2 conventions, 1 vast gulf: Republicans and Democrats appear to be speaking to different countries

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PHILADELPHIA -- One night this week, the Democratic convention featured eight black women whose children had died in shootings or at the hands of police. A week earlier, Republicans repeatedly paid tribute to law enforcement.

In Philadelphia, the billionaire global warming activist Tom Steyer was ubiquitous. In Cleveland, Republicans put a ...Read more

Clinton charges out of convention, into battle with Trump

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PHILADELPHIA -- Hillary Clinton charged out of her history-making convention Friday, boosted by caffeine, joined by both running mate Tim Kaine and former President Bill Clinton at her side, and signaling a zest for taking on Republican Donald Trump.

Clinton -- who joked that she stayed up late after accepting the Democratic presidential ...Read more

Clinton, Kaine launch campaign's last 100 days from Temple University

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PHILADELPHIA -- Hillary Clinton kicked off her general election campaign Friday in Philadelphia by comparing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to a king, while she argued the historic nature of her candidacy showed the goodness and potential of America.

"Nobody who looked like me was thought to be possible to run for president" when ...Read more

Analysis: Get ready for the nastiest, most unpredictable campaign you can imagine

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PHILADELPHIA -- America is about to endure the closest, nastiest, most unpredictable presidential election in more than three decades.

Not since Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan ran against each other in 1980 has the choice been so stark, the warnings from each candidate about the other so dire, the likely outcome so murky.

As this year's ...Read more

The new consumer survey includes good news for Clinton

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NEW YORK -- A new question added to the University of Michigan's Survey of Consumers could turn out to be more accurate than ordinary opinion polls in predicting the outcome of the U.S. presidential election.

In June and July, respondents to the monthly survey were asked who they expected to become the next president -- rather than who they ...Read more

Trump and Clinton decide to finish race as they began it

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WASHINGTON -- Their presidential runs officially began three days apart in June of last year. Hillary Clinton was the wonky candidate excited by policy proposals and with a long resume of government experience. Donald Trump was the brash real estate billionaire eager to raze the old political establishment and rebuild it in his image.

As two ...Read more

What's next for Sanders backers? Push to replace entire Congress

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PHILADELPHIA -- The thousands gathered at the Democratic convention this week were focused on the upcoming presidential election. But a small cadre of Sen. Bernie Sanders' supporters are setting their sights on the 2018 midterm elections.

Roughly 20 volunteers with the new group "Brand New Congress" were on the ground in Philadelphia for the ...Read more

Fact check: Hillary Clinton's speech accepting Democratic Nomination

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Hillary Clinton made history on Thursday by becoming the first American woman to accept a major party nomination for president.

Here's a look at her claims on the final night of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, and how they stack up with the facts.


CLINTON: "When more than 90 percent of the gains have gone to the top 1 ...Read more

Where Clinton and Obama diverge

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PHILADELPHIA -- Eight years after a bitter primary fight against then-Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton has portrayed herself during her 2016 presidential campaign as his natural successor. She's repeatedly emphasized her loyalty to the president, her time serving in his Cabinet and her dedication to preserving his...Read more

Clinton camp's low-key man in the middle

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PHILADELPHIA -- It took awhile, but Donald Trump finally hit on an insulting caricature for Hillary Clinton's earnest, 36-year-old campaign manager.

Trump likened Robby Mook this week to the vile compulsive liar that Jon Lovitz played on "Saturday Night Live" decades ago, whose exaggerations about personal achievement and life experience grew ...Read more

Firing up young voters is a hurdle as Clinton embarks on general election campaign

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PHILADELPHIA -- Shawnee Badger couldn't contain her disgust when she spotted Hillary Clinton on the television in the hotel lobby.

"It's the queen. Everybody, bow down," she said sarcastically. The 22-year-old delegate from Valencia, Calif., was at the Democratic National Convention to support Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and she's not sure ...Read more

Clinton and Sanders keep college costs in the national spotlight

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PHILADELPHIA -- As Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders move to make free college a key piece of the Democratic platform, officials at some public colleges are hopeful that at the very least the effort will keep the issue of cost in the spotlight.

"I believe it's a movement that's not going to just die with the election," said Kenneth Witmer Jr.,...Read more

Thinking of choosing a third-party candidate? Here are the positions of Johnson, Stein

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On Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders urged his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton in a prime-time speech from the Democratic National Convention stage in Philadelphia. That same day, socialist Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant -- who had backed Sanders -- told a crowd at a rally across town to continue Sanders' "political revolution," not ...Read more

Chelsea Clinton talks about her mom, her role model

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WASHINGTON -- Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton often talks on the campaign trail about being a grandmother.

Her daughter, Chelsea, described just how that works: The former secretary of state loves interacting on Face Time with granddaughter Charlotte, nearly 2.

Chelsea said her mom could be ready to walk on stage for a speech or a debate ...Read more

Chelsea Clinton introduces 'thoughtful, hilarious mother' as nominee

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PHILADELPHIA -- Chelsea Clinton introduced her mother as the Democratic presidential nominee in Philadelphia Thursday, in a highly personal speech that, in contrast to Ivanka Trump's testimonial of her own famous father a week earlier, dwelled on the closeness of their political unity as much as their familial one.

Introducing herself as a "...Read more

Trump says Democrats ignore terrorism, crime and illegal immigration

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Donald Trump responded Thursday to scorching attacks by President Barack Obama and others at the Democratic convention by saying they were "not talking about the real world" of Islamic terrorism, unchecked illegal immigration, rampant crime, a depleted military and U.S. jobs "pouring into Mexico."

"Boy, am I getting hit," the Republican ...Read more

Here's where Clinton's 'several thousand' emails went

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WASHINGTON -- Memo to Moscow: We don't need your help finding Hillary Clinton's mystery emails.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, in a jab he claimed Thursday was meant as a sarcastic joke, had called on Russian hackers a day earlier to locate thousands of emails his general election foe, former Secretary of State Clinton, had sent ...Read more

Trump says Russia comment was all in jest, others say damage already done

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PHILADELPHIA -- Hey, just kidding.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Thursday that he was merely being sarcastic when he said that Russia should look into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's missing emails.

But presidential and political scholars say Trump's remarks are no laughing matter and yet another ...Read more

Wasserman Schultz's troubles help produce fundraising bonanza for challenger

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Tim Canova's campaign coffers got a big boost this week -- thanks to the negative attention focused on U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The Florida Democrat resigned as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, effective with the end of the party's national convention this week in Philadelphia. The move came ...Read more

Does Latin America represent danger for US, or opportunity?

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WASHINGTON -- When it comes to Cuba, Venezuela and the rest of Latin America, the Democrats see Hillary Clinton mostly continuing the policies of engagement pushed forward by President Barack Obama, but not much else.

Republicans, on the other hand, largely want to wall off Mexico, as Donald Trump has proposed, but also cut off other parts of ...Read more