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Alaska spared in West Coast port slowdown

TACOMA, Wash. -- Twice a week ships leave Tacoma bound for Alaska, carrying everything from food and clothing, to Xboxes and construction materials.

With more than 70 percent of water-bound goods to Alaska crossing the Tacoma docks, the slowdown ...

'Frozen' bests Barbie as top toy for girls

Barbie, make room for Elsa.

Disney's "Frozen" has toppled Barbie as the No. 1 toy parents plan to buy for their little girls this holiday season, the first time in 11 years that Barbie has not held the top spot, according to the National Retail ...

Arrival of UberX devalues cab licenses in Philly

PHILADELPHIA -- Unable to attract any bidders for new taxicab licenses at $475,000 each, the Philadelphia Parking Authority on Tuesday lowered the asking price to $350,000.

The PPA board approved the lower price after 20 new taxi medallions, ...