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Ask Amy: Momzilla threatens to stomp on wedding

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: “Dear Daughter” is engaged to a great guy. She is finishing college and heading to grad school, so the wedding is likely 18 months away.

I like the groom, but he has some strong opinions about the wedding!

He wants a small wedding with only clergy, the couple, and parents present.

He says he organized his brother’s wedding by himself, and it was fine (why was the bride’s family NOT involved?).

Also, he wants to have the wedding in his home state, in the Midwest. (We live in the West.)

When my daughter has noted that the bride and her family “traditionally” organize the wedding, his response is: “But it’s my wedding, too!”


When I mention hiring a wedding planner, he disagrees (wait, who is paying for this?).

I could plan the wedding myself, but I dread the hours online, phoning, or how many plane trips this will take! (However, I am willing to sample the champagne locally.)

My compromise is a wedding out West, with a second reception in his hometown with his family or him in charge.

He is OK with this, but he still insists the Western wedding should be only five people. This negates the attendance of family on both sides.


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