Rebuilding efforts underway in Eastern Cuba but US hurricane aid is rebuffed

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MIAMI -- For many residents of Baracoa, the Cuban city hit hardest by Hurricane Matthew, it could be a long time before life returns to normal.

Two weeks after the ferocious storm plowed across the eastern tip of the island, schools were back in session and construction materials and heavy equipment from Venezuela and Japan had started to ...Read more

After Matthew, Florida's trash haulers still face abundance of debris to pick up

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Days after Hurricane Matthew slid by, some trash haulers in Palm Beach County still are dealing with an abundance of fallen trees, branches, palm fronds and junk to collect.

Officials are reminding the public to keep separating waste into distinct piles of trash and recyclables, yard waste and storm debris. It helps ...Read more

Hurricane Matthew death toll rises to 22 in NC

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Hurricane Matthew continued to prey upon North Carolina on Thursday, as the death toll climbed to 22 and another town became submerged in as much as 10 feet of water.

"Princeville is basically underwater at this time," Gov. Pat McCrory said at a news conference Thursday afternoon. He praised town officials and residents for ...Read more

A week before their wedding, Hurricane Matthew hit. Then their home was burglarized

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- A week before Sharifa Mattis and Tyler Ahrendsen's wedding, Hurricane Matthew toppled a tree in their backyard and knocked out power to their new house in east Raleigh.

With their wedding planned for Saturday, the couple relocated to Mattis' mother's house in North Raleigh. It was an inconvenience, for sure, but they felt lucky...Read more

NC hurricane death toll now 19, with 3,800 in shelters, 143,000 without power

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- North Carolina's Hurricane Matthew death toll has risen yet again in the ninth day of recovery to 19 people, most of them drownings that occurred when people were trapped in vehicles and swept away. The toll could rise even more, as rivers in five more counties are expected to surpass record levels between Wednesday and ...Read more

N. Carolina hurricane toll: 14 dead, 3 missing, and a trooper-involved fatal shooting

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The North Carolina death toll tied to Hurricane Matthew is now 14 people, with three missing and 282,000 without power. And state officials Tuesday warned of another round of flooding in a half dozen additional counties.

Gov. Pat McCrory noted in a news conference that a man was also shot and killed Monday by a state trooper ...Read more

14 deaths confirmed in NC from Hurricane Matthew

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Thirty-one North Carolina counties were declared a disaster by President Barack Obama on Monday, as the slow-motion devastation of Hurricane Matthew unfolded with rising rivers across Eastern North Carolina.

In Lumberton on Monday night, an incident at an area where rescues were happening led to a state trooper shooting and ...Read more

10 dead, 5 missing, 1 million without power and waters rising in NC

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The lingering impact of Hurricane Matthew became clearer to North Carolina officials Monday, when a levy broke overnight in the eastern North Carolina town of Lumberton, forcing the emergency evacuation of nearly 1,500 people left stranded by the rising waters.

The flooding there had not been predicted by computer models, adding to the growing ...Read more

Post-Matthew rain soaks NC, raising fear of flooding

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HARDEEVILLE, S.C.--Torrential rain battered North Carolina on Sunday, leading to fears of flooding as the remnants of Hurricane Matthew continued to wreak havoc despite the storm's having been downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone.

Officials said Matthew had caused at least 15 deaths in the United States, including seven in North Carolina. The ...Read more

As Hurricane Matthew moves out, Zika could move in

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WASHINGTON -- As the waters from Hurricane Matthew recede, coastal residents from Florida to the Carolinas may have something else to worry about: Zika.

The high winds broke through screen doors and windows, knocked out power and left behind small and large bodies of standing water that could be new breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Scientists ...Read more

Governor: NC 'facing major destruction' as Matthew's death toll rises to 7

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Hurricane Matthew continues to blow as a post-tropical cyclone off the coast of North Carolina on Sunday morning, but the rain that caused severe flooding throughout the eastern part of the state has stopped.

The sun is returning to the state as the task of drying out and cleaning up after the storm begins.

Matthew was blamed ...Read more

Haiti's long list of disasters

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When Hurricane Matthew slammed Haiti last week, it unleashed a new wave of suffering on a country already besieged by challenges. The storm hammered the Caribbean nation's poor and densely populated southern coast, damaging up to 80 percent of homes and leaving at least 350,000 people in need of immediate aid.

Preliminary official estimates put...Read more

Florida got through Matthew with preparedness and luck

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It's a message South Florida heard loud and clear.

Hurricane Matthew is big, bad and deadly. Gov. Rick Scott didn't hold back. In no uncertain terms, he let Floridians know "this storm will kill you."

Matthew spared South Florida, but it proved to be a good test run for longtime residents and newcomers to Florida.

On one hand, the threat of a...Read more

Almost 2 million lose power as Matthew hits S. Carolina

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Almost 2 million people were without power and hundreds of flights were grounded as Hurricane Matthew came ashore in South Carolina Saturday, rapidly losing strength along the way.

Matthew weakened to a Category 1 hurricane with winds of 75 mph before crossing the coastline southeast of McClellanville, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said ...Read more

Heavy flooding hits S. Carolina as Matthew arrives

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PALM COAST, Fla. –– Weakened but still powerful, Hurricane Matthew reached South Carolina Saturday, spawning "serious inland flooding" as it continued up the U.S. southeastern coast, officials said.

The National Hurricane Center said the center of the storm, downgraded hours earlier to a Category 1, arrived in the state just southeast of ...Read more

Georgia coast takes hit as Matthew arrives

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ATLANTA -- Georgia braced for the worst Friday night as Hurricane Matthew barreled into the state, bringing high winds, lots of rain and water and anxiety.

Flooding had already begun in some coastal communities late Friday. The hurricane's full wrath was expected to be felt overnight as the powerful storm moved north hugging the shoreline. It ...Read more

Haiti's death toll from Matthew varies depending on the source

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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti –– Hurricane Matthew's death toll in Haiti reached at least 271 people Friday, with 143 confirmed dead in the Grand'Anse region in the south, the director of the Office of Civil Protection said.

"It's almost 300, and it will surely rise," Marie-Alta Jean-Baptiste said.

As President Barack Obama on Friday called for ...Read more

Buildings and homes, power grid in northern Bahamas hit hard by Matthew, but people are spared

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Shell-shocked residents of the northwest Bahamas began taking stock Friday of widespread damage from a direct hit by Hurricane Matthew -- which slashed across the population and tourism centers of New Providence and Grand Bahama islands the day before with winds of 140 mph -- with relief that the storm appears to have largely spared lives and ...Read more

Here's how FEMA preps for the devastation of Hurricane Matthew

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WASHINGTON -- Federal resources are deployed in five states across the Southeast as emergency response teams brace for Hurricane Matthew's menacing force and potentially widespread damages.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's preparedness efforts began more than a week ago, and FEMA officials have tweaked the locations of response teams ...Read more

Help for disaster victims is no longer a sure thing in Washington

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WASHINGTON -- While it's unknown how much damage Hurricane Matthew will wreak across Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, it's certain those states will ask Congress for billions in disaster relief.

President Barack Obama, after speaking with their governors, suggested that he'll be seeking emergency funds for damage from Matthew and earlier ...Read more