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On Gardening: Agastache is an underexposed winner for many gardeners

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The agastache comes with a lot of common names like anise hyssop, giant hyssop and hummingbird mint, but, I assure you, "outstanding," will be one of your adjectives if you grow it. About a year ago I wrote about Black Adder which was and still is dazzling in our garden. It became the perfect backdrop in our daylily garden, helping show off ...Read more

On Gardening: Elephant ears leave a large footprint in tropical landscape

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No matter where you go this summer the tropical look will be hot, and one of the key ingredients for this Caribbean style garden is the elephant ear, the drama queen of the landscape. With leaves that defy logic for their size and proportion vs. other plants it's not hard to see why this plant is so loved by Southern gardeners. It is not ...Read more

On Gardening: Spicy Jatropha prized for its non-stop blooming until winter

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Spicy Jatropha Offers Blooms Birds and Butterflies

Blooms, birds, and butterflies are the attributes everyone experiences when growing the award-winning spicy jatropha. Spicy jatropha also commonly known as peregrina and firecracker jatropha is really a must have plant for the long hot season ahead. No amount of heat will deter it from ...Read more

Spring visit to Keukenhof's gardens exceeds all expectations

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LISSE, Netherlands -- As we're driving toward Keukenhof, the sweet scent of hyacinths drifts through our bus of 26 travelers. Our tour guide thought we might like to see the growing fields filled with blooming bulbs. She was right.

No one could believe the seemingly endless rows of flowers, the sights and smells. Think of driving through field ...Read more

On Gardening: An easy-as-pie perennial with an unfortunate name

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Sitting at your local garden center right now just waiting for adoption is one of the most easily grown perennials, the lanceleaf coreopsis known botanically as Coreopsis lanceolata. You might be thinking, "Just how easy is it to grow?" Would you believe it is so easy it is native to all but 7 of the lower 48 states? This means you can grow it...Read more

On Gardening: Amistad salvia gives your beds the royal treatment

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Until something unseats it, Amistad salvia is the most beautiful salvia to ever hit the market. Amistad is a Salvia guaranitica or anise sage and is a rich purple violet color fit for royalty. You can't fault a name like Amistad or Friendship salvia. This plant is special and deserving of something regal.

But as Shakespeare said, "What's in a ...Read more

On Gardening: In praise of a $5 butterfly and its mistletoe

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I remember it like yesterday. I returned from a Rotary Club meeting in Mission, Tex., to see a good sized group with cameras gathered around a patch of flowers at the National Butterfly Center there. I quickly went in and asked what were they seeing? The answer was a Great Purple Hairstreak butterfly. Today when I give a presentation on ...Read more

On Gardening: Giant leopard plant a spectacular member of the aster family

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Members of the aster family can be described by a lot of wonderful adjectives, but "lush" and "tropical" are typically not among them. Yet that is the case with the giant leopard plant. Botanically speaking, I am referring to Farfugium japonicum 'Giganteum,' and though it is found growing on rocky cliffs in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, it is turning...Read more

On Gardening: Native cross vine creates picture-perfect arbor or trellis

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My jaw dropped as I stared at the most beautiful cross vine used to perfection. It is a rare garden I visit where the native cross vine is used to its true potential, but such is the case at home in Savannah, Ga.'s beautiful historic district. The Victorian Style home was painted a golden apricot that served as a stunning backdrop.

I've got ...Read more

On Gardening: Red Buckeye blooms in rhythm with hummingbird's return

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The southern roadside and forest are alive with the spectacular blooms of the red buckeye, Aesculus pavia. You have to admit it is pretty amazing how nature times blooming in sequence with the return of the hummingbirds. Last year I wrote about the coral honeysuckle that is also blooming now, and both are providing nectar to the first ...Read more

On Gardening: Invest in crinum lilies for long-term beauty and fragrance

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It was love at first sight that day in Brookhaven, Miss., when I came across the grand crinum lily, Crinum asiaticum, I fell in love even though it wasn't blooming. The tree-like structure of the stem or stalk and the large exotic foliage sold me with its texture before I had even experienced the beauty of the white blooms or tantalizing ...Read more

On Gardening: A salute to the Spanish flag

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As spring fast approaches to our favorite past time of gardening it is high time we give some thought to raising the Spanish flag. While that is a little tongue and cheek the extraordinarily beautiful vine we call Spanish flag is certainly one that will cause your friends and neighbors to be green with envy. It is has another common name, exotic...Read more

On Gardening: Saucer magnolias dazzle the spring landscape

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The winter has been fickle in my area of coastal Georgia, but the cool season magnolias have still been breathtakingly beautiful. The common names like saucer magnolia, tulip magnolia and Japanese magnolia all seem to fit this incredible cross originally credited to one of Napoleon's retired soldiers.

Botanically speaking we refer to them as ...Read more

On Gardening: Holly makes a jolly-good screen for noise, traffic

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If you are thinking about creating a privacy screen between you and your unruly neighbors or perhaps wanting to quiet traffic from a busy street, look no further than one of our fine evergreen hollies. Your first inclination is probably a fence, and while that would certainly work it does present a host of issues including maintenance, harsh ...Read more

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