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British shelter washing kittens found colored with permanent marker

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BRADFORD, England (UPI) -- Volunteers with a British animal rescue group said two kittens are getting frequent baths after being found colored with permanent marker ink.

Katie Lloyd, a volunteer with Cat Watch Rescue in Bradford, England, said the 4-week-old kittens were brought in by police after they were found with the white parts of their ...Read more

My Pet World: How to get a dog to like all family members

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Q: Four years ago we got our dog Cindy. At first she was very skittish but she has gotten better over the years. When we first got her my dad was working on our kitchen and making a lot of noise. Now she is still scared of my dad and barks at him whenever he enters and leaves the house. She also does not like to play ball with him unless my mom ...Read more

Writer gets into dogs' heads to save homeless hounds

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FRESNO, Calif. -- Laura Gordon is good at imagining the world from a dog's point of view.

Through colorful tales written from the perspective of abandoned dogs, she's become the designated spokeswoman for homeless hounds of Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. The stories, aimed at finding families for the forlorn four-leggeds, have attracted a...Read more

Lisa Moore: Management, not punishment, is key to dogs getting along

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Ken and Susan contacted me recently concerning the escalating tensions among their three terriers living in the house. All lovely and outstanding personalities and manners individually, but their younger female has begun to challenge -- and fight -- with the older male and female.

They had received much advice from fellow dog lovers: Use ...Read more

VIDEO: Surfing dogs compete for spot on Rose Parade float

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COSTA MESA, Calif. (UPI) -- Talented canines rode the waves in California to show off their surfing skills and compete for a place on the 2017 Rose Parade float.

The Saturday surfing contest, part of the three-day America's Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, involved the agile canines testing out their surfing skills in a wave machine.

The surfing...Read more

VIDEO: Puppy confused by failure to walk away from escalator

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CHONGQUING, China (UPI) -- A confused puppy in China was caught on camera misunderstanding the concept of an escalator and attempting to walk in the wrong direction.

The video, filmed earlier this year in Chongquing, shows the small puppy at the bottom of an escalator trying to walk away from the moving stairs.

The ground beneath the puppy ...Read more

Police seek owner of loose tiger found wandering Texas city

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CONROE, Texas (UPI) -- A Texas police department is searching for the owner of a most unusual apparent pet found roaming the streets: a young female tiger.

The Conroe Police Department said officers received multiple calls just before noon Thursday about a tiger wandering in a residential neighborhood on Coral Cove Pass near League Line Road ...Read more

Animal Island: See the vet to rid snake of mites

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Q: My daughter's corn snake has an infestation of mites and we do not know what to do. We have cleaned out its tank and just keep it on a sheet of newspaper. We rub the snake all over with mineral oil as that is supposed to smother the mites but they crawl right over the oil! On the internet, people have suggested putting a No-Pest Strip in the ...Read more

VIDEO: Man climbs outside 13th floor apartment to rescue dangling dog

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BOGOTA (UPI) -- A resident of an apartment building in Colombia was recorded climbing out of his 13th story balcony to rescue a dog dangling from a ledge.

The video, recorded from a neighboring apartment, shows Diego Andres Davila Jimenez climbing out from his 13th floor apartment to reach the dog, Luna, which was dangling from his upstairs ...Read more

New Jersey firefighters rescue dog from third-story ledge

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HOBOKEN, N.J. (UPI) -- Firefighters in New Jersey were photographed using a ladder truck to rescue a dog that stranded itself on the outside ledge of a third-story window.

The Hoboken Fire Department said the dog, named Skipper, broke through a window screen Tuesday morning and climbed out onto the ledge.

"Skipper broke through a screen and ...Read more

My Pet World: How to travel safely with your cat

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Q: I seem to be facing a move from Connecticut to Southern Georgia. I am at a loss as to how to transport my 13-year-old Tabby cat. We are both too old to drive many hours straight through, and a midway stop with my kitty seems impossible. Any ideas? -- Peter Langstrom, Stamford, CT

A: Cats travel a lot better than we think. Cats have traveled ...Read more

VIDEO: Pomeranian takes on western rat snake in Florida garden

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RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. (UPI) -- A Florida pet owner shared video of his Pomeranian dog loudly asserting his dominance over a western rat snake found in the family's garden.

The video, posted to YouTube by Brett Skinner, shows Cosmo the Pomeranian voicing his loud displeasure with the western rat snake Skinner is holding in the home's back yard.

...Read more

Pet Vet: Human exposure to disease in cats is not very likely

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Ellen from Modesto, Cal., is the caretaker for Sassy, a 4-year-old tabby cat that Ellen loves dearly. Ellen is also pregnant and has concerns about being pregnant while living with a cat. Sassy is entirely indoors and Ellen has heard -- without much detail -- about problems that can occur to babies because of the mother's exposure to cats during...Read more

This N.C. pooch paints, brings you beer

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Practically anyone with a dish towel, an empty beer can, a little kibble and whole lot of patience can teach a dog to fetch a beer.

Ivy Kite, though, will go you one better: The 3-year-old Australian Shepherd can happily retrieve the single bottle of Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Copper from a fridge otherwise full of Heinekens. (...Read more

VIDEO: Cat rescued after being stuck on utility pole for four days

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PRINCETON, British Columbia (UPI) -- Utility crews in Canada worked to rescue a local cat that had been stuck on top of a utility pole for four days.

Video shows the cat, belonging to Princeton resident Bill Blackhall, stranded at the top of the pole and meowing loudly in distress.

Confusion over who was responsible for getting the cat down ...Read more

Baffled by cat's reaction to catnip

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Q: My three cats love it when I sprinkle a little catnip on a sheet of newspaper. They all roll in it and scratch at the area of the rug where I spread it. However, my younger cat actually will shake his head and drool for a while in almost a dazed state. Then he just snaps out of it and walks away from the catnip. The drooling gets me a bit ...Read more

VIDEO: Canadian 'Adventure Cats' Bolt and Keel share travel with human partners

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SAANICH, British Columbia (UPI) -- A pair of rescue kittens have taken on the adventurous spirit of their owners as they join them on various outdoor excursions.

Outdoor enthusiasts Kayleen VanderRee and Danielle Gumbley of British Columbia Canada passed their love of hiking, kayaking and other activities to their "Adventure Cats" Bolt and Keel...Read more

VIDEO: Missouri police officers rescue baby fox from storm drain

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KEARNEY, Mo. (UPI) -- A pair of police officers in Missouri climbed down a storm drain to rescue a baby fox that had become trapped.

The Kearney, Mo., police department shared video of the rescue, which saw the officers travel 150 feet into the sewer system to free the trapped animal.

"Sgt. Kantola entered the storm drain, but the fox went ...Read more

An eat-and-play way to satisfy cats

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PHILADELPHIA -- Next time your cat shreds a couch cushion, lunges at your legs or barfs, blame the overly generous pour you made into his or her food bowl and the lack of any "hunting" opportunities for that pet as a prerequisite to eating.

Animal behaviorists, supported by extensive feline environmental-enrichment research, have been speaking ...Read more

How to introduce a new dog to established pet cats

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Q: I have two cats and I am about to bring a new puppy into our home. The larger cat does not seem frightened of dogs but my little female's hair 'stands up' just at the sight of them. What is the best way to socialize everyone and minimize the stress on my younger cat? -- Jennifer Kessler, Hartford, CT

A: It is a lot easier to socialize a full...Read more