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Erika Ettin: Breaking up is hard to do

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I got this question the other day:

“What’s your advice on getting back into the dating pool after a breakup? Is there a certain amount of time one should wait? Or, is it a case of getting back on the horse right after falling off? My heart was broken recently … and my friends are telling me to get back out there and date. My walls have ...Read more

Sibling Wants To Repair Relationship With Sister

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I never had a good relationship with my sister growing up -- or even as adults, quite frankly. Recently, though, we have been getting along well. We do not live in the same town, but we talk on the phone occasionally. In the past, these conversations would often be awkward. This year, though, things have been much better. We have...Read more

This Is The Opposite Of Helping

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: My husband's father has been married for a few years to a kind but very high-strung woman. I need help figuring out how to get her out of the kitchen around dinnertime and during meal cleanup.

She insists on trying to "help," but her anxious nature only makes things more difficult. She comes up to me while I am rinsing dishes...Read more

Wife Is Struggling With Bipolar Disorder and Taking It Out on Me

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Dear Annie: My wife and I have been together for over 13 years. She is a great person who has issues with bipolar disorder. I've gotten used to it, and with things being off from time to time, but I'm not sure how to handle this last situation.

I knew my work jeans were really getting worn, but even though they had holes worn in the legs, ...Read more

Ask Amy: Sociable children tax mom’s hosting talents

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Dear Amy: I'm a mother of two children, ages 7 and 10.

My kids enjoy playing with their friends outside of school, and I mostly don't mind hosting playdates.

We do way more than our share of hosting, however.

One of my son's best friends is frequently invited to our house, but rarely reciprocates.

The mom even acknowledges that they "need to...Read more

Reader Gives Meatloaf Recipe A Western Twist

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DEAR ABBY: I have seen you mention in your column your cookbooklets of favorite recipes. I hope the meatloaf recipe is included. Years ago, I cut out your meatloaf recipe, and it's been a staple at my house ever since. I did make one significant change: I use ground bison instead of beef. It's healthier and tastes great. Thanks, Abby, for your ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Hurt and Wondering

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Dear Annie: The principal of the school where I teach has some big tattoos on her neck. She says they are Chinese symbols for "good fortune." I think they look trashy. I don't mind tattoos, but I don't think large markings on one's hands and neck are appropriate for school. They don't convey authority, and I have a hard time taking orders from ...Read more

Son Should Contribute While Home For Summer

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My son is coming home from college soon, and I want him to do more than just sleep and hang out with his friends all summer. I have encouraged him to get a job, but he hasn't made any inquiries yet. I know I am going to be fire-breathing mad if he does what is his normal: nothing.

School is expensive, and even hanging out with ...Read more

The 'just-Because' Party Went The Way Of The Dodo

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: With a certain group, I am only invited to events that require gifts. I've realized these people are complete users. How do I gently get away from them?

GENTLE READER: Sadly, that seems to be the prevalent form of entertaining everywhere. Rather than planning parties just for the fun of getting together with friends, many ...Read more

Husband Keeps Convincing Me of His Lies

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Dear Annie: I will have been married for 22 years this September, and we have been together for 26 years. But I recently discovered that for the past three years, my husband was talking to another woman in secret. I found evidence in texting voicemails and even a recording showing that they were at a casino once. I mean, if I would have taken ...Read more

Elderly mother is caught in an anxious cycle

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Dear Amy: My mother raised eight children. She is now in her late-70s, and lives alone.

Recently she received a cancer diagnosis and we have been taking turns getting her to appointments and helping with errands, chores, meals, etc.

We are happy to help, and tell her so.

My problem is that she gets very emotional and constantly apologizes to ...Read more

Wife In Crumbling Marriage Takes Stock Of Life, Future

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DEAR ABBY: I have been married for 16 years, but after the birth of my first child, our marriage went downhill. My husband withdrew and went out with friends often. When my brother was in the hospital, I traveled three hours with my newborn baby to visit him. My husband drove up separately, stayed a few hours, then left to go to a concert with a...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Phoebe's Human Mom

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Dear Annie: I have an 8-month-old puppy, and I take her to a local dog park so she can run off leash and play with the other dogs, which she loves. In the three months I have been taking her, "Phoebe" has never been attacked or fought with another dog. That was until last night, when Phoebe approached another dog that was on a leash and that dog...Read more

Girlfriend Follows Parents' Advice Blindly

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I am at my wit's end with my girlfriend. We're both in our late 20s, but sometimes she still won't do certain things without her parents' permission. If her parents express any disapproval, she listens to them without question. We were planning a monthlong trip to another country, and when her father said it was too dangerous, ...Read more

No Excuses, Just Extenuating Circumstances

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: Several people of my acquaintance are in the habit of offering a rationale for poor behavior, quickly followed by, "But that's not an excuse." For example: "I'm sorry I lost my temper and dumped that bowl of egg salad on your head. Work has just been so stressful lately, and I'm not getting much sleep. But that's not an excuse...Read more

Loss of Daughter Makes Me Uncomfortable Around Babies

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Dear Annie: Eleven years ago, I lost my 19-year-old daughter suddenly. Up until that point, I loved cuddling with babies. I loved everything about them, including their smell, their soft skin, their innocent eyes, etc. If a friend or family member had a baby, I wanted to hold the sweet thing and cuddle.

Since my daughter passed away, however,...Read more

Ask Amy: Ex-boyfriend’s persistence wears thin

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Dear Amy: I dated a former boyfriend over three years ago. We met through a dating app.

I was in the process of moving to the same area where he lived (but not because of him). He broke up with me, and I was OK with that.

Afterward, he contacted me a few more times.

A few months after we broke up, I agreed to meet with him, thinking that it ...Read more

Man Expects Girlfriend To Be Present Constantly

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DEAR ABBY: I'm 42 and my guy friend is 59. He's a wonderful person and a great provider. I've known him for about a year now, but he seems a bit controlling. He wants me around seven days a week and expects me to be this submissive woman that I'm not. I'm very independent. I always earned my way in life with little to no help at all.

I'm not ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Fed Up in Louisville

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Dear Annie: I am finally divorced. My ex and I have a minor child together. He has met my new partner, and they get along great while at our son's sporting events. I thought it would be healthy for our son to see us as friends.

I also thought it would be nice to meet my ex's new girlfriend since they've been a couple as long as I've been with ...Read more

Millennial Life: The Joy in the Impermanence of Things

There's a house I drive by every morning when I drop off the kids that is full of knickknacks. I know the person who owns it and that they have a large collection of collectibles. For whatever reason, as I drove by this morning, I thought about what a sale it could be someday.

That sounds pretty cold, but living in an older neighborhood, you ...Read more