Captain Comics: 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,' spins parallel worlds of webs

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Where did all these spiders come from?

In most cases, that's a question you don't want to hear. But it has a great answer when it comes to "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse," the animated movie premiering Dec. 14.

In the film, Spider-Man meets a whole bunch of other interesting Spider-people from parallel earths. But when I say "Spider-Man," ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Elseworlds,' places superheroes in unfamiliar territories

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The superhero crossover on The CW this year is titled "Elseworlds" -- an old DC Comics term with an illustrious history.

We already know a lot about TV's "Elseworlds," which begins on "The Flash" Dec. 9, continues into "Arrow" Dec. 10 and climaxes on "Supergirl" Dec. 11. It will feature "Flash" star Grant Gustin waking up to discover he is now,...Read more

Captain Comics: Coffee-table books for fans of Titan Comics

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It's the fifth birthday of UK publisher Titan Comics, but readers are getting the presents.

Not a lot of British comics make their way to the U.S., and Titan doesn't publish the ones most people know. You won't see Judge Dredd with a Titan logo (IDW has the U.S. rights to that) or Captain Britain (that's Marvel Comics). Instead, Titan publishes...Read more

Captain Comics: Stan Lee, ambassador for the comics industry, remembered

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Words of praise for the legendary Stan Lee, who died Nov. 11 at the age of 95, are pouring out from all over the world this week. In some ways, the face of Marvel Comics for the last five decades will get too much praise -- but, in other ways, he will get too little.

It all began in 1939 for the man born Stanley Martin Lieber (who legally ...Read more

Captain Comics: Noteworthy pop culture distractions

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Tired of politics? Here are some news and notes from the world of pop culture that offer relief from the real world:

Netflix Witch Glitch: The verdict is in on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," and everyone seems to love this dark take on the Archie Comics staple. Well, with the exception of those who are familiar with real witchcraft.

The Satanic ...Read more

Captain Comics: A season 3 'Daredevil' narrative

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"Daredevil" Season 3, which dropped on Netflix Oct. 19, wasn't a direct adaptation of a given comic book story. Instead, the show includes DNA from a variety of comics. To find out which bits and what bobs came from where, let's engage (with a huge spoiler warning for both TV and comics) in a little Q&A.

Q: Does Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter exist ...Read more

Captain Comics: Some of the new 'Sabrina' TV series will be familiar to fans of the comic book

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Netflix's "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," premiering Saturday, seems like a very new take on the veteran character from Archie Comics. But it lifts elements from throughout the teen witch's long history.

The idea of Sabrina Spellman being a restive, modern spell-caster in a magical society with ancient, restrictive rules goes back to her ...Read more

Captain Comics: October is an early Christmas for superhero fans

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October can be an early Christmas for superhero fans, with four superhero shows premiering in just the week of Oct. 8-14. With Spoiler Warnings ahoy, here are some of the standout elements:


Season 5 premiered: Oct. 9 (The CW)

The Gist: This season begins exactly where last season left off, with the reveal of Nora "XS" West-Allen, ...Read more

Captain Comics: 'Doctor Who' and 'The Walking Dead' return rebooted

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Two veteran genre shows aired their latest season premieres Oct. 7, to (mostly) positive reviews. That's critical, because both "Doctor Who" and "The Walking Dead" are undergoing soft reboots.

The older of the two is the veteran BBC program (or "programme," I should say) "Doctor Who." It began airing in 1963, and Whittaker is the fourteenth ...Read more

Captain Comics: What's right, wrong with 'Fear the Walking Dead'

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Happy 'The Walking Dead Day!'

Seriously, someone at Image Comics has designated Saturday, Oct. 13, as "The Walking Dead Day" to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the first issue of "The Walking Dead." An Image press release says it's "an exciting, all-day, globally celebrated event," with buttons, postcards, bookmarks, posters, bandana masks ...Read more

Captain Comics: Venom symbiote to spawn again in his own movie

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When Spider-Man villain Venom appears in his own movie Oct. 5, he/they/it will be a lot less complicated than his comic book counterpart -- and a lot less Spider-Man-y.

As everyone who watches the Marvel Cinematic Universe knows -- and that's pretty much everyone -- the Tom Holland Spider-Man is licensed to Marvel Studios. So he's unlikely to ...Read more

Captain Comics: Fall's lineup from 'Alita' to 'The Walking Dead'

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Summer is over, so most of the summer blockbusters are behind us. But despair not, fellow genre fans, because fall is bursting with mutants, trolls, vikings, oddball teenagers, zombies, and sea kings. Here's a list:

"Alita: Battle Angel" (Dec. 21): Most of the buzz about this adaptation of a series of Japanese graphic novels (about an amnesiac ...Read more

Captain Comics: Yoe's weird, wacky superheroes

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What's super and weird and nearly naked all over? "Super Weird Heroes Vol. 2: Preposterous But True!" a new hardback that hit comic shops Sept. 5 and will come to bookstores Oct. 2.

This latest opus from publisher Craig Yoe is a celebration of the truly oddball characters burped up in the early years of America's comics industry in the never-...Read more


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