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Ask Amy: An elevator sneeze brings on panic

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

He won’t let it go. We try to lightheartedly dissuade this unwelcome “advice,” but it falls on deaf ears.

Incidentally, by most standards we eat a very healthy diet - very little meat, lots of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nuts. We do include a bit of sugar. No caffeine or alcohol. And we exercise regularly.

We are happy to live like this for the rest of our days.

How can we convince our son to accept that we are going to eventually die, and we’d rather enjoy our time with him free of endless tussles about what we choose to eat.

– Loving Mother

Dear Loving Mother: You might not be able to convince your son to accept your eventual death. That’s a tall order for someone who seems to be trying his hardest to prevent it.


You don’t mention whether he evangelizes with everyone. If so – yes, how dreary.

Elders often say that one privilege they enjoy is the ability to be blunt, without worrying too much about the reaction.

Try that. For example, “Son. We’re going to stop you right there. We appreciate how much you love us, but we will not be changing our diets. Why? Because we don’t want to.”

Dear Amy: The question from “At Wits End Wife” sent shivers up my spine. Her husband’s violence was escalating, and he was killing small animals.


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