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Dog owners, engineers work on technology to make pets safe in cars

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DETROIT -- A global auto supplier and a small nonprofit organization have joined forces to make cars safer for man's -- and in this case, a woman's -- best friend.

A dozen engineers and workers at Johnson Controls in Plymouth, Mich., studied dogs of various breeds and sizes and how they travel in cars -- and brainstormed ideas about how they ...Read more

VIDEO: Canadian model shares cat workout video

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EDMONTON, Alberta (UPI) -- A Canadian model shared a video of his pet cat helping him out with his workout routine.

Travis DesLaurier lifted his cat Jacob into the air as the two completed a set of various exercises together.

"Me and [Jacob] are taking our training seriously meow," he wrote. It's nice he doubles up as my training partner, ...Read more

Feral cats defend Chicago brewery from rats

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CHICAGO (UPI) -- A brewery in Chicago enlisted the help of four feral cats to defend their grain from rats and other pests.

The four cats Venkman, Ray, Egon and Gozer were brought in to Empirical Brewery in December to help keep the brewery's pest problem under control.

"The traditional rodent control solutions weren't working for us, so we ...Read more

Dog rescued from 30-foot sinkhole in Pennsylvania

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CHARLEROI, Pa. (UPI) -- Rescue teams in Pennsylvania helped retrieve a dog that had fallen into a 30-foot sinkhole.

Fallowfield Township Volunteer Fire Company shared photos of the rescue to Facebook as they managed to bring the dog to safety above ground.

"Putting their lives ahead of the dog, the request was made to command to enter the hole...Read more

The last free-ranging library cat in Illinois

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LITCHFIELD, Ill. -- Even before you enter the stately limestone library with leaded glass windows and copper-colored trim, you see signs of the local celebrity. Not at eye-level -- look lower, and there, hovering in the shadows behind the glass door, are two ice-green eyes, staring up at you with frank curiosity.

You may recognize those emerald...Read more

VIDEO: Formerly blind dog joyfully greets owners after surgery to restore his sight

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A dog stricken blind by diabetes underwent surgery and was filmed reuniting with his owners and seeing their faces for the first time in months.

Benjamin May said Duffy the 8-year-old Irish terrier went blind after contracting diabetes, but the canine was eligible for surgery to restore his sight after medication brought the...Read more

VIDEO: Firefighters cut through fence bars to free dog's head

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WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. (UPI) -- Firefighters in California used tools to cut through a metal fence and free a dog that somehow trapped its head between the bars.

The West Sacramento Fire Department posted a video to Facebook showing the Engine 44 crew cutting through the metal bars Thursday to free the head of a German shepherd.

Firefighters ...Read more

Guardian Angels dogs are life savers for veterans

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PITTSBURGH -- German shepherds named Lily, Oliver, Shilo and Faith have been in their new homes for less than a month, but they've already made life-altering improvements for the local veterans with whom they've been teamed.

One of the dogs sniffs the breath of her sleeping partner, who has diabetes, and wakes him if she determines that his ...Read more

Family seeks solutions for golden retriever with upward-extending front legs

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VICTORVILLE, Calif. (UPI) -- A California family said they are refusing to give up on their 1-year-old golden retriever, despite a condition that makes her front legs extend upward.

Rachel Woertink and James Cassity of Victorville said the dog, Rexi, started showing signs of difficulty walking when she was about 10 weeks old.

"She was limping,...Read more

VIDEO: Skim boarding border collie shows off his moves in Poland

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WARSAW, Poland (UPI) -- A border collie in Poland lived up to his breed's name when he showed off his skim boarding abilities on the beach.

The video, posted to YouTube by Mariola SokoĊ‚owska, shows Leon the border collie taking a running start toward a board floating near the surf on a beach.

The collie jumps on the board and rides it for ...Read more

Firefighters free cat from storm drain using dish soap

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WINCHENDON, Mass. (UPI) -- Firefighters in Massachusetts turned to dish soap to help rescue a cat that had become stuck in a storm drain.

Winchendon Fire Department shared photos of the one-year-old cat that was dangling below the grate, with its head stuck in one of the holes.

"When we arrived the cat was barely breathing and moving as she ...Read more

Animal Island: Few options to stop neighbors' dogs from barking all day

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Q. In April I moved into an apartment complex that allows tenants to keep small dogs. We have not had too many hot days yet so I was able to open my windows rather than use the air conditioning. Some tenants have little dogs that bark at anyone they see while on the leash, and one tenant leaves her dog outside on the second-story deck for hours ...Read more

VIDEO: Cyclist rescues kitten from busy intersection in Russia

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ROSTOV, Russia (UPI) -- A Russian cyclist stopped in a busy intersection to rescue a small kitten that had wandered into traffic.

The video, recorded by a driver's dashboard camera in Rostov, shows the kitten wandering in and out of the road while cars pass without seeming to notice the tiny cat.

A cyclist riding through the intersection while...Read more

U.K. dog adopts orphaned baby bird

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KENT, England (UPI) -- A U.K. woman and her dog developed an unusual bond with an orphaned bird after it fell out of a tree into their garden.

Jurgita Peciulaityte chronicles the loving relationship between her boxer Rusty and the bird she's nicknamed "Birdie" on the Facebook page Rusty The Gentle Giant.

Peciulaityte told Kent Online that "the...Read more

Chihuahua named Jack Sparrow tests positive for meth, owner arrested

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FONTANA, Calif. (UPI) -- A California police department said a man was arrested on cruelty charges after his erratic-behaving chihuahua tested positive for methamphetamine.

The Fontana Police Department said Isaiah Nathaniel Sais, 21, brought the dog, named Jack Sparrow, to Inland Valley Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Center in Upland July ...Read more

VIDEO: Monkey plays beautician for patient Ohio cat

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MOSCOW, Ohio (UPI) -- An Ohio woman shared video of her 16-year-old pet monkey giving a thorough grooming to his favorite cat.

Teresa Bullock of Moscow posted a video to YouTube showing her Java macaque, Bugs, giving a thorough grooming to Snickers the cat.

"Snickers is in total Heaven as he sifts through her hair taking care of any kind of ...Read more

VIDEO: Black cat sprints down sideline at National Rugby League match

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NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia (UPI) -- A black cat showed off its speed at an Australian rugby match as it was seen sprinting down the sidelines.

The National Rugby League shared video of the cat as it made a mad dash down the sideline during a game between the Penrith Panthers and the Cronulla Sharks at Australia's Pepper Stadium.

One of the ...Read more

VIDEO: Pennsylvania firefighters free fox from soccer net

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NEW HOPE, Pa. (UPI) -- A fox that found itself trapped by the neck in a soccer net was freed by firefighters with a Pennsylvania fire department.

The New Hope Eagle Volunteer Fire Company posted a video to Facebook showing the Saturday morning rescue at a local soccer field.

The video shows the firefighters, who were assisted by Solebury ...Read more

VIDEO: Tiger takes a dip in pool to escape summer heat

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COLORADO SPRINGS (UPI) -- A Colorado zoo shared video of a Siberian tiger "staying cool" in the summer heat by taking a swim in a pool.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs posted a video to Facebook Sunday showing an Amur tiger named Ivan enjoying a "Sunday Funday" by playing with a barrel floating in the facility's tiger pool.

"Ivan...Read more

VIDEO: 'Majestic' tiger cubs 'battle' in a pool at Australian theme park

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GOLD COAST, Australia (UPI) -- A visitor to an Australian theme park captured video of two tiger cubs wrestling in a pool of water and captured slow-motion video of the "majestic battle."

A video posted to YouTube by user P Plater Ralliart shows the white tiger cub and an orange tiger cub play-fighting in a shallow pool of water at the ...Read more