At least 24 dead in West Virginia flooding

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WASHINGTON -- At least 24 people have died in floods stemming from heavy rainfall in West Virginia, emergency officials said Saturday.

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin declared a state of emergency and said it could be the worst flooding the state has seen in 100 years.

President Barack Obama issued a disaster declaration to free up federal funding for ...Read more

As summer starts, Southern California turns infernal

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LOS ANGELES -- Ramon Vela pulled his black SUV into the Palm Springs Visitors Center in search of cool inspiration. The desert resort city had turned infernal and he had spent the day cranking up his hotel air conditioner to outmatch the record-breaking 122-degree weather. Dips in the outdoor pool offered little respite.

"It was like swimming ...Read more

Governor declares state of emergency for parts of Florida as Tropical Storm Colin nears

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MIAMI -- Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency for much of Florida as Tropical Storm Colin, a messy storm packing heavy rain, began whipping the west coast with gusty winds.

The storm is expected to make landfall at the Big Bend late Monday afternoon and could cause widespread flooding if it hits at high tide. In its 11 a.m. EDT...Read more

Will lethal Texas flooding stop? Not anytime soon

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RICHMOND, Texas--Scores of residents in this Houston suburb were evacuating as another round of storms descended on southeast Texas, driving floodwaters into roads and homes--some for the third time in two months.

Among those forced to flee when his home flooded was barber Irvineo Reyes, 83.

"We never expected this," Reyes said as he pointed ...Read more

Bonnie strengthens, threatens to become tropical storm again

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Tropical Depression Bonnie strengthened Thursday afternoon as it pulled away from North Carolina and threatened to become a tropical storm again, the National Hurricane Center said.

As of 5 p.m. EDT, Bonnie was 40 miles east-northeast of Cape Hatteras, N.C., with maximum sustained winds of 35 mph, and heading farther ...Read more

2016 Atlantic hurricane season begins

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MIAMI -- The time of year that nobody wants to celebrate is finally upon us: hurricane season.

Wednesday marked the official start of the Atlantic season, even if Mother Nature got a jump-start this year by throwing two preseason storms into the mix. The day also serves as the time when forecasters and emergency managers make last-ditch pitches...Read more

Storm, moving north toward S. Carolina, expected to strengthen

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A storm moving north along the Florida coast has strengthened to a tropical depression, the National Hurricane Center said Friday.

It was expected to become Tropical Storm Bonnie in the next day or so.

With sustained winds of 35 mph about 450 miles southeast of Charleston, S.C., the storm was moving at about 13 mph but may slow as it nears the...Read more

'Normal' number of storms forecast for 2016 hurricane season

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MIAMI -- Normal could still be bad.

On Friday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecast an average number of storms for the Atlantic hurricane season, with 10 to 16 named storms, four to eight hurricanes and one to four major storms packing winds over 110 mph. But that doesn't mean that the season, which officially begins ...Read more

Atlantic storm likely to strengthen to tropical depression or storm Friday

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MIAMI -- A storm moving north far off the coast of Florida will likely strengthen to a tropical depression or storm later Friday, National Hurricane Center forecasters said early Friday.

Forecasters gave the system, centered between the Bahamas and Bermuda, a 90 percent chance of strengthening, meaning it will almost surely become Bonnie, the ...Read more

Storm off Florida likely to strengthen ahead of Memorial Day weekend

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MIAMI -- A storm brewing far off the Florida coast between the Bahamas and Bermuda is likely to strengthen ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, National Hurricane Center forecasters said Thursday.

Forecasters said the system, moving slowly over warm waters, is gradually becoming better defined and gave the storm a 50 percent chance of forming ...Read more

150,000 homeless in Bangladesh after cyclone hits

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DHAKA, Bangladesh-- Twenty-four people died and nearly 150,000 were rendered homeless in Bangladesh after a tropical cyclone from the Bay of Bengal pounded the coastal districts of the South Asian country, officials said Sunday.

Those who lost their homes in the storm Saturday have been staying either at state-run shelters or in the open as the...Read more

Rising temperatures, warm air and water, and western Pacific storms kept El Nino out of Southern California

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A mix of rising global temperatures, mysteriously warmed waters off Baja California and unusually far-reaching storms in the western Pacific Ocean blocked this year's El Nino storms from hitting Southern California, the National Weather Service said.

Despite plenty of indicators suggesting that the 2015-16 El Nino rains would be as strong, if ...Read more