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'The Guest' opens with intrigue, ends flat-footed

A pretty crafty genre pastiche until it stalls, director Adam Wingard's "The Guest" introduces its title character after he knocks on the front door of a small-town New Mexico family that recently lost their older son in the Iraq War. Door opens, ...

Before the Caped Crusader arrived on the scene

NEW YORK -- On a drizzly afternoon in August, a leafy block in brownstone Brooklyn has been transformed into Gotham City with surprisingly little effort -- a fog machine and a few black vintage sedans are all it takes to turn this corner of ...

Redbox's Top 10 DVD rentals

These were the Top 10 DVD rentals at Redbox kiosks from Sept. 8-14.

1.The Other Woman (2014) -- Fox

2. Draft Day -- Summit

3. Moms' Night Out -- Sony

4. A Haunted House 2 -- Universal

5. Oculus -- Fox

6. Divergent -- Lions Gate

7. The ...