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Military dogs serve with honor but don't get retiree health care

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MILWAUKEE -- Flo knows explosives.

She knows how to find buried IEDs, how to detect the smells of more than 50 types of chemicals, and how to alert her handler when she finds something designed by humans to kill humans.

Flo knows love.

She knows the unconditional affection of the Marine who stayed by her side for seven intense months in ...Read more

Rotund bulldog struggles to climb into folding chair

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A portly bulldog's big dreams of sitting in a folding chair made him a viral star when his struggles were caught on camera.

The video, shared on YouTube by user Random Bananas, shows the chubby canine making multiple attempts to mount the chair, and then having further struggles trying to get into a comfortable position.

...Read more

Doggie daycare's pampered pooch pool party is pure summer joy

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MAYBEE, Mich. (UPI) -- A Michigan doggie daycare that bills itself as "cage free" is going viral with a video of a pooch pool party in a bone-shaped pool.

The Lucky Puppy doggie daycare in Maybee shared a video on YouTube showing more than a dozen of the facility's guests swimming, playing and lounging by a 20-foot-by-40-foot in-ground pool ...Read more

Beatrix the trapped beaver now awaiting new home and love interest

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SEATTLE -- Feisty female seeks male with whom to build a home and have offspring. Interested? Please make yourself available to be trapped. Literally trapped.

The universal search.

For those who don't live here, a month ago a beaver became a cause celebre in the Seattle area.

It was caught, its life spared, and moved to a temporary home at ...Read more

Missing North Carolina dog found snuggling toddler

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RALEIGH, N.C. (UPI) -- A North Carolina mother who went searching for her missing dog shared a video of the precious place she found the pup -- snuggled up with her toddler daughter.

Kristin Leigh Rhynehart posted a video to YouTube showing her dog, Raven, snuggled up under the covers in the crib with her toddler daughter, Addison.

"That ...Read more

My Pet World: Learn to say "no" to over-eager lap dog

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BOSTON, MA -- This week, your pet behavior questions are answered by the ultimate experts, veterinary behaviorists attending the 2015 Veterinary Behavior Symposium, held July 10 in conjunction with the Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Many of the contributors answering questions here also happen to be ...Read more

Talking dogs: Tips on training dogs to come when called

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Q: Can you give me some tips on teaching my shepherd mix Zeus to come when I call him? So far, what I'm doing isn't working.

Thanks, Jose

A: Happy to, Jose. You didn't mention what you've been doing with Zeus, so I'll list some general concepts here for, you and readers in general to consider.

I describe the recall, or teaching the come cue, ...Read more

Dog day care: How to find the best fit for your pup

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Day care for your dog? For some pet owners and their pooches, it's the best solution.

Dog trainer and behavior consultant Jonathan Klein says day care can be very beneficial, especially for dogs with separation anxieties or home-alone issues.

"Day care can provide stimulation and activities for a dog when it would otherwise be alone and ...Read more

My Pet World: At summer's peak, protect your dog from the heat

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If you're hot, you can be certain that your dog is hotter.

"Dogs don't deal with heat as well as people," says emergency veterinarian Dr. Heather Loenser, of Lebanon, NJ. Panting isn't as efficient to help maintain body temperature as sweating is. It turns out that sweating like a pig is actually a good way to deal with sweltering summer temps....Read more

Will Congress roll over on auto safety? Major changes attached to Senate highway bill in limbo

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WASHINGTON -- Congress' ability to make broad auto safety policy changes in the 114th Congress could largely depend on whether both chambers can agree to a long-term highway bill.

That's historically been the place for sweeping changes to federal auto safety regulations, but partisan disagreement has so far left a considerable amount of ...Read more

Lusitano horse breeder's mission: Educate public on all things equine

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ST. CHARLES, Ill. -- A stallion twitches his nose and bats his long eyelashes for a visitor who has apples in her pockets. Four yearlings play tag to expend their adolescent energy. A pair of brood mares stretch while enjoying a nap in dewy grass. Lisa Diersen can't finish a sentence without being upstaged by the horses in her paddocks.

But ...Read more

Man facing charges for petting the cougars at Ohio zoo

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPI) -- A man facing charges after he taped himself hopping a fence at the Columbus Zoo to pet the cougars said he regrets his actions.

Josh Newell, 35, is facing a criminal trespassing charge after a video he posted to YouTube revealed he had jumped a fence at the cougar exhibit to pet the mountain lions.

"That was a very bad ...Read more

Ricky Bobby, the diaper-wearing donkey, finds a home

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DECATUR, Tex. -- This Ricky Bobby is a real jackass. But the Wilson family just loves him. The Bethlehem donkey, almost two months old, is nearly housebroken. He sometimes wears Depends for Women and there are pee pads on the floor.

Ricky Bobby sleeps in the bedroom with Johanna and Terry Wilson of Decatur.

A German shepherd-Great Dane mix ...Read more

My Pet World: Training can curb pooch's passion for jumping on guests

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BOSTON, MA -- Veterinary behaviorists attending the 2015 Veterinary Behavior Symposium on July 10 in conjunction with the Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association chimed in to answer your questions this week.

Some experts answering questions today also contributed to "Decoding Your Dog," authored by members of ...Read more

My Pet World: Dog flu now spreading beyond the Chicago area

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"We don't live in a bubble, and our pets don't, either," notes Dr. Jerry Klein, supervising veterinarian at Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center in Chicago. The Windy City is where this spring and summer's outbreak of dog flu began.

"I'm not surprised about what's happening," he adds.

Currently, the canine influenza strain, called...Read more

Dog shows off table tennis skills

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A multi-talented black collie with a knack for sports showed off his skills at table tennis for a video going viral online.

The video, shared on YouTube by America's Funniest Home Videos, features the collie, named Auggie, holding a table tennis paddle in his mouth and using it to return his owner's serves.

Auggie shows he ...Read more

With temperatures rising, take extra to keep dogs safe from the heat

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Soaring temperatures and the blazing sun can spell trouble for dogs left outside in the heat.

And with 100-degree days playing out in some parts of the country, that means it's time to take extra care to keep your dog comfortable and healthy, experts say.

Mostly, experts say, be smart. Walk your dogs or take them to dog parks during the early ...Read more

Adorable video show kittens getting the slip by a digital mouse

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LONDON (UPI) -- An app is putting a spin on the age old battle between feline and rodent.

Two cats are put to the test in an Internet clip showing the two pets being outwitted by a digital mouse on a tablet.

Efforts to catch the rodent go in vain as the mouse scurries off the screen while squeaking in a genuine mouse-like fashion.

The game ...Read more

California police officer's overpass kitten rescue caught on camera

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PASADENA, Calif. (UPI) -- A California police department shared video of an officer conducting a late-night rescue to save a kitten he spotted stranded on a highway overpass.

The Pasadena Police Department said in a Facebook post that Officer Galvan was at an Exxon station by the Beltway 8 overpass at Red Bluff in the early hours Wednesday when...Read more

Small dog refuses to let tall wheat keep him down

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DURHAM, England (UPI) -- A woman in northeast England shared a video showing how her high-jumping dog keeps track of her while walking in a field of tall grains.

The YouTube video posted by user A Mac shows what appears to be an empty field of tall grain until her small dog, Alfie, leaps above the grain to get a look at his owner.

The grains ...Read more