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Attempts to snag big cat on the loose slowed by onlookers, media

MILWAUKEE--When big cats capture their prey, they tend to do so with a quiet, stealthy manner.

Unfortunately, officials' efforts to trap a lion-like creature in Milwaukee have hit a noisy snag -- throngs of onlookers and media.

So, the Milwaukee...Read More


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Export-Import Bank is dealt a blow as it is excluded from highway bill

WASHINGTON -- The effort to reopen the Export-Import Bank, which has helped thousands of U.S. companies export their goods, lost significant ground as House lawmakers approved a short-term highway funding bill that did not include new authority ...Read More


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Peg Lynch, broadcast pioneer who created early sitcom 'Ethel and Albert,...

Peg Lynch, a trailblazer for women in broadcast entertainment who wrote, owned and starred in one of television's first sitcoms, "Ethel and Albert," has died. She was 98.

The writer of more than 11,000 scripts for television and radio, Lynch died...Read More

Health & Spirit

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Military dogs serve with honor but don't get retiree health care

MILWAUKEE -- Flo knows explosives.

She knows how to find buried IEDs, how to detect the smells of more than 50 types of chemicals, and how to alert her handler when she finds something designed by humans to kill humans.

Flo knows love.

She ...Read More


Senior Living

Social Security Q&A: Why should I sign up for a my Social Security ...

Q: Why should I sign up for a my Social Security online account?

A: my Social Security gives you a personal online account you can securely use to check your Social Security information and do business with us. With a my Social Security account ...Read More


My Pet World: Kathy Ireland extending her passion for fashion to pets

Kathy Ireland's Worldwide brand is 28th most powerful brand in the nation, according to Forbes Magazine, topping $2 billion in licensed products in 2013. When it comes to home decor, the one-time super model is a superstar and more ...Read More

Home & Leisure

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Better quality raises average age of cars on US roads to 11.5 years

Automakers say they are building the best cars ever, and there's proof on the road. The average age of vehicles in the U.S. has climbed to a record 11.5 years, according to research firm IHS Automotive.

The age continues to creep up even though ...Read More


The Mortgage Professor: The tontine: A 17th century solution to a 21st ...

A tontine is an investment scheme in which each participant pays a specified sum into a fund and receives a pro rata share of the income generated by the fund. When a participant dies her share is divided among those remaining. As the number of ...Read More


On Gardening: New amaranths should make this butterfly magnet a staple

The Rio Grande globe amaranth should be coming to a garden center near you, thanks to a new series called Qis Gomphrena. It is tough-as-nails, beautiful and attracts butterflies and pollinators.

You would think that a common name like Rio ...Read More


Finding a formula for 'medically complex' kids

TAMPA, Fla. -- Five-year-old Lakota Lockhart talks about Batman nonstop. When his mom, Krystal, can wedge in a word, she describes what life has been like since Lakota was born with a rare central nervous system disorder that causes his breathing ...Read More



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A thought for the day

A thought for the day: Ulysses S. Grant said, I never wanted to get out of a place as much as I did to get out of the presidency.

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Science & Technology

Yahoo unveils new live video and texting app

Yahoo unveiled a live video texting app Wednesday that could boost the company's mobile presence and help it compete against Apple and Facebook.

Yahoo Livetext allows users to connect by streaming video one-on-one like Apple's FaceTime or ...Read More


Devastating floods might be more common than we thought, study says

Keep the sandbags handy. Previous flood assessments have underestimated the actual risk of dangerous floods in many parts of the country, according to a new study. By looking back at the historical weather records, researchers have found an ...Read More


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How Medicare fulfilled a president's half-century-old promise

WASHINGTON--Half a century after President Lyndon Johnson signed legislation creating Medicare and Medicaid with a pledge that seniors no longer would "be denied the healing miracle of modern medicine," the promise has been largely fulfilled.

The...Read More