Ronda Rousey's fast work, like at UFC 184, a big draw

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Ronda Rousey's Ultimate Fighting Championship dominance will make it increasingly difficult to sell her fights if marketing any doubt of the outcome.

In an armlock submission of No. 1-ranked contender Cat Zingano on Saturday night at Staples Center, Venice's unbeaten women's bantamweight champion added a UFC title-fight-record 14-second victory...Read more

Rousey quickly clocks out cat

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LOS ANGELES--Ronda Rousey is making an impressive shambles of the Ultimate Fighting Championship women's bantamweight division, repeating her dominance at home Saturday night in a record-setting 14-second dismissal of No. 1-ranked contender Cat Zingano.

Venice's Rousey, boosted by the home-arena advantage at Staples Center, took a sudden rush ...Read more

Silva's comeback bid produces win over Diaz

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LAS VEGAS -- Anderson Silva kicked freely with his left leg, shrugged off trash-talking from Nick Diaz and left his younger challenger bloodied in the face.

In the end, 13 months after Silva's left leg shattered in half in the same arena when he kicked middleweight champion Chris Weidman's leg, all that was left to do Saturday at the end of his...Read more

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