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'If I Stay' barely makes the B honor roll

Shakespeare knew, or maybe came up with, the first rule of teenager-in-love tales. There must be parental disapproval of Montague-vs.-Capulet proportions, or some other frictional force beyond too-tight jeans, to keep them from dissolving into ...

'When the Game Stands Tall' wavers a bit

"When the Game Stands Tall" isn't your typical football movie. Which, for its own sake, is both good and bad.

It's a positive thing that De La Salle High School football coach Bob Ladouceur's message is broadcast loud and clear: Great teams are ...

'If I Stay' easy to love

The simple description for "If I Stay" is that it looks at a life and death decision.

But taking such a simplistic approach would be unfair.

Director R.J. Cutler's film of Gayle Forman's best-selling novel is a complex examination of how love ...