Twitter offers new, though limited, evidence that it's driving terrorists away

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Twitter Inc. announced Friday that it had deleted 125,000 terrorist-related accounts in the last seven months.

The moves comes after months of criticism from President Barack Obama and others who complained that social media companies weren't doing enough to stifle extremist discussion online.

Still, Twitter was light on details about the ...Read more

Costco delays credit card switch

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SEATTLE -- Costco's switch from American Express to Visa is being pushed back to this summer.

Costco Wholesale had previously announced that the switch in the only credit card it will accept in its U.S. stores would happen in April.

It's now saying that transition will happen in June or by mid-summer.

For years, Amex had been the Seattle-area...Read more

LinkedIn shares plunge day after weak earnings report

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Shares of LinkedIn Corp. plummeted Friday to their lowest level in more than three years, a day after the professional social-networking company reported significantly lower revenue projections for 2016.

The Mountain View, Calif., company's stock closed down more than 43 percent to $108.38.

On Thursday, LinkedIn delivered a fourth-quarter ...Read more

Mattel, Hasbro may be looking to merge operations

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LOS ANGELES -- Mattel Inc. and Hasbro Inc. may be looking for a bigger toy box.

The two toy manufacturers have held talks about merging their businesses, according to Bloomberg News, which cited people familiar with the matter. Hasbro approached Mattel late last year, and talks have continued sporadically.

Both companies declined to comment.

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On unemployment rate, Obama spikes the football

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WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama on Friday took credit for the latest jobs report, saying the 4.9 percent rate shows his stewardship has made the U.S. economy the "strongest and most durable" in the world.

The Labor Department on Friday released data that was a mixed bag for both American workers and the Obama administration. The numbers ...Read more

What's ahead for volatile stocks?

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Investors pondering where the stock market is headed after its January drubbing might consider the words of Stanley Fischer.

Fischer is vice chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and in a speech earlier this week, he addressed the question of what steps the Fed might take next regarding monetary policy.

"We simply do not know," he said. "The ...Read more

Extreme weather fluctuations trigger wild price swings for popular vegetables

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LOS ANGELES -- Produce seller Rich Uchida is sitting pretty for the Super Bowl right about now. Because it turns out California not only has the 50th edition of the game, it has the Buffalo wings and veggie platters cornered, too.

Uchida's employer, Duda Farm Fresh Foods, is the king of celery sticks, and isn't into cauliflower much.

In an ...Read more

Online lender's fall in China came after a spectacular rise

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BEIJING -- When Chen Xue landed a job as a sales team manager at a high-flying Internet startup in May, she thought she was getting in on the ground floor of China's next e-commerce boom.

And so it seemed. The company, an online lender named eZubao, was going gangbusters, adding tens of thousands of customers a week thanks to promises of high-...Read more

China's shutdown for Chinese New Year celebration hits LA-area businesses

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LOS ANGELES -- Lia Sagehorn couldn't tell you if the upcoming Chinese spring festival marked the Year of the Monkey or the Year of the Woolly Mammoth.

What the director of production at a local clothing brand does know is that for a few weeks her factories in China will be incommunicado. That means no shipments, no calls, not even an email.

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Jobs report holds some good news about workers' pay

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WASHINGTON -- The first measurement in 2016 of the U.S. labor market was tepid, but the soft numbers overshadowed several otherwise positive signs for workers and the economy.

January disappointed with employers last month adding just 151,000 jobs, the Labor Department said Friday. That weak number, however, was partially offset by a drop in ...Read more

Apple begins offering trade-in credit for damaged iPhones

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Apple Inc. has begun offering trade-in credit for damaged iPhones, a strategy that could encourage people to buy a newer model rather than try to fix or bear with their current device.

Apple is under pressure from investors to show that slowing sales of iPhones isn't a long-term trend. Fostering more upgrades should help, as will selling more ...Read more

Toyota net profit up on US sales, cost-cutting measures

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TOKYO -- Strong U.S. sales and cost-cutting pushed carmaker Toyota Motor Corp's net profit up by 4.7 percent to $5.37 billion (628 billion yen) in the last quarter, the company said Friday.

The world's top carmaker also booked an operating profit of 722.3 billion yen in the October-to-December quarter, down 5.3 percent from the same period a ...Read more

VW delays release of results, shareholders' meeting

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BERLIN -- Troubled German carmaker Volkswagen said Friday it had postponed the release of its 2015 annual results and delayed its shareholders' meeting as it battles to come to grips with an emissions testing scandal.

The financial results had been due to be released on March 14 with Europe's biggest carmaker's annual general meeting following ...Read more

U.S. economy adds just 151,000 jobs in January

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WASHINGTON -- Job growth in the U.S. slowed sharply last month, the latest in recent signs of economic weakening amid turbulent global financial markets, lower corporate profits and a contracting manufacturing sector at home.

The government said Friday that employers added 151,000 jobs in January, down from a revised 262,000 jobs in December ...Read more

Honda lurches ahead with pesky nine-speed transmission

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Nine-speed transmissions are here to stay. They're being touted as a fuel-efficient selling point in vehicles such as the 2016 Honda Pilot, in top-of-the-line Touring and Elite trim levels.

But these transmissions are also something that might take some getting used to. One aspect of these "teething" pains can be seen in the behavior of our ...Read more

9 reasons why your car won't start

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You skipped that second cup of coffee. You are running late. To make matters worse, your car won't start. Why? What can you do?

No-starts fall into two basic categories:

--The engine will not crank or cranks slowly

--The engine cranks, but does not run



A dead battery is the No. 1 cause of a no-start. If the ...Read more

The Week Ahead: Hitting oil when it's down

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Oil investors have had it rough lately.

While drivers may be celebrating the drop in prices, for oil companies, the sharp fall has waylaid their employees and investors. Oil is down 50 percent over the past six months and has fallen 70 percent in the last year and a half.

BP's quarterly profits were cut in half. Earnings at Shell fell by 44 ...Read more

Auto review: Range Rover Sport HSE Td6: A posh drive through winter's wickedness

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Land Rover has made its reputation by selling cars capable of fording rocky streams and climbing icy slopes to drivers who rarely face anything more challenging than a lentil soup spill in the Trader Joe's parking lot.

But the 2016 Range Rover Sport might be the best vehicle on the market for handling wicked winter weather -- in our accustomed ...Read more

Auto review: Beetle Dune delivers illusion of outdoor agility

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Since its rebirth in 1998, the Volkswagen Beetle has been the subject of a key question for those possessing a Y chromosome: Are you man enough to drive one? Its Hello Kitty styling is a bit emasculating.

This is no small thing.

While the Beetle was originally created under the auspices of the Nazi party and engineered by Ferdinand Porsche, ...Read more

Under the Hood: Give your faulty fuel gauge a smack

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Q: I have a 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 pickup with 100,000 miles on the odometer. Around the 76,000-mile mark, I installed a Delco fuel pump and level sensor module, which together cost $1,300. One year later, the truck's fuel gauge started acting up.

After a fuel-up, the gauge stays on full for about 150 miles before its needle finally starts to ...Read more