Bird flu hits 5.3 million Iowa chickens; Hormel says turkey production down

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MINNEAPOLIS -- The biggest bird flu outbreak yet was confirmed Monday at an Iowa egg-laying facility with 5.3 million hens, more birds than the combined number of turkeys on 28 stricken Minnesota farms.

Meanwhile, Hormel Foods, owner of the prominent Jennie-O brand, said late Monday that bird flu sweeping Minnesota turkey farms is reducing its ...Read more

Quicksilver ordered to continue making royalty payments

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- Quicksilver Resources will continue to make royalty payments and honor other working interest obligations following an order signed by a bankruptcy judge last week.

U.S. District Court Judge Laurie Silverstein in Delaware signed the order April 14 and rescheduled until May 12 a hearing to review Quicksilver's ongoing ...Read more

Blue Bottle and Tartine join foodie forces

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SEATTLE -- Celebrated San Francisco bakery Tartine is merging with avant-garde coffeehouse chain Blue Bottle Coffee in a deal that's sending waves through foodie circles.

This marriage of purveyors of high-end coffee and very fancy pastries seems like a miniature, "third wave" equivalent of the deal Starbucks pulled off three years ago when it ...Read more

Report: Wells Fargo could be eying another deal with General Electric

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Wells Fargo could be looking to do another deal with General Electric, as the San Francisco-based bank looks for ways to boost loans.

GE is in talks to sell a $74 billion unit that provides loans to midsize U.S. businesses, and Wells is one of the potential buyers, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, citing ...Read more

As some US farmers see markets in Cuba, those in Florida see worries

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WASHINGTON -- Congress this week will be talking up the possibility of expanding agricultural markets to Cuba -- a shift encouraged by U.S. farmers and some members of Congress, who see a $2 billion market just 90 miles from U.S. shores.

But if they're going to be successful, one group needs convincing: The farmers who live in the state that's ...Read more

GM compensation finds 87 deaths tied to ignition defect

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DETROIT -- The compensation fund reviewing claims from victims of General Motors defective ignition switches has found 87 deaths tied to the defect and eligible for compensation, up three from the figure reported the week before, according to a weekly update.

Another 1,085 cases remain under review out of the 4,342 filed since the fund was ...Read more

Fed's Dudley hopeful of interest rate hike this year despite weak data

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WASHINGTON -- A top Federal Reserve policymaker said Monday that he was hopeful the central bank will raise its benchmark short-term interest rate this year despite recent weak economic data.

William C. Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, said he expected a slowdown in growth in the first quarter of this year "will prove ...Read more

Group seeks injunction forcing Wal-Mart to rehire 2,200 workers

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A union is seeking an injunction to force Wal-Mart to rehire 2,200 workers laid off when the retailer suddenly closed five stores last week for what it said were needed plumbing repairs.

Among the shuttered stores is one in Pico Rivera, Calif., where workers have aggressively advocated for higher wages and took part in the first Wal-Mart strike...Read more

Ex-Disney studio chief launches new company with $150 million from China

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BEIJING -- In Hollywood's latest big-money deal with China, former Walt Disney studio chairman Dick Cook on Monday launched his own entertainment company with $150 million from a Chinese investment group. The new LA-based entity, called Dick Cook Studios, will focus on creating family-oriented movies, TV shows and other entertainment.

The ...Read more

Wes Moss: Budgeting your finite time

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All the time in the world doesn't guarantee happiness, just as all the money in the world doesn't always equal happiness. Here's how to budget time to find your balance of hours and finances.

Browsing through Psychology Today recently, I came upon an essay by financial planner Anne Johnston discussing the relationship between time and money. ...Read more