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Doctors get creative to distract tech-savvy kids before surgery

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Surgery can make anyone anxious, but it is especially hard for young children. Kids going into surgery may be separated from their parents for the first time in a frightening new environment, and they may not understand what's happening.

"For many families and kids, this is one of the most stressful events in their entire lives," said Dr. Sam ...Read more

More states consider family leave laws, but barriers remain

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WASHINGTON -- Early this year, in his State of the State address, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo got personal: He confessed that he "kicked" himself every day for not spending more time with his father when he was on his deathbed. And then Cuomo made his pitch: "We should have a paid leave program."

A few months later, the Democratic governor ...Read more

Pregnant mom denies paternity; should dad also deny?

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Dear Amy: My 26-year-old son has just been told that his girlfriend of 10 years is pregnant.

The last five years have been rocky for them, to say the least. They had agreed to split up for good just before this happened.

Now, we are all in a very awkward situation -- especially my son. Above all, he needs to have a paternity test. He is ready ...Read more

Study: Families feeling the pinch as cost of treating childhood diabetes rises

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Childhood diabetes rates are on the rise, and a report released Monday pointed to the impact that the cost of their care could have on families -- even those who have employer-sponsored health insurance.

The study, conducted by the Health Care Cost Institute, found that children as old as 18 with diabetes who were insured through an employer-...Read more

Burning questions: How to pick the right sunscreen — and which ones to avoid

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Summertime means picnics, jumping off the dock, boat rides and lots more outdoor fun in the sun.

But those long hours spent soaking up rays can lead to painful sunburn -- or worse. Melanoma rates have tripled over the past three decades, according to the National Cancer Institute. And just a few bad sunburns in childhood can double your risk of...Read more

More grads deciding to move back with mom and dad

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PITTSBURGH -- After four years at the University of Pittsburgh earning a bachelor's degree in athletic training, 21-year-old Shannon Renninger graduated last weekend, and like many of her classmates, she will find herself moving back into her old bedroom in her parents' house until she can get her career off the ground.

"I feel good and bad ...Read more