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These old dogs are special picks at sanctuary

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NORTH VERSAILLES, Pa. -- Eleven dogs greet visitors at the door of the lovely 115-year-old Victorian house. There's a lot of slow-motion tail wagging but very little barking and no jumping up and down. Most of the dogs have a lot of white around their muzzles, several limp a bit, and some have the rheumy eyes that come with great age.

The dogs ...Read more

Kitten traveled 80 miles under hood of Kansas woman's car

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SHAWNEE, Kan. (UPI) -- A kitten made an incredible journey between Missouri and Kansas by surviving the 80-mile trip under the hood of a car.

Kelly Hawthorne told WDAF she first heard the kitten making noises inside the car's engine before she and her family were set to travel back to Shawnee, Kan. from Clinton, Mo. but the curious feline ran ...Read more

VIDEO: Duck forms unlikely friendship with depressed dog in Tennessee

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CORRYTON, Tenn. (UPI) -- A duck became an unlikely source of relief for a Tennessee dog which had been grieving the loss of its canine friend.

Jacquie Litton told WVLT her dog George had been severely depressed since the family's other dog, Blackie the lab, died two years ago.

"He's almost died twice. He doesn't eat. He starves himself, and he...Read more

VIDEO: Oklahoma City firefighters rescue six puppies from underneath home

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OKLAHOMA CITY (UPI) -- Fire crews in Oklahoma helped rescue a litter of puppies trapped in a hole underneath a local home.

Oklahoma City Fire Department shared video of the rescue as firefighters pulled each stranded puppy up from the hole.

"All 6 puppies waited patiently for their turn to be rescued," they wrote. Cute lil rascals, aren't ...Read more

Dog rescued from 30-foot well in Maryland

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PERRYMAN, Md. (UPI) -- A Maryland fire department said a St. Bernard dog was successfully rescued from the bottom of a 30-foot-deep well.

The Harford County Fire Department posted photos to Facebook showing the dog at the bottom of the deep well in Perryman and rescuers using a harness and pulley system to lower a man to grab hold of the canine...Read more

Logger's horse team born to work, not run

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WOODINVILLE, Wash. -- Clyde and Java are a 3,600-pound team of pulling power.

They work well together and like each other. And at the start of each shift in the woods hauling logs for Wes Gustafson, he gets them to focus.

He doesn't want them thinking, "Oh no, not another day of this."

Instead, after the laborious task of hitching them up, he...Read more

VIDEO: Four-eared cat named 'Batman' up for adoption in Pennsylvania

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PITTSBURGH (UPI) -- A cat born with four ears due to a rare genetic mutation has been placed up for adoption in Pennsylvania.

The Western PA Humane Society shared video of the 3-year-old cat, named Batman, who had not been previously available for adoption as he was being treated for an unrelated illness.

"As an open door shelter, we take in ...Read more

VIDEO: Dog plays kick drum for acoustic cover of 'Pumped Up Kicks'

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A musically inclined dog lent its sense of rhythm to its owner by playing kick drum for his guitar cover.

Video shared by AcousticTrench shows the border collie mix, Maple, keeping rhythm with a kick drum while her owner plays Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks" on his guitar.

She happily presses on the pedal of the kick ...Read more

How to keep your backyard chickens — and you — healthy and safe

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More people are keeping chickens in their urban and suburban backyards, and I don't think it's just because they enjoy the fresh eggs. It would be cheaper and easier to just buy eggs at the grocery store.

Most people view backyard chickens as pets, not livestock. Chickens have distinct personalities, and they will respond to people who feed ...Read more

VIDEO: Italian Coast Guard officer saves kitten from drowning with CPR

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MARSALA, Italy (UPI) -- A patrol officer with the Italian Coast Guard was recorded saving a kitten's life by giving it CPR after it was found floating in the water.

The Coast Guard said in a YouTube post the patrol boat crew was alerted by some children in the port town of Marsala to a seemingly lifeless kitten floating in the sea.

A patrol ...Read more

Service dogs star in this tale

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LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. -- Max McKoane couldn't contain himself when he saw the service dogs get up on the stage. He ran over to join them, struggling to pull himself up. Then he cuddled in.

The 1-year-old wanted to be as close as he could to the dogs that sat around Sean Hanrahan, who was getting ready to read "Raising a Hero," a book about a ...Read more

VIDEO: Florida man loses his cool when cat brings in live bat

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LARGO, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida man shared video of his cat bringing home a live bat and leaving the owner struggling to get rid of it.

The video, posted to Twitter by user @NickMillerr_ shows the uploader's cat, Nala, bringing a bat into his home.

"Nala, what do you have?" the man asks, before ...Read more

VIDEO: Tiger steals front bumper from car driving through wildlife park

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BEIJING (UPI) -- The occupants of a car driving through a Beijing wildlife park captured the moment a tiger ripped the bumper off their car and walked away with it.

The video shows a curious white tiger approach the front of a car traveling through at Beijing's Badaling Wildlife Park.

The tiger examines the car for a few moments before ...Read more

Animal Island: Parakeet keeps knocking over food, water containers

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Q: I have a 4-year-old male budgie parakeet. It's been a pleasure all these years until last week. I clean his cage every morning and give him fresh food, drinking water and fill a bird bathtub for him to splash in. Last week he started dumping the food and drinking water. I replace it and he does it again. Is this a game or is there something ...Read more

VIDEO: Dog that survived sword attack trots happily on new prosthetic legs

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BANGKOK (UPI) -- An abused dog that lost his front legs in a sword attack was fitted with prosthetics in Thailand and gave enthusiastic approval to his new legs.

A video posted to YouTube by the Soi Dog Foundation shows rescued dog Cola being fitted with his prosthetic legs for the first time at a veterinary specialist clinic in Bangkok.

Cola,...Read more

'Lazy' dog dragged across the grass by canine colleagues

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CHICAGO (UPI) -- A Chicago pet owner shared video of her "lazy" dog being dragged by her two other dogs while out for a walk.

Claire Forkenbrock posted a video to YouTube showing one of her dogs appearing to take a less-than-restful rest while being pulled across the grass by her two other canines.

The owner laughs at the dog and calls it "...Read more

VIDEO: Leopard rescued from 60-foot-deep well in India

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PUNE, India (UPI) -- Animal rescuers in India rescued a leopard found struggling to stay above water inside a nearly 60-foot-deep well.

A farmer in a village near Pune, Maharashtra, contacted the forest department Sunday morning after he discovered the leopard frantically swimming and roaring in panic inside the well near his home.

The forest ...Read more

Canadian girls rescue cat, kittens trapped in crawl space beneath home for five days

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PENTICTON, British Columbia (UPI) -- A pair of girls in Canada helped rescue a cat and her four kittens after a storm left them stranded in a crawl space for five days.

AlleyCATS Alliance shared photos of Summer the cat and her four kittens, which were rescued by 10-year-old Mackenzie Stevens and 11-year-old Isobel Schneider after they heard ...Read more

Fosters for local animal rescue groups save pets' lives

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DURHAM, N.C. -- Chloe, a white pit bull with big ears, had one of the worst starts to life a dog can have.

She'd been chained in a yard, and her first owners never changed the collar. Chloe grew, and by the time she ended up in the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC), the collar was embedded in her neck and her head was swollen horribly.

Luckily ...Read more

Lawsuit filed in New York over handling of dachshund's $100,000 trust fund

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NEW YORK (UPI) -- The caretaker for a New York dachshund is suing the executor of the dog's late owner's estate over a $100,000 trust fund meant for the canine.

Virginia Hanlon, who inherited stewardship of dachshund Winnie Pooh when Patricia Bowers died in 2010, said her late friend designated $100,000 of her estate for the care of the dog, ...Read more