first time Ali has been the star of...Read more

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Captain Comics: Lots of news from FanDome II

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The DC Comics/Warner Bros. online convention has completed its second and final day - and just like FanDome I on Aug. 22, FanDome II on Sept. 12 was an impressive enterprise with lots of announcements.

After FanDome I, a poster on my message board lamented the lack of comics news at a DC Comics event. And sure enough, FanDome I was mostly about...Read more

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Captain Comics: Some interesting graphic novels, both serious and silly

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It's been raining graphic novels here in the Comics Cave. Let's look at a few:

"Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio," by John "Derf" Backderf, Abrams ComicArts, $24.99.

Backderf made a name for himself with "My Friend Dahmer," a graphic novel that was part memoir, as Backderf actually knew the future serial killer as a teenager. I confess I haven't ...Read more

Captain Comics: Sorrow in Gotham City

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There's a lot of sorrow in Batman's Gotham City. This week it may be worse in the real-life city of Burbank, California, home of DC Comics.

On Monday, Aug. 10, WarnerMedia announced layoffs of enormous proportions for most of its various arms and companies. Among those hardest hit were DC Comics; DC Universe, the streaming service; and DC ...Read more

Captain Comics: Plumbing the depths of the obscure

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Call it the Summer of the C-List.

Despite the pandemic, TV still has a lot of original content -- much of which is based on comic books. But with so many shows lifting concepts, ideas and entire series from comics, most of the low-hanging fruit is long gone. A lot of today's TV shows arise from pretty obscure material.

Which is not to say that...Read more

Captain Comics: Big announcements from Comic-Con

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Comic-Con@Home, the attempt by the San Diego Comic-Con to replicate the show's experience online, had at least one major similarity to its live-action predecessors: Tons of big announcements.

The show offered more than 350 panels (seriously!), which required organizers to get agreements from actors, producers, artists, writers, publishers and ...Read more



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