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On Gardening: Sundiascia, snapdragon kin, striking in both the landscape and containers

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Snapdragon relatives like diascia and nemesia, still seem to be unfamiliar names to the gardeners I speak to even though they have been around for 15 or more years. It seems gardeners are willing to grow snaps but still aren't sure about the smaller cousins. The sundiascia series however should give everyone a swift kick to get it in the ground....Read more

On Gardening: Plum yew is perfect for the landscape or containers

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Your first thought of shrubs for your home is probably the staples like hollies or viburnums and showy bloomers like azaleas or camellias. Those are great choices, but I want you to consider using some conifers like the spreading plum yew.

While many conifers are tall trees like pines or bald cypresses, shorter conifers like the spreading plum ...Read more

On Gardening: Heirloom bulb Crocosmia adds vibrant summer color

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Now is the time to shop for those summer blooming bulbs like the Crocosmia or Monbretia. Often we as garden writers are guilty of writing about what is currently in bloom. In the case of summer blooming bulbs this would mean you probably won't be able to buy them for several months. We all have trouble enough with the grocery list much less a ...Read more

On Gardening: Wondering what to put in place of your Christmas tree? Try a palm

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Not only is it a chore but it is also kind of depressing to take down the Christmas tree. I remember my favorite restaurant in Mississippi would fight off the dilemma by leaving the tree up all year. In February, it is a Valentine tree, followed by an Easter egg tree and on through various celebrations. It is also obvious to you now, that it is ...Read more

On Gardening: Bloodgood Japanese maple has stood the test of time

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Today I got a spring in my step as I visited the garden center and saw it was loaded with new roses, as well as the first trees and shrubs for the new year. Among the new varieties I saw were some old-timers, too, like the Bloodgood Japanese maple. Just six weeks ago it was one of the most stunning trees in our garden -- a testament to its ...Read more

On Gardening: In the right conditions, Southern sugar maple is golden

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There is gold in those leaves particularly if you grow the tree many call the Southern sugar maple. This tree is native from Texas to Florida and as far north as Missouri and Illinois. In other words, many of us and grow it and relish in all of its fall glory. There is a catch to the story.

Botanically speaking it is somewhat of a taxonomic ...Read more

On Gardening: Give your cool season landscape an award-winning jolt of color

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Jolt Pink dianthus was selected as an All-America Bedding Plant Award winner for 2015, and many are finding this heat-tolerant selection to also be an excellent pansy partner. It is rated for hardiness Zones 7 to 11, which fits our Savannah, Ga., area perfectly. Those of you in cooler zones will use it as an absolutely wonderful annual that will...Read more

On Gardening: Poinsettias offer exceptional holiday beauty

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When the holidays arrive, the plant that is on the top of everyone's list besides the Christmas tree is the poinsettia. It was 190 years ago in 1825 that the first Ambassador to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett, introduced the plant to the United States.

The colorful parts of a poinsettia are actually modified leaves known as bracts. The true ...Read more

On Gardening: Create family memories by planting a living Christmas tree

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Christmas is a special time for making memories. Most memories don't come from gifts, although those slippers that look like giant stuffed roosters from the farm certainly make a lasting impression.

Christmas trees on the other hand have a way of making a lasting memory just like the special ornaments that adorn them. Other than using a camera,...Read more

On Gardening: This advices contains some great possibilities for winter growing

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The last few weeks I have touting if not celebrating the arrival of pansy and viola planting season. No matter where you live there is a season for pansies and other cool season flowers. There are, however, those neighborhoods where the deer roam nightly and gardeners feel like the cool season is a lost cause.

Don't give up, but instead go ...Read more

On Gardening: No snow job: Arizona cypress makes a lovely Christmas tree

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The Arizona cypress is one of those plants that horticulturists and season gardeners alike look upon with amazement at its beauty and performance in the hot and humid Southeast. Right now we are planting small ones as living Christmas trees in containers as part of our December Nights and Holiday Lights festivities at the Coastal Georgia ...Read more

On Gardening: Elephant ears leave a large footprint in tropical landscape

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No matter where you go this summer the tropical look will be hot, and one of the key ingredients for this Caribbean style garden is the elephant ear, the drama queen of the landscape. With leaves that defy logic for their size and proportion vs. other plants it's not hard to see why this plant is so loved by Southern gardeners. It is not ...Read more


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