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Bacardi, an iconic brand, struggles at age 153

MIAMI -- As a television ad shows, Bacardi's is the ultimate story of corporate survival.

The hero strides through the tribulations of the past 153 years, including fires, earthquakes, Prohibition and the Cuban Revolution to reach his goal: a ...Read More


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Sexuality gets tricky in 'Ex Machina'

In his novels "The Beach" and "The Tesseract," in his screenplays "Sunshine" and "28 Days Later" ... , and even in his adaptations of other people's work, like "Never Let Me Go" and "Dredd," Alex Garland wrestles with similarly knotty themes: the ...Read More

Health & Spirit

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Hi-fidelity earplugs aim to preserve both hearing, sound quality

PITTSBURGH -- For a long time, music lovers have been forced to make a choice: Go to concerts and fully hear the music while probably incurring permanent hearing damage, or wear earplugs that protect their hearing while distorting the sound of the...Read More


Senior Living

Social Security Q&A: Can I return to work and keep disability benefits?

Q: I have been collecting disability benefits for a few years, but I'm getting healthy enough to work again. Can I return to work while getting Social Security disability benefits?

A: Yes, you can return to work while receiving Social Security ...Read More


Campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris strikingly similar

It is one of the oddities of this campaign season: In races for two of the most sought-after political offices in the country, two Democratic women are running virtually unchallenged, their tasks boosted and complicated by the veneer of ...Read More

Home & Leisure

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Sondors E-Bike, a big crowdfunded project, tangled in legal dispute

A company that raised millions of dollars in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is headed to court.

Entrepreneur Storm Sondors and his Sondors E-Bike have been sued by Agency 2.0, the public relations firm that mounted the crowdfunding campaign. ...Read More


Mortgage rates down slightly, Freddie Mac says

Mortgage rates have dropped slightly, Freddie Mac's survey of lenders shows, with the average for a 30-year fixed home loan at 3.65 percent, down from 3.67 percent in last week's report.

The average rate for a 15-year fixed mortgage edged down ...Read More


On Gardening: In praise of a $5 butterfly and its mistletoe

I remember it like yesterday. I returned from a Rotary Club meeting in Mission, Tex., to see a good sized group with cameras gathered around a patch of flowers at the National Butterfly Center there. I quickly went in and asked what were they ...Read More


Hear, hear! Getting teen musicians to wear earplugs is a challenge

CHICAGO -- For New Trier High School sophomore Sophia Pellar, a pair of special earplugs recently donated by a North Shore audiologist has put an end to the pain she suffered when playing flute in the pep band.

Still, the Mozart-loving north ...Read More



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A thought for the day

A thought for the day: We can let circumstances rule us or we can take charge and rule our lives from within. -- Earl Nightingale

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Science & Technology

Web Buzz: Digiboo a movie-rental option for jet-setters

Think Redbox for jet-setters who prefer to download rather than stream. Say what? It's a new movie-rental option found in several airports in the U.S. and Canada.

Name: Digiboo

Available: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iOS 6 or later. ...Read More


Weather alerts must reach everyone, local emergency chief tells Congress

WASHINGTON -- The top emergency official of Manatee County, Fla., told Congress on Wednesday that the nation's weather forecasting system must capitalize on new technology to make sure even hard-to-reach residents are alerted to impending danger. ...Read More


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Ex-California state GOP chief Tom Del Beccaro launches Senate bid

Former California state Republican chairman Tom Del Beccaro announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate on Sunday, ensuring a divided GOP field in next year's contest to succeed Democrat Barbara Boxer.

Del Beccaro, 53, is a Contra Costa County lawyer...Read More