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Jared Harris is smokin' in 'The Quiet Ones'

MIAMI -- Olivia Cooke is doing just fine, though the actress didn't look it in "The Quiet Ones," out Friday.

Ah, the power of movie magic. The 'Bates Motel" star plays Jane Harper, a disturbed young woman who may be possessed by a doll named Evey...

Capsule reviews of feature films

ALAN PARTRIDGE 2 1/2 stars. Steve Coogan imports his long-running stock comic character to the U.S. Partridge, a small-town British DJ, is a vainglorious twit. In this thin feature he gets caught up in a siege at his station that goes on far, far ...

Chemistry always seems to keep Particle together

Throughout its lifespan, Particle has been promoting a new sound fashioned from two seemingly opposing camps: heavily produced and programmed electronica and more organically driven jam band grooves.

But finding a common ground for such music ...