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Superhero TV: A history

Here a look at some of TV series based on comic book characters:

"Adventures of Superman" (1952–58), six seasons: George Reeves played the comic book hero in the syndicated show.

"Batman" (1966–68), three seasons: Adam West and Burt Ward ...

Superheroes invade the TV lineup

LOS ANGELES -- Holy comic book heroes!

Not since the late 1970s has there been as many network TV shows based on the super-powered characters from the colorful pages of comic books.

Joining the already established "Arrow" on the CW and "Marvel's...

Rob Owen: High-class problem: too much good TV

If there's one thing that has become clear in recent years, it's that TV is the winner. It has proved itself a superior storytelling medium to film.

This was probably always true, but TV never took routine advantage of its opportunity to tell ...

What's opening in theaters next week

Opening Friday

Love is Strange (R): John Lithgow and Alfred Molina are a gay couple who, after four decades together, decide to put a ring on it. But after one of them gets fired, they are forced to live separately with roommates until they can ...