Devastating floods might be more common than we thought, study says

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Keep the sandbags handy. Previous flood assessments have underestimated the actual risk of dangerous floods in many parts of the country, according to a new study. By looking back at the historical weather records, researchers have found an important synergy between two flood risk factors in coastal zones that has often gone overlooked.

In the ...Read more

2005's Hurricane Katrina led to improvement in storm forecasting

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Hurricane Katrina, the most-destructive and third-deadliest storm in U.S. history, also was a force for change, spurring major advancements in forecasting and communication.

Since its rampage in late August 2005, scientists have developed several new high-tech tools to better predict the strength and track of storms, in...Read more

Q&A: El Nino could bring disaster and drought relief to California

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LOS ANGELES -- How does El Nino work, and why might it bring rain and snow to California this winter? Here's a Q&A:

Q: How might El Nino affect California?

A: There's a favorable chance that this winter will be wetter than average in much of California -- from San Diego to San Francisco. The greatest chance for wet conditions is in Southern ...Read more

Unusual weather events suggest powerful El Nino for Southern California

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DESERT CENTER, Calif. -- A swath of eastern California offered a dramatic view in recent days of the powerful climate forces buffeting the state.

On Friday, an out-of-control brush fire -- fueled by four years of drought -- destroyed 20 vehicles on Interstate 15 in the Cajon Pass. Hours later, the area was pounded by historic rainstorms that ...Read more

Steamy El Nino expected to keep Atlantic hurricanes in check

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MIAMI -- El Nino is hot. And that's good news for the Atlantic.

Hurricane forecasters who earlier this year predicted that a potent Pacific El Nino would make for a slow Atlantic hurricane season say the weather pattern that stirs up warm water on the other side of the country is shaping up to be among the strongest in 50 years. Add cooler than...Read more

Is a strong El Nino in California on the horizon? Forecasters say count on it

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Californians should brace themselves for one of the strongest El Nino events to hit the Pacific Ocean in years.

Unusually warmer temperatures of equatorial water in the Pacific and shifting winds continued through July, indicating that El Nino will be strong through the fall and into next spring, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric ...Read more

Emerging El Nino weather event is California's biggest since 1997

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- As Pacific Ocean temperatures continue to warm and trade winds shift, federal scientists now say that the El Nino weather event that's emerging could be one of the strongest on record.

With California desperate for relief from its punishing four-year drought, the trend is significantly increasing the chances that storms will...Read more

Climatologists stick with prediction of slower-than-usual season for severe storms

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--Phil Klotzbach and Bill Gray are standing pat on their call for a slower-than-normal season with eight named storms, including three hurricanes -- one intense.

That's what the two Colorado State University climatologists predicted in June.

"A moderate to strong El Nino is underway, and the tropical Atlantic remains ...Read more

Flood-scarred Central Texans brace for Tropical Storm Bill

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Rain-weary and flood-scarred, Central Texans spent Tuesday bracing for a slow-moving tropical storm that promised to produce hours of heavy downpours and potentially dangerous flooding across a vast swath of the state.

Tropical Storm Bill hit the Texas coast a little before noon Tuesday and rumbled along a path expected to ...Read more

Tropical Storm Bill skirts Houston, but the danger is not over

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HOUSTON--Houston appears to have dodged the storm this time.

Tropical Storm Bill alarmed officials and residents alike, coming on the heels of a massive storm last month.

The city opened its emergency operations center, as did the state. Some schools and employers closed early.

Highway signs flashed flood warnings, "Turn around, don't drown!"...Read more

Photo of twin tornadoes was storm chaser's 'unicorn' shot

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Hail as big as golf balls slammed into him as drenching rain fell, but none of that mattered. Weather photographer Kelly DeLay sensed this was his moment to capture the kind of rare natural phenomenon that fuels the adrenaline of a storm chaser.

And at 7:04 p.m., June 4, DeLay snapped the picture.

"I called my wife and mother immediately to ...Read more

Floods not only result of recent rains; snake encounters make list, too

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FORT WORTH, Texas--His sister Joyce was the first to see it when it smacked on the ground next to her.

"His head was attached to the end I was at, and he was still trying to bite," said Joyce, who quickly grabbed a hoe to finish off the intruder.

The almost 17 inches of rain last month may not have produced that kind of drama in every ...Read more

El Nino muscles up, a promising sign for a wet winter in California

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Will California get a wet winter and maybe a little drought relief? Scientists are beginning to think so.

A new forecast seems to suggest that El Nino could start showing some strength in the fall.

That could be good news down the road for California's rainy season, according to the latest report from the National Weather Service's Climate ...Read more

As rain stops in Oklahoma and Texas, downriver states brace for flooding

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It finally stopped raining this week in Oklahoma and Texas, where a nearly nonstop series of storms resulted in deadly flooding and made for the wettest month in both states' recorded history.

So what is happening to all that water?

Some of it, naturally, will evaporate. Some has replenished reservoirs in both states after a punishing five-...Read more

The rain has stopped, but the flooding continues in North Texas

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- Two days after the rain stopped falling, the flooding continued Monday -- from one end of Texas to the other.

"From above Lake Bridgeport, all the way to the Gulf Coast, it's all the Trinity can stand," said David Marshall, the Tarrant Regional Water District's director of engineering and operations support.

At an ...Read more

Climatologists continue to call for slow hurricane season

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- In an updated outlook, Phil Klotzbach and William Gray continue to call for a slow hurricane season with eight named storms, including three hurricanes.

"A strong El Nino event now appears likely," said Klotzbach, referring to the weather pattern that suppresses storm formation. "Conditions in the tropical Atlantic ...Read more

Texas cleans up after overnight storms, flooding

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HOUSTON -- Jeff Dyson figured his riverfront neighborhood was prepared for the second round of major storms that hit Texas this weekend, but then the water started rising.

It kept rising, right up to the base of some of the elevated homes.

"It was two inches from getting in there," said Dyson, 44, "We didn't think it would get that close."

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Hopes rise for a strong El Nino

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LOS ANGELES -- In Texas, Oklahoma and Mexico, destructive storms flooded communities and unleashed a tornado, leaving more than two dozen dead.

Across Southern California, May has been decidedly cooler and wetter. San Diego had its wettest May in 94 years, and Los Angeles saw four times its average rainfall. The San Diego Padres were forced to ...Read more

In flooded Texas, ranchers try to aid stranded neighborhoods, cattle

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HOUSTON--Rural riverfront communities in Texas have grown accustomed to flooding, elevating homes, investing in boats, jet skis and all-terrain vehicles to weather the inevitable storms.

But how do you weatherproof hundreds of head of cattle?

About 40 miles northeast of Houston, ranchers were using an air boat to corral and feed a herd of ...Read more

Overnight rains cause heavy flooding across Dallas-Fort Worth area

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- Overnight thunderstorms dumped unwanted rain across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, causing major flooding that shut down roads, triggered high-water rescues and caused two flood gates to be opened at Possum Kingdom Lake, raising concerns about downstream flooding in Parker County.

Roadways were either shut down or clogged with...Read more