Receding floodwaters bring relief and health hazards

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Receding floodwaters can bring relief, but they can also bring diseases, venomous snakes and other public health hazards, authorities said Wednesday.

Health threats include illness from contaminated water, fleeing wildlife and mosquito-borne diseases, such as West Nile Virus.

One of the biggest threats is posed by fecal ...Read more

Lost and found: Some Texans being reunited with personal possessions jettisoned in flood

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The letters lay in a pile of debris along the Blanco River, untorn and neatly stacked in a bundle fastened with a green ribbon.

The 1950s-postmarked mail was obviously swept away in the floods, Stan Deringer knew. So many things had been dragged into the torrent of floodwaters that destroyed so much during the Memorial Day weekend storms. These...Read more

A family outing, lost in the flood

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HOUSTON -- It was supposed to be a relaxing holiday weekend in Texas Hill Country for a group of nine relatives and friends from the Gulf Coast city of Corpus Christi.

Instead, all but one remained missing Wednesday, swept away by floodwaters.

The lone survivor, Jonathan McComb, 36, was still hospitalized with a broken sternum and rib and a ...Read more

Forecasters predict slow hurricane season

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MIAMI -- With the 10th anniversary of one of the worst storms to ever hit U.S. shores approaching, federal forecasters on Wednesday warily predicted a slow hurricane season for 2015 but also cautioned coastal residents to be ready.

Forecasters said they expect the season, which officially starts Monday, to produce six to 11 named storms, with ...Read more

More rain falling in parts of Texas; death toll rises to 17

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HOUSTON -- Parts of Texas already deluged by torrential rains awoke to more rainfall Wednesday, snarling traffic and prompting flood warnings in Dallas and Houston as the death toll in the state and Oklahoma rose to 17.

Five deaths have been reported in Houston alone, which saw nearly a foot of rain fall overnight Tuesday, stranding hundreds of...Read more

NOAA predicts slow hurricane season

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Joining other weather teams, government forecasters on Wednesday called for a slower-than-normal hurricane season, adding fuel to the debate over whether the 20-year era of tropical intensity is finally drawing to an end.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts six to 12 named storms, including ...Read more

Rescue squads scour Texas riverbank for flooding survivors

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WIMBERLEY, Texas -- Near the foot of the RM 12 bridge in Wimberley, a pickup lay on its roof Tuesday, and a small house was propped up at an angle by an embankment it had landed on. Kitchen appliances, vinyl records and a teddy bear lay scattered across the mud, the smell of leaking gas hung in the air, and a chicken pecked at the debris.

Down ...Read more

In Corpus Christi, friends of missing families hold out hope

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AUSTIN, Texas -- What was supposed to be a long, relaxing weekend getaway in Central Texas turned into tragedy for three Corpus Christi families that were swept away during historic flooding near the Blanco River and are still considered missing.

Eight of the people declared missing by Central Texas authorities after floods on the Blanco River ...Read more

Epic Texas rainfall floods parts of Houston, Austin, Dallas; thousands displaced

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Severe storms pummeled central and southeast Texas late Monday and early Tuesday, the latest devastation from a weekend storm system that spawned tornadoes and widespread flooding in major cities, killed at least eight people in the state and Oklahoma, and displaced thousands of residents.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declared disasters in 37 ...Read more

Central Texas inundated by 10 inches of rain; 1 dead in flood

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AUSTIN, Texas –– An unidentified man died Sunday in central Texas flooding after torrential rain swelled the normally scenic Blanco River into a destructive wall of water.

Ken Bell, the emergency management coordinator for San Marcos, said the man was found in San Marcos on Sunday afternoon, Bell said.

Separately, Hays County officials are...Read more

Study: Cold weather is much deadlier than extreme heat

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Extreme heat waves like the one that killed more than 70,000 Europeans in 2003 may be the most visible examples of deadly weather, but cold days actually cause more deaths than hot ones, a new study says.

After examining more than 74 million deaths that occurred in 13 countries from 1985 to 2012, researchers calculated that 7.3 percent of them ...Read more

Tornado victim: 'I'm just glad we're all OK'

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FORT WORTH, Texas--After a tornado warning was issued for the Boonsville area Tuesday night, Christina Lopez and her husband, Pablo, tried to flee their small mobile-home community.

But the gate wouldn't open, having been slammed shut by the strong winds. The couple were forced to ride out the storm in their car under a stand of trees.

"We ...Read more

Texas tornado kills one as severe weather hits nation

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On a day severe weather hammered the central part of the nation, tornadoes struck northern Texas, leaving one person dead and others unaccounted for.

The Associated Press, quoting Eastland County Judge Rex Fields, reported Saturday night that a tornado left "five miles of destruction" as it tore through a rural area south of Cisco, about 100 ...Read more

From Colorado to the Carolinas, severe weather sweeps across nation

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States from Colorado to the Carolinas are bracing for more rough weather as twin systems threaten some parts of the country with snow and others with tornadoes.

Winter storm warnings have been issued in Colorado, Wyoming and parts of Nebraska, as well as South and North Dakota, the National Weather Service said Saturday.

In South Dakota, the ...Read more

Multiple tornadoes, flash floods in Oklahoma kill 1, injure at least 20

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Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency in a dozen counties Thursday, after multiple tornadoes and severe flash flooding left one person dead and at least 20 others injured.

One woman died after she was trapped in an underground shelter, Oklahoma City police said.

"She was in the shelter in the yard," said Sgt. Gary Knight. "...Read more

Storm name strikes terror, so it's gone

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Hurricanes may induce fear, but should one bear the name of a terrorist group?

Isis was on the list of 2016 storm names for the eastern Pacific Ocean. Because of its association with the brutal Islamic State group, the World Meteorological Organization replaced the name with Ivette.

Normally, names are retired only ...Read more

Weather alerts must reach everyone, local emergency chief tells Congress

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WASHINGTON -- The top emergency official of Manatee County, Fla., told Congress on Wednesday that the nation's weather forecasting system must capitalize on new technology to make sure even hard-to-reach residents are alerted to impending danger.

Don Hermey, the county's emergency management director, testified that the National Weather Service...Read more

Photo of tornado victim found 35 miles from home

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About 25 years before she died, Geri Schultz got her picture taken with her husband, Clem.

The photo, which Clem Schultz said was taken for a church directory, sat on a shelf in the couple's Fairdale home in north central Illinois, near their bedroom window.

"That was one of the last things I saw before that tornado touched down," the 84-year-...Read more

Seattle scientists link warm-water blob to severe weather patterns

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SEATTLE--A gargantuan blob of warm water that's been parked off the West Coast for 18 months is part of a larger pattern that helps explain California's drought, Washington's snow-starved ski resorts and record blizzards in New England, according to new analyses by Seattle scientists.

The researchers aren't convinced global warming is to blame,...Read more

Volatile, unpredictable, rare storm killed two

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CHICAGO--The day after tornadoes scoured parts of seven counties in north central Illinois, killing two women in a small town that was destroyed, National Weather Service meteorologists sought to explain exactly what happened.

What they found underscored the frightening volatility and unpredictability of such violent storms.

The most powerful ...Read more