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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison to step down

Larry Ellison, among the last of the old lions who transformed a fruit-and-nut-growing backwater into Silicon Valley, is stepping down as chief executive of the company he founded, Oracle Corp.

Ellison, 70, won't be retiring to Lanai, the ...

Apple increasingly reliant upon success of iPhone

Across the Bay Area and beyond, the Apple faithful rose before dawn Friday, lined up on the cold, hard concrete and then forked over hundreds of dollars -- all so they could be first to own the iPhone 6.

What they might not have realized is that ...

Volkswagen denies it's planning a 2015 microbus

Don't believe everything you see on the Internet. Volkswagen is not poised to introduce a new version of its legendary microbus.

A spate of rumors and even a set of photos sprang up on the Web this week, featuring stats, specs and details on the ...