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With The Werks, you get more than a jam band

Many bands have a story behind how they got their name, and The Werks is no different.

In this one, the group came across it name at a restaurant when ordering a dish with "the works." But as it turns out, there's a little bit more meaning in the...

New tour, new material for comedian Demetri Martin

"A drunk driver is very dangerous. Everyone knows that. But so is a drunk backseat driver -- if he's persuasive."

That's just one of approximately 10 million jokes that the wildly prolific standup comic Demetri Martin has written over his career....

Nicole Kidman gets to the very soul of adventure

LOS ANGELES -- It's too easy to start with the face or what she wears, how she sits. The color of her earrings. The essence is in the vowels, the way she holds and releases them. The voice drops a register, as if in a conspiracy, and a morning ...