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Liz Reyer: How to become a leader

QUESTION: I've just been promoted into a leadership role. I'm excited, but also kind of overwhelmed. What do I need to do to be good at my new job?

ANSWER: Great leadership arises from knowing yourself and understanding others.

The inner game: ...

40-hour week a distant memory, survey finds

When was the last time you worked a 40-hour week? Thought so.

The time-honored 40-hour, 9-to-5 workweek is a thing of the past, according to a survey conducted for Atlanta-based Premiere Global Services Inc.

The "Take Back 60" study found that ...

Silly mistakes that sink job applicants

Some employers won't care -- or won't catch them -- but mistakes in word usage can put your application in the reject pile.

I recently heard from a hirer in a Kansas City suburb who collected a list of errors that job applicants made when they ...