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Dramatic Changes In Appearance: Best Not To Pry

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: I'm a 63-year-old man who previously weighed considerably more than I do now. I currently appear to be very healthy, and look the best I have in at least 30 years.

When people approach me to say how fantastic I look after not having seen me in a while, the quizzing begins almost immediately: Did you diet, exercise, have ...Read more

Handling Elderly Relative's Constant Interruptions

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Dear Annie: I have an elderly family member who constantly interrupts me. Not only does she interrupt when I'm talking to her, but she eavesdrops on my conversations with others and interrupts those, too. She has been doing this for decades, so I highly doubt it's related to age. It's extremely rude, and I've tried to kindly tell her many ...Read more

Ask Amy: Volunteer feels cornered by unwanted friend

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Dear Amy: I am a 45-year-old married woman with three children.

I volunteer for a nonprofit organization and through this work I met a nice older woman (58) in this group. “Carol” was very nice, but over the past two years, she's become very attached to me. This makes me uncomfortable.

She messages me over Facebook every morning and every ...Read more

Siblings Fail To Support One Of Their Own After Loss

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DEAR ABBY: My husband passed away from COVID in 2021. A year later, after it was safe to socialize, I had a memorial dinner to commemorate him. Not one of my seven local siblings attended. They said, "That was for HIS family." I didn't argue or try to convince them that I needed them. It was terribly embarrassing when my friends and my husband's...Read more

Single File: Wired for Games?

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DEAR SUSAN: My fiance and I are separated but still see each other occasionally. I saw he was losing interest, so I separated to work on our issues, and that experience fits into your recent questions. I began seeing a therapist to deal with the stress of the situation and discovered I was being too nice and needed to be more "unavailable."

The...Read more


There's no substitute for time

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In a world of instant gratification and constantly wondering “What’s next?” I’m not surprised someone sent this question to me the other day.

In fact, most days I get questions from people asking why a relationship ended when it did and wondering if they could have prevented the time and the heartbreak. Often, the answer is no.

...Read more

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California settled no-fault divorce decades ago. Why is it back in the news?

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Ugly? You have no idea.

Every nasty little private thing a marriage could churn up, every infidelity, every insult and threat, every drunken episode and squandered paycheck, every crying child — there they all were, spilled out from a witness stand in a courtroom.

Then and only then, after wife or husband had exhausted the litany of the ...Read more

College Junior Worried About Lack Of Internship

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I would love some advice on how not to feel behind in life compared to my friends. I am going into my last year of college, and all my friends are doing things to take steps toward their careers. One friend is off to New York City and another to Dallas, both to work in finance. Two of my friends graduated a year early and are ...Read more

Wife Will Never Hear The End Of Tuxedo Complaints

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: I received an invitation to the wedding of a colleague's child. Every piece of correspondence noted, "This is a black-tie affair. Please dress accordingly."

My husband finally borrowed a tuxedo from a friend, but not without multitudinous complaints about how pretentious it was and how uncomfortable he was in the tuxedo that ...Read more

In Praise of Mothers-in-Law

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Dear Readers: So many of you were relieved that I printed a positive letter about mothers-in-law. Please find some more letters in praise of MIL. I'm sure any mother of a son appreciates these letters.

Dear Annie: I share "Change's" feelings about my mothers-in-law. I, too, won the mother-in-law lottery, twice! My first husband's mother was ...Read more

Ask Amy: Revenge plot may end with a bloody stump

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Dear Readers: As I announced last week, my final “Ask Amy” column in this space will run on June 30. (Readers will be able to find me through my newsletter and on

Until then, I’ll occasionally open my files and rerun some previously published Q&A. Here are two:

Dear Amy: I learned that my boyfriend might have cheated ...Read more

Mother Doesn't Want Son's Girlfriend At Every Event

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DEAR ABBY: My son is a sophomore in college. He has been dating a girl he met at school for almost a year. Her family no longer speaks to her for reasons I don't know. I have included her in our family holidays, but she later tells my son that she thinks I don't like her.

It causes problems for me when I visit him at school, which is often ...Read more

Girlfriend Jealous Of Man's Friendships

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I've been dating my girlfriend, Sarah, for a year now, and she has become increasingly insecure about my friendships with my childhood buddies -- both men and women. Sarah often expresses her discomfort when I plan to hang out with them, fearing that I might grow closer to someone else. Despite reassurances of my commitment to ...Read more

Guests Keep Dropping Hair On My Carpet

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: Some of my (grown-up) family members will pluck loose hairs off their shoulders and clothes, then drop them onto my carpet, without even trying to hide it!

I don't say anything, but I wonder if I may ask them to put these loose hairs in the garbage can or compost container. I'm pretty grossed out by their behavior. Your ...Read more

A Hug and a Heartache

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Dear Annie: My heart is broken, and so is my wife's. This past year, we planned a family vacation because my daughter and her family and my son and his live in a different state. We were meeting in the middle to save everyone from such a long road trip. My wife and I have been married almost 35 years, and she helped raise my two children. My ...Read more

Ask Amy: A reader offers a delightful ‘update’

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Dear Readers: I appreciate it when people give me “updates” on previously published advice.

This update follows the Q&A, which was originally published in 2016.

Dear Amy: I’m hoping for a career in art, specifically as an illustrator.

Three years ago I graduated with an art degree and have been working to make that happen, doing a lot ...Read more

Man Asked His Girlfriend To Decline A Wedding Role

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DEAR ABBY: I am a 29-year-old man who has been with a fantastic woman, 25, for the last year. I believe she is The One. We have moved quickly and have already settled into an apartment together.

Recently, she was asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding between her ex's cousin and a friend she met through her ex. Her ex will be a part of the ...Read more

Traveling With Couple Put Strain On Friendship

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I recently went on vacation with my husband and our close friends -- also a couple. While we were excited about the trip and the opportunity to spend quality time together, I found myself feeling frustrated and disappointed by some of their behaviors during the vacation. Despite our close friendship, there were instances where ...Read more

Gratitude For Parents Will Be Expressed On Child's Schedule

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: I was wondering if my daughter should have sent thank-you cards to my wife and myself when she graduated from college.

My wife said she should have, but I don't feel the same way. Could you please let me know?

GENTLE READER: In the normal course of events, children take it for granted that their parents feed, clothe and ...Read more

Thoughts for Memorial Day

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Dear Readers: Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for honoring and mourning the U.S. military personnel who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

"Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night" by Walt Whitman

"Vigil strange I kept on the field one night; / When you my son and my comrade dropt at my side that...Read more