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Underwater battle: It's man (or woman) vs. big catfish

When Ramey Webb talks about getting a few bites when he goes fishing ... well, let's just say he's being literal. Webb is a noodler. That means he sticks his hands into underwater holes and uses his fingers as bait. The bites he gets? That's when a big catfish chomps down on his hand and won't let go. "It's like grabbing an egg out from under a hen," said Webb, 39, who lives in Ludlow, Mo. "That big ol' catfish doesn't want you coming into her space, and she'll show it. "I've got scars all over from where I've been bit. People say we're crazy, doing something like that. "But to me, it's the ultimate rush. When I get a hold of a big catfish and have to wrestle her out of a hole, that'...

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