Captain Comics: Some endings must be permanent

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Genre fiction seems to have rediscovered a powerful piece of storytelling: The ending.

The most obvious example of that is "Avengers: Endgame," which has been described all over the media by Marvel Cinematic Universe mastermind Kevin Feige as a finale of what began with "Iron Man" in 2008. That is to say, the overarching story that Marvel has ...Read more

Captain Comics: Spend some time this summer reading about the big purple dude: Thanos

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If you're inspired by the Avengers movies to read more about Thanos, you've probably found a bewildering array of hardbacks, trade paperbacks, comics and miniseries, whose online or back-cover descriptions don't indicate what's good, what's bad and what's mind-numbingly redundant. Fear not! Captain Comics comes to the rescue, with a host of ...Read more

Captain Comics: 10 takeaways from 'Shazam!'

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"Shazam!" has arrived, and Holy Moley, there's a lot to talk about! With SPOILERS AHOY, Here are 10 takeaways:


"Shazam!" is a Christmas movie. It takes place during the holiday season, carols pepper the soundtrack and decorations play a role. It's also a feel-good movie for the whole family, that probably would have ...Read more

Captain Comics: Anti-war comics of past, still relevant

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With the recent release of "The Unknown Anti-War Comics," Yoe Books publisher Craig Yoe has once again proven that comics can and do attempt every topic under the sun -- and that he is going to bring them to us.

"Unknown Anti-War Comics" assembles a generous collection of comics that are, yes, anti-war -- moreso than, for example, other vintage...Read more

Captain Comics: Get in the know about Shazam!

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Are you worried that when "Shazam!" comes out April 5 that you won't be conversational about him? Take heart! Here are 21 fun facts to know and tell about Shazam:

1. As the internet keeps reminding us, Shazam was called Captain Marvel when he debuted in late 1939. The star of Marvel's "Captain Marvel" movie is the ninth comic book character to ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'ZAP!' 'BAM!' 'POW!' the Dark Knight turns 80

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Happy Birthday, Batman!

This month marks the 80th anniversary of the Dark Knight's first appearance, on March 30, 1939, in "Detective Comics" #27. So DC Comics is having a yearlong birthday party, highlighted by "Detective Comics" #1000, arriving March 27.

"Detective" isn't the first comic book to hit that milestone -- "Action Comics" #1000 ...Read more

Captain Comics: Meet the shape-shifting, Skrulls

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The pointy-eared, green-skinned Skrulls have finally appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who are they? Without spoiling "Captain Marvel," let's take a look at the shape-shifting aliens' greatest hits in the comics:

-- "Meet the Skrulls from Outer Space": The Skrulls' first appearance was also one of their silliest. In the second issue of...Read more

Captain Comics: Captain Marvel's storied past

Entertainment / Comic Books /

"Captain Marvel" is heading "higher, further, faster" with a record-setting opening weekend. Audiences will be rewarded with a lot of really cool stuff from Carol Danvers' long history, including the Starforce, the Supreme Intelligence of the 04K30ree, arch-enemy Minn-Erva and even a glancing take on one of Marvel's most famous storylines, the ...Read more

Captain Comics: The many iterations of Captain Marvel

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It's time to discuss Captains Marvel.

Yes, Captain Marvel in the plural -- because there have been a lot of them. Ironically, the character starring in "Shazam," premiering April 5, started out as a Captain Marvel. And the character starring in "Captain Marvel," premiering March 8, did not.

But given those movies, the long strange history of ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'The Umbrella Academy,' TV show keeps essence of comic book characters

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Once again, a great comic book an even better TV show -- without slavishly following the source material. "The Umbrella Academy," currently streaming on Netflix, tells the same story as the comics in broad strokes, but makes subtle changes to take advantage of the new medium.

"The Umbrella Academy" began, of course, at Dark Horse Comics -- a ...Read more

Captain Comics: A super dose of wackiness as Howard the Duck returns

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In a word: "Waughhh!"

Marvel Comics fans will immediately recognize that as the battle cry of Howard the Duck, whose combat strategy generally consists of running away, tail feathers held high as he advances in the opposite direction. And he's coming to a TV near you.

We should not be surprised. Comics have been taking over the small screen ...Read more

Captain Comics: Things are horrifically awry in the DC Universe

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Things aren't going so well for our super friends in the pages of DC Comics. And, to paraphrase Ralph Dibny on "The Flash" TV show: It's not even summer!

Summer has long had a special place in comics. Back when the books were aimed exclusively at children, summer meant kids with more free time and -- more importantly -- more disposable income. ...Read more

Captain Comics: Movie trailers 'Polar' and 'Alita: Battle Angel,' making the rounds

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"Polar" and "Alita: Battle Angel" are two movies based on comics whose trailers are making the rounds. But that's about the only thing these two very different projects have in common.

"Polar" has already arrived on Netflix, based on graphic novels by Spanish writer/artist Victor Santos. Oddly, while Dark Horse publishes those graphic novels --...Read more


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