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Spencer Stone 'awake, able to get out of bed' day after life-threatening stabbing

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Spencer Stone, the U.S. airman who gained world fame for helping thwart an attack on a French train and recaptured it again as the victim of a Sacramento street brawl, is now "awake, able to get out of bed and in good spirits."

The press staff of the UC Davis Medical Center on Friday upgraded Stone's medical condition from...Read more

Violence between Israelis, Palestinians spreads to Gaza; 7 dead

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GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- The recent eruption of violence between Israelis and Palestinians saw its highest one-day death toll on Friday as the clashes spread for the first time to the Gaza Strip.

Six Palestinians were killed and 60 injured when Israeli soldiers fired across the border at protesters along the fence dividing the coastal enclave ...Read more

Bipartisan coalition forces House vote to reopen Export-Import Bank

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WASHINGTON -- A bipartisan group of House lawmakers joined Friday to force a vote in the coming weeks to reopen the Export-Import Bank, whose charter expired this summer because of opposition from key congressional leaders.

The move is a victory for supporters of the 81-year-old bank, which helps U.S. companies export their goods.

But even if ...Read more

Judge rejects Florida's redistricting maps, recommends challengers' plan

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis on Friday rejected the Florida Legislature's third attempt at redrawing its congressional districts and recommended a map proposed by the challengers -- including a redrawn configuration of two Miami districts -- to the Florida Supreme Court for its final review.

Lewis adopted the bulk of the...Read more

Obama heads to Roseburg, a community divided over his visit

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ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Eight days after the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College, President Barack Obama has come to Oregon, where he'll meet privately with victims' families and survivors for the massacre that rocked the town of Roseburg.

A gunman with six weapons, including a rifle, killed nine people and wounded nine more before taking his ...Read more

Few precedents for a prolonged speaker battle

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WASHINGTON -- The Constitution is terse about the election of a new speaker: "The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers ..."

It doesn't address what might happen if the House is unable to choose a speaker, or if there's a prolonged vacancy.

In the confusion Thursday that followed House Majority Leader Kevin ...Read more

Tests showed rail defect 2 months before W.Va. oil train derailed

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WASHINGTON -- Two separate tests in the two months prior to a fiery oil train derailment in West Virginia earlier this year showed the presence of a rail defect, according to a report on the incident.

But neither the railroad nor its testing provider followed up on the test results in December 2014 and January 2015, and the rail broke under a ...Read more

North Korea sending a message with massive military parade

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SEOUL, South Korea -- North Korea, relatively small nation that it is, will do its best Saturday to convince the world -- and particularly the United States -- that it's not to be trifled with.

The North plans an exceptionally large display of its military power to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea....Read more

How Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton differ

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WASHINGTON -- On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders shy away from direct mentions of each other, focusing instead on the Republicans.

But when the two top-polling candidates for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination face off for the first time Tuesday in the first Democratic debate, it will be hard to escape the fact ...Read more

Suspect identified in fatal shooting at Northern Arizona University

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An 18-year-old freshman at Northern Arizona University opened fire on a group of students after a late-night conflict in a parking lot, leaving one student dead and three others injured, university officials said Friday.

The shooter, identified by campus police as Steven Jones, surrendered his handgun to campus police and was taken into custody...Read more

SeaWorld stock falls after orca vote

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LOS ANGELES -- Shares of SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. dropped a day after a state agency approved an expansion plan for the San Diego park's killer whale tanks but with conditions that would bar captive orca breeding and limit the transfer of whales in and out of the park.

On Friday, the company's stock dropped $1.13, or 5.91 percent, to $17.99 ...Read more

4 reasons Paul Ryan wouldn't want to be speaker

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WASHINGTON -- Paul Ryan, the telegenic 45-year-old Wisconsin lawmaker whom his Republican House colleagues are describing as their "consensus choice" to become the next speaker of the House, does not lack for ambition. He ran in 2012 as the Republican vice presidential nominee; he worked hard, and successfully, to win a post as chairman of one ...Read more

Pentagon bars University of Phoenix from adding new military students

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WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon temporarily has barred the University of Phoenix from recruiting students at U.S. military bases and will not let new active-duty troops receive tuition assistance for the for-profit giant's courses.

The move is another blow to the University of Phoenix, which said it is under investigation by the Federal Trade ...Read more

Republicans meet to find House speaker; pressure builds on Rep. Paul Ryan

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WASHINGTON -- House Republicans gathered early Friday for a private meeting to regroup from the political chaos after Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., backed out of the speaker's race and the GOP majority found itself without an obvious leader.

At least a dozen Republican lawmakers have emerged as possible replacement candidates, but with the ...Read more

House bid to revive Ex-Im has support for vote, backer says

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WASHINGTON -- U.S. House members who want to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank have enough commitments of support to force a floor vote, one supporter said Friday.

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois signed a petition designed to bring a bill to the floor over the objections of some party leaders. He said supporters have enough ...Read more

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia

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CAIRO -- The Nobel Peace Prize on Friday was awarded to a collective of four Tunisian groups that have sought to foster peaceful political dialogue in a small North African country that is widely viewed as the only real success story to come out of the Arab Spring uprisings.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee hailed the group known as the National ...Read more

The night the hospital in Kunduz became a US military target

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KUNDUZ, Afghanistan -- As night slipped over the wheat fields and sandy hills, the blasts and gunfire of the last week had fallen silent. The security guard eased into bed with a faint sense of relief.

From his room near the Doctors Without Borders hospital compound in the center of this bustling northern city, the guard did not hear any sign ...Read more

Obama to halt Pentagon effort to train Syrian rebels

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LONDON -- President Barack Obama has decided to end the Pentagon's failed effort to field a proxy force in Syria, senior administration officials familiar with the plan said Friday.

Instead of trying to back a moderate Syrian rebel force that the U.S. would train, the administration will focus on supporting the Kurds and other established rebel...Read more

Stormwater runoff from roadways kills coho salmon in hours, study finds

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SEATTLE -- A new study shows that stormwater runoff from urban roadways is so toxic to coho salmon that it can kill adult fish in as little as 2 1/2 hours.

But the research by Seattle scientists also points to a relatively easy fix: filtration through a simple, soil-based system.

"It's basically ... letting the Earth do what it does so well, ...Read more

Coastal Commission bans captive orca breeding at SeaWorld San Diego

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LONG BEACH, Calif.--The California Coastal Commission dealt an unexpected blow to SeaWorld San Diego by banning captive breeding of orcas and drastically restricting the transfer of whales in and out of the park.

The commission approved the $100-million project to enhance the orca habitat, but the vote was largely seen as a victory for animal ...Read more