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GM compensation finds 87 deaths tied to ignition defect

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DETROIT -- The compensation fund reviewing claims from victims of General Motors defective ignition switches has found 87 deaths tied to the defect and eligible for compensation, up three from the figure reported the week before, according to a weekly update.

Another 1,085 cases remain under review out of the 4,342 filed since the fund was ...Read more

Ford, Toyota investments help Mexican auto industry boom

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Investment in the Mexican auto industry is soaring as automakers take advantage of low labor costs, an increasingly sophisticated workforce and free trade agreements.

Ford Motor Co. said Friday that it will spend $2.5 billion to build and expand engine and transmission factories in the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Guanajuato, creating 3,800 ...Read more

Ford Mustang turns 51

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In 1963, engineers at Ford Motor Co. turned a Ford Falcon into a sporty four-door coupe. Then they took two doors off, made it sportier still and, on April 17, 1964, hit the market at the New York World's Fair with the Mustang.

The original pony car turned 51 Friday.

The celebrated Mustang, whose 2015 incarnation is the latest of six design ...Read more

Larry Printz: Get your car's body in top condition

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Can you feel it? The weather is getting warmer. If you have plans to hit the road, or if you're tackling household spring-cleaning, be sure not to ignore your car. After all, the winter has most likely left it resembling an environmental hazard.

But resist the temptation to just do a quick wash with some dish detergent. With a little effort, ...Read more

Auto review: 2015 Pilot is family-friendly crossover with lots of amenities

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Crossovers are the new family station wagons, and among the top entries in the growing list of great midsize models is the Honda Pilot, a three-row, eight-passenger model that exemplifies Honda's expertise in producing a family-friendly vehicle that is just as good around town as it is on long trips.

A redesigned Pilot is on the way for 2016, ...Read more

Dual-sport motorcycles making gains on street, dirt bikes

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WABENO, Wis. -- One of the fastest-growing segments of motorcycling takes a Swiss Army knife approach to the sport, with bikes that are legal to ride on the highway and also can tackle dirt trails.

Dual-sport motorcycles are popular in northern Wisconsin, where there are hundreds of miles of gravel roads and trails through the woods. Some have ...Read more

Motoring Q&A: Have technician check out touch-and-go accelerator

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Q: I bought a 2013 Honda Odyssey Touring with all the gadgets I could think of. And while I love the van, there's one thing that mystifies me. When I'm stopped at a light and then gradually take off, there's no problem with applying more (gas pedal) pressure as the speed increases. On the other hand, when I proceed with light acceleration, pause...Read more

Dodge Challenger Hellcat is wickedly fun to drive

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LOS ANGELES -- I hadn't driven a muscle car in years when I slid somewhat hesitantly behind the wheel of the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

But within a few blocks I had cut off a school bus, dusted two old ladies in a Camry and tattooed a strip of hot rubber through a hospital zone, laughing all the way.

This is a good ol' boy of a car -- a ...Read more

Auto review: 2015 VW Golf SportWagen stands alone among crowd of SUVs

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There's something to be said for being the only game in town. The 2015 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen TSI SE (I give it three out of four stars) is a case in point. It could easily be better, but if you want a compact station wagon it's just about the only one you can buy in the U.S.

Wagons once crowded U.S. roads like buffalo on the plains, but ...Read more

Under the Hood: Can insurers really snoop on my driving habits?

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Q: I've seen information on TV about how insurance companies can supposedly track how a car is driven. How much information is available about my car and personal choices to someone who is capable of snooping?

--Melissa W.

A: This is a large concern for many people. I'm familiar with what is possible to obtain from a vehicle's data link ...Read more