Lee's Sandwiches recalls more than 210,000 pounds of meat products

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LOS ANGELES -- A California firm is recalling about 213,000 pounds of meat products that were not properly inspected, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Lee's Sandwiches, based in Garden Grove, supplied restaurants in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon and Texas with some of the products, including pork and chicken ...Read more

China take lessons on how to better catch a thief overseas

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BEIJING –– China is learning a new skill in its campaign to catch economic fugitives in other countries and bring them home -- the power of persuasion.

Operation Fox Hunt claimed nearly two escapees a day in its first year. The problem: Most suspects returned voluntarily while the bigger fish are in western democracies such as the United ...Read more

Charter Communications plans to buy Time Warner Cable

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Charter Communications is near a deal to acquire Time Warner Cable for about $195 a share--furthering its quest to build one of the nation's largest cable TV and Internet service companies.

The deal, valued at more than $55 billion, is expected to be announced Tuesday, according to a person close to the companies who did not want to be ...Read more

Coal faces hurdles and steady decline, projections show

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Despite the major forces trying to save it, coal's future as a major energy source is being attacked by government regulations, market forces and moral arguments. As a result, government charts plotting coal's future indicate a limited life expectancy.

Those charts don't even take into account President Barack Obama's regulation to crack down ...Read more

Shell chief insists Seattle is best offseason home for drilling rig

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SEATTLE -- In a brief summer drilling season off Alaska's Arctic shore, Shell Oil Co.'s Ann Pickard is on the hunt for a giant oil field, and she thinks she knows where to find it.

All of the vessels in the Arctic exploration fleet gathering in Puget Sound will be headed to a spot in the Chukchi Sea where Shell first drilled in 1989 and 1990. ...Read more

Coast Guard helps protester to get off Shell ship in Washington state

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SEATTLE –– The Coast Guard Sunday morning helped an activist opposed to Shell Oil's drilling plans remove himself from a Shell ship in Bellingham, Wash., a spokesman said.

Matt Fuller, who had suspended himself from the anchor chain of the Arctic Challenger support vessel Saturday, requested Coast Guard assistance about 4:30 a.m. Sunday, ...Read more

Gail MarksJarvis: Don't cry for 2015 college grads — they'll handle student debt just fine

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Don't cry for this year's college graduates.

Or, let's change that: You might shed a tear for those who are struggling to get good-paying jobs in a still difficult jobs market. But if you think most of the graduating class of 2015 will be suffocating with overwhelming student loans, that's going a bit too far.

While the nation's total amount ...Read more

Senate passes fast-track trade authority for Obama, but House fight looms

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WASHINGTON -- After a lengthy debate, the Senate approved a contentious bill Friday that would grant President Barack Obama the power to speed up passage of trade deals, but a tougher battle is expected in the House.

The 62-37 vote to give the president so-called fast-track authority is a big boost for his top economic priority, bringing him ...Read more

Michelle Quinn: The ugly side of the Internet rears its head

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It's been a week for the Internet's ugly side.

On Monday, President Barack Obama's launch of his new Twitter account @POTUS (for President of the United States) was greeted with a rash of racist and hate-filled tweets.

On Tuesday, it emerged that by using offensive terms for African-Americans on Google Maps, users are directed to the White ...Read more

Yellen expects Fed to raise key short-term interest rate this year

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WASHINGTON -- Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet L. Yellen said Friday she expected the central bank to raise its benchmark short-term interest rate this year if the economy continues to slowly improve.

It was her clearest signal yet of when the Fed would increase the so-called federal funds rate for the first time since 2006.

The Fed has held ...Read more

Consumer Confidential: How the rich sometimes end up poor

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Celebrities -- they're just like us. Or so the gossip magazines say.

I'll attest to this much: The rich and famous can have as hard a time protecting their money as everyone else. Just ask Kevin Bacon, erstwhile client of Ponzi-scheme con artist Bernie Madoff.

"Most people, unfortunately, are predisposed to spend more than they have," said ...Read more

California producers fear Mexico, Canada retaliation over labeling law

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WASHINGTON -- California ranchers and their Capitol Hill allies are scrambling to peel away a country-of-origin labeling law they fear will hurt the state.

Facing potentially punishing tariffs on U.S. wine, apples, cherries and more, after a World Trade Organization ruling against the United States' labeling requirements for beef and pork, the ...Read more

Wal-Mart urges suppliers to curb antibiotics, treat animals better

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Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is asking its U.S. suppliers to follow new guidelines on animal treatment and antibiotics, making it the latest in a string of companies to curb the use of antibiotics in animals.

The Bentonville, Ark., company said Friday that the move, prompted by customer feedback, will give consumers more information about their food.

...Read more

Inflation increases slightly in April as energy prices remain low

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WASHINGTON -- Inflation increased slightly in April as energy prices remained low and costs for groceries, clothing and airfares declined, the Labor Department said Friday.

The consumer price index rose 0.1 percent, in line with economists' forecasts, boosted by a big jump in medical costs.

It was the third straight monthly increase for the ...Read more

Proposed $19 million data breach settlement between Target and MasterCard is voided

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MINNEAPOLIS -- The proposed $19 million settlement between MasterCard and Target Corp. over the Minneapolis-based retailer's 2013 data breach has been voided after the pact failed to attract enough support from banks.

As part of the proposed out-of-court agreement, at least 90 percent of banks affected by the breach had to approve the ...Read more

Jeff Stimpson: Handling a nursing home

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The health of an elderly parent falters and fails, a home for decades gives way to a hospital room and suddenly the longtime source of family unity and strength can't even live alone anymore. That's a family challenge that often sends adult children to a financial advisor for help.

One family found that the answer involved a gutsy approach to ...Read more

Getting Started: How to resolve problems with a student loan servicer

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Repaying student debt is hard enough. But student loan servicers often make the process more difficult than it needs to be, according to complaints collected by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

In some cases, for example, borrowers say that servicers (the companies that collect student loan payments) take days to process a check, ...Read more

Susan Tompor: Are you susceptible to a 'cracking card' scam?

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Chicago street gangs, rap videos and guys who are skilled at "making paper" are all on the front edge of a scam that's already cost banks millions of dollars.

It's called "cracking cards."

What's weird about this scam is that con artists don't target and trick the elderly. Instead, millennials naively hand over PIN numbers for their ATM cards ...Read more

Grant Webster: Top economy? Your family's

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Financial planning involves more than jerking your knee to the latest money headline. Sure, the world economy, the globe's tribulations and the latest loud investing pundit try to make you panic. How you react is vital to your long-term financial health.

When I introduce myself as a financial planner, the most common responses are, "So what's ...Read more

The Week Ahead: Investors will be watching former Lehman Brothers CEO

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Dick Fuld has admitted mistakes. He has said he was wrong. He testified to Congress "bad judgments were made regarding the market." But he has never taken full-throated responsibility.

Fuld was the CEO at investment bank Lehman Brothers when it collapsed in September 2008. Its bankruptcy helped spread the financial industry's troubles to the ...Read more