Clarkson is right on for Lakers

Jordan Clarkson exhales loudly.

He's in front of his locker in another arena where the Los Angeles Lakers have lost another game, this time in Miami on Wednesday.

It was a close one. The Lakers' rookie point guard had a chance to tie the score ...

Steve Kerr won't campaign for Stephen Curry

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Steve Kerr said he would like for guard Stephen Curry to win the NBA's Most Valuable Player Award, but the Warriors coach isn't fond of campaigning for the honor.

"I think he deserves it, but I don't think it's our job to ...

Canaan finding comfort zone with Sixers

Isaiah Canaan has been searching for a happy medium since the day the Houston Rockets traded him to the 76ers.

At Murray State and with the Rockets, the point guard was known more for raining 3-pointers than running an offense.

With the Sixers, ...