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Businesses welcome shift on Cuba

CHICAGO -- Since Phil Ledbetter started working at Up Down Cigar some 14 years ago, he's regularly asked the same questions: Where are the Cuban cigars? In the back?

"We don't do that," Ledbetter, now the store's general manager, said he tells ...

Cuba to remain a tough market for automakers

DETROIT -- More than 11 million people live in Cuba but only a small fraction of households own a vehicle because of complicated bureaucratic rules about buying both new and used cars.

So, with U.S. President Barack Obama announcing steps ...

US, China aim to talk more on biotech

CHICAGO -- With China gobbling up nearly 20 percent of U.S. farm exports, the two countries agree they should do a better job of working together on farming practices, including improving collaboration on biotechnology.

U.S. Secretary of ...