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Senate Democrats' super lawyer preps for overtime

WASHINGTON -- As the Senate chamber erupted in applause after the swearing-in of Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, Majority Leader Harry Reid eventually looked up and directed his appreciation toward the newest senator's attorneys.

On that day, more ...

The final days of the Frein manhunt

It felt like the trail had gone cold in the Pocono Mountains, and the townspeople were starting to grumble.

Nearly seven weeks into the massive manhunt for alleged cop-killer Eric Frein, state and federal law-enforcement in northeastern ...

In Iraq, Shiite militias are both friend and foe

BAGHDAD -- Abu Karar, an eager Shiite Muslim militiaman, is willing to fight alongside the Iraqi army against Islamic State militants. But he is not counting on the army for much support in battle.

"If we get attacked, we look to them for help ...