Best times for anglers

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This table lists top fishing times and days for the coming weeks. For best results, begin fishing one hour before and continue one hour after the times given. Times apply to all time zones.

Sunday...............2:45 a.m..........................................3:15 p.m.

Monday.............3:40 a.m.......................................4:10 p.m...Read more

Urban Kids Fishing Derby connects black community to the sport

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Edward Johnson, 2, stared seriously at the small panfish he had just caught and marveled at something he had never seen before.

Participating in the Urban Kids Fishing Derby on June 20, he caught his first fish, and he was clearly fascinated by the creature dangling from a stringer.

"Touch it, Edward," said his grandma, Nina Brown.

Edward ...Read more

On depleted California river, rafting companies look to ride out drought

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Darron Nilsson navigated his truck down a dirt road to the Kern River. The trail, less traveled this year, opened up to a dusty clearing at the water's edge.

Here, if the snowpack had not amounted to 5 percent of normal this spring, if the drought hadn't been so unforgiving for three winters, if white-water rafting didn't...Read more

Interest in shotgunning games varies among wing shooters

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They shoot only side-by-side double-barrel shotguns; dress in traditional 18th-century British knickers, shooting coats and ties; and make shooting clays an all-day social event, ending in a feast. With chapters throughout the United States and in Australia, The Vintagers see themselves as traditionalists.

"You have a gun built in 1888 and you ...Read more

One that didn't get away: Michigan-record fish caught

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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has confirmed another new state-record fish, this time a quillback carpsucker. It's the fourth state-record fish caught in 2015.

The record fish was caught by Garrett Reid of Nashville, Mich., at 10 p.m. June 20 at Hardy Dam Pond in Newaygo County. Reid was bowfishing. The fish weighed 8.52 pounds ...Read more

Southeast Wisconsin Trout Unlimited gives more than it takes

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READSTOWN, Wis. -- The pastoral valley of Tainter Creek echoed with rumbles.

Mother Nature provided some of the soundtrack as a thunderstorm whipped through Wisconsin's Driftless Area.

The rest was courtesy of humans.

Chainsaws growled, rocks were stacked, trees were moved.

It was the sound of habitat improvement.

The noise was temporary. ...Read more

Best times for anglers

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This table lists top fishing times and days for the coming weeks. For best results, begin fishing one hour before and continue one hour after the times given. Times apply to all time zones.

Sunday...............9:15 p.m..........................................9:45 a.m.

Monday.............10:10 p.m........................................10:35 ...Read more

Fishing club trying to keep Wisconsin lake stocked with walleyes

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PEWAUKEE, Wis. -- Anglers are famous for their optimism.

But last year, as members of the Pewaukee chapter of Walleyes For Tomorrow released walleye fry in Pewaukee Lake, the group showed a strong dose of realism, too.

"I know they've got long odds," said club member John Burke of Pewaukee. "We'll just have to wait and see."

The club had just...Read more

Walleye may be on decline at Minnesota's Mille Lacs Lake, but smallmouth bass are thriving

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CHAMBERLAIN, Minn. -- Josh Douglas laughs when he hears fishermen refer to Mille Lacs Lake as "the Dead Sea."

Sure, the walleye population is down from the days when the giant Minnesota lake was known nationally for its excellent fishing. And the crowds of fishermen who once flocked to the famous body of water have dwindled.

But Mille Lacs ...Read more

Angling paradise found in Ontario's Quetico

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ONTARIO'S QUETICO PROVINCIAL PARK, Minn. -- Well, it has happened again. We have become little boys. The walleyes are biting so fast and so hard that we are as giddy as kids catching sunnies from a cabin dock.

"There he is!" Scott Neustel says for about the 50th time.

From the front of the canoe, I can feel the subtle and momentary jostle that...Read more

Kansas biologists go on a wild goose chase, for science

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Old 1168-07910, as she's now known, was not happy. She'd come to a corner of Riverside Park at the promise of some corn and within minutes was packed tightly in a mesh pen with about 80 of her kind. Human hands came from all directions.

White goose down floated through the air like snowflakes as she and the others flapped their wings, kicked, ...Read more

Minnesota's mallard population down 20 percent; blue-wing teal up

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Minnesota's population of breeding mallards is down 20 percent from last year while other species saw increases, according to the results of the annual Minnesota Department of Natural Resources spring waterfowl surveys.

This year's mallard breeding population was estimated at 206,000, which is 20 percent below last year's estimate of 257,000 ...Read more

Best times for anglers

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This table lists top fishing times and days for the coming weeks. For best results, begin fishing one hour before and continue one hour after the times given. Times apply to all time zones.

Sunday...............4:05 p.m..........................................4:30 a.m.

Monday.............4:50 p.m.......................................5:10 a.m...Read more

This time of year, it's the worm's turn

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MILFORD RESERVOIR, Kan. -- As a boy, Mike Harris got rapid-fire action on bluegill from tiny Ottawa County ponds using simple worms as bait.

Recently, the 45-year-old guide launched a boat the size of a small pond filled with space-age gear onto sprawling Milford Reservoir, heading out for one of Kansas' most glamorous fish.

Worms were again ...Read more

Good day fishing raises hopes Lake Michigan perch can recover

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The sun shined through a sapphire sky and glittered like diamonds off the water of the Milwaukee harbor.

Combined with a mild southwest wind, the brightness bestowed a rare warmth and energy to the early April day.

The positive vibe was bolstered by a precious resource from Lake Michigan.

"Got another one," said Dave Wilkowski of Hales ...Read more

Outdoors lovers are saying: Rain, rain, go away

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VASSAR, Kan. -- When Shelley Hodgson peered out from the trailer she and her husband stay in at Pomona Lake, she got a good view of the Floods of 2015.

That trailer, which serves as temporary living quarters for the Hodgsons when they operate the nearby Lighthouse Bay Marina, normally is about 50 yards from the edge of the water. But last week,...Read more

Bait shops serve as marketplaces and meeting spaces

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Mike Traylor didn't get to go to bait shops much as a kid. Instead, he'd dig up grasshoppers and other critters from the mud around the Kansas ponds where he'd catch bass with his dad.

But when he did get to leave his family's small wheat farm for a special trip to a bait shop, "It was awesome, like a big toy box."

Today, Traylor has a big toy...Read more

The best fishing hole? Miami's Tropical Park named a top spot in US poll

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It's probably not the first, second or even the third place most South Floridian fishermen think of as a hot spot, but Tropical Park was voted one of the country's top 100 family fishing and boating spots in a nationwide poll.

The park is probably best known for hosting Santa's Enchanted Forest in the winter and for its wealth of athletic ...Read more

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness land dispute sees early signs of progress

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John and Jodi Weyrauch of Stillwater, Minn., paddled on Moon Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. They had portaged from East Bearskin Lake for a day of fishing.

A federal plan to buy 56,000 acres of state land inside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness saw a small but promising bit of progress recently that could help solve...Read more

On a rainy day, the fishing can be better than you'd expect

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LAKEVIEW, Ark. -- This was Frank Saksa's idea of a beautiful day.

It was raining on the White River. Hard.

Fog shrouded the water, blending with the dark, low-hanging clouds.

And the water was moving, thanks to power generation at the dam.

A beautiful day? Only in the eyes of a die-hard brown-trout fisherman.

"These are perfect conditions ...Read more