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Liz Reyer: Managing an underperformer

Q: I have a challenge with an underperforming employee. He is being given a last chance; how do I give him assignments to see if he can step up while still maintaining my team's quality of work?

A: Clear expectations and feedback are essential, ...

Rex Huppke: Income equality? Check your facts

We live in a world of perceived absolutes.

Conservatives care only about the rich, liberals care only about the poor, nobody cares about the middle class. The rich are evil. The poor are lazy.

Most of us know, at least deep down, that none of ...

Coal companies having tough year so far

It was supposed to be a better year for U.S. coal producers.

But railroad congestion, a mild summer and indications that coal prices have yet to hit bottom have all conspired against the fuel, while cheap and plentiful natural gas continues to ...