Photo of tornado victim found 35 miles from home

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About 25 years before she died, Geri Schultz got her picture taken with her husband, Clem.

The photo, which Clem Schultz said was taken for a church directory, sat on a shelf in the couple's Fairdale home in north central Illinois, near their bedroom window.

"That was one of the last things I saw before that tornado touched down," the 84-year-...Read more

Seattle scientists link warm-water blob to severe weather patterns

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SEATTLE--A gargantuan blob of warm water that's been parked off the West Coast for 18 months is part of a larger pattern that helps explain California's drought, Washington's snow-starved ski resorts and record blizzards in New England, according to new analyses by Seattle scientists.

The researchers aren't convinced global warming is to blame,...Read more

Volatile, unpredictable, rare storm killed two

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CHICAGO--The day after tornadoes scoured parts of seven counties in north central Illinois, killing two women in a small town that was destroyed, National Weather Service meteorologists sought to explain exactly what happened.

What they found underscored the frightening volatility and unpredictability of such violent storms.

The most powerful ...Read more

Initial forecast: Quiet storm season with only 3 hurricanes

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The upcoming hurricane season could be one of the quietest in decades with only seven named storms, including three hurricanes, one major.

That's the initial forecast of Phil Klotzbach and William Gray of Colorado State University, released on Friday. They say the emergence of El Nino and cooler Atlantic waters should ...Read more

Two deaths now confirmed from tornadoes in Illinois

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Rescue crews sifted through blocks of splintered homes as residents picked up the pieces of their lives Friday morning after at least two tornadoes tore through north central Illinois on Thursday evening, flattening a farming town and leaving at least two people dead.

"We can rebuild," said Ogle County Sheriff Brian VanVickle, whose own home ...Read more

Two dead after storms, flooding in Kentucky

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Two women died in Kentucky following flash floods, torrential rains and thunderstorms that swept through the Bluegrass State and caused more than 160 rescues in Louisville.

One woman died Friday after her car was swept off a highway during a flash flood around 10 a.m., Kentucky State Police said. Her car was pushed off the road and into a ...Read more

Record-breaking heat wave broils Southern California

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LOS ANGELES -- Record-breaking heat is expected to broil Southern California this weekend and has already affected Sunday's Los Angeles Marathon.

High-temperature records were broken across the region Friday. New records for the date were set in downtown Los Angeles (90), Long Beach (91), Camarillo (92), Santa Ana (96), San Diego (89) and Santa...Read more

Tropical Cyclone Pam rips through Pacific isles

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SYDNEY -- Tropical Cyclone Pam was ripping its way through the South Pacific on Saturday, with initial reports of more than 44 deaths on the island of Vanuatu, media quoted aid workers saying.

Pam intensified to a Category 5 system early Friday as it swept into Vanuatu, with winds of up to approximately 210 mph recorded in the capital Port Vila...Read more

NOAA: El Nino is 'too little, too late' for California drought

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LOS ANGELES--El Nino is here, but don't expect the Pacific Ocean circulation phenomenon to do much for the drought afflicting California and the western U.S., forecasters said Thursday.

"Unfortunately, this El Nino is likely too little, too late and too weak to provide much relief for drought-stricken California, as California's rainy season is...Read more

El Nino arrives for first time in 5 years, NOAA says

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The climate phenomenon called El Nino has arrived for the first time in five years, and with it could come a decrease in the upcoming season's risk of hurricanes.

El Nino is a rise in the temperature of the central Pacific Ocean, a phenomenon with global impact, influencing rainfall, snow, seasonal temperatures and ...Read more