Series guide to NBA playoffs

As the Sixers gear up for the NBA Draft in June, 16 teams begin their quest for a championship. The playoffs start Saturday afternoon, when the Raptors and Nets meet in their first-round matchup at 12:30 p.m. EDT.

This year's playoffs is a mix ...

Clippers' Griffin doesn't want to talk flop

LOS ANGELES--Blake Griffin stood with his back against the wall at the Los Angeles Clippers' practice facility Thursday, his answers thoughtful when he talked about the Golden State Warriors.

Griffin acknowledged he heard about the disparaging ...

Fates hang in the balance in competitive West

LOS ANGELES--Pick a champion, any champion.

You could make a case for any of the eight playoff teams to win the wonderfully wild Western Conference.

San Antonio has the best record in the NBA and features more precise movement than Cirque du ...