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Will Congress roll over on auto safety? Major changes attached to Senate highway bill in limbo

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WASHINGTON -- Congress' ability to make broad auto safety policy changes in the 114th Congress could largely depend on whether both chambers can agree to a long-term highway bill.

That's historically been the place for sweeping changes to federal auto safety regulations, but partisan disagreement has so far left a considerable amount of ...Read more

Lusitano horse breeder's mission: Educate public on all things equine

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ST. CHARLES, Ill. -- A stallion twitches his nose and bats his long eyelashes for a visitor who has apples in her pockets. Four yearlings play tag to expend their adolescent energy. A pair of brood mares stretch while enjoying a nap in dewy grass. Lisa Diersen can't finish a sentence without being upstaged by the horses in her paddocks.

But ...Read more

Man facing charges for petting the cougars at Ohio zoo

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPI) -- A man facing charges after he taped himself hopping a fence at the Columbus Zoo to pet the cougars said he regrets his actions.

Josh Newell, 35, is facing a criminal trespassing charge after a video he posted to YouTube revealed he had jumped a fence at the cougar exhibit to pet the mountain lions.

"That was a very bad ...Read more

Ricky Bobby, the diaper-wearing donkey, finds a home

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DECATUR, Tex. -- This Ricky Bobby is a real jackass. But the Wilson family just loves him. The Bethlehem donkey, almost two months old, is nearly housebroken. He sometimes wears Depends for Women and there are pee pads on the floor.

Ricky Bobby sleeps in the bedroom with Johanna and Terry Wilson of Decatur.

A German shepherd-Great Dane mix ...Read more

My Pet World: Training can curb pooch's passion for jumping on guests

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BOSTON, MA -- Veterinary behaviorists attending the 2015 Veterinary Behavior Symposium on July 10 in conjunction with the Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association chimed in to answer your questions this week.

Some experts answering questions today also contributed to "Decoding Your Dog," authored by members of ...Read more

My Pet World: Dog flu now spreading beyond the Chicago area

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"We don't live in a bubble, and our pets don't, either," notes Dr. Jerry Klein, supervising veterinarian at Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center in Chicago. The Windy City is where this spring and summer's outbreak of dog flu began.

"I'm not surprised about what's happening," he adds.

Currently, the canine influenza strain, called...Read more

Dog shows off table tennis skills

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A multi-talented black collie with a knack for sports showed off his skills at table tennis for a video going viral online.

The video, shared on YouTube by America's Funniest Home Videos, features the collie, named Auggie, holding a table tennis paddle in his mouth and using it to return his owner's serves.

Auggie shows he ...Read more

With temperatures rising, take extra to keep dogs safe from the heat

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Soaring temperatures and the blazing sun can spell trouble for dogs left outside in the heat.

And with 100-degree days playing out in some parts of the country, that means it's time to take extra care to keep your dog comfortable and healthy, experts say.

Mostly, experts say, be smart. Walk your dogs or take them to dog parks during the early ...Read more

Adorable video show kittens getting the slip by a digital mouse

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LONDON (UPI) -- An app is putting a spin on the age old battle between feline and rodent.

Two cats are put to the test in an Internet clip showing the two pets being outwitted by a digital mouse on a tablet.

Efforts to catch the rodent go in vain as the mouse scurries off the screen while squeaking in a genuine mouse-like fashion.

The game ...Read more

California police officer's overpass kitten rescue caught on camera

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PASADENA, Calif. (UPI) -- A California police department shared video of an officer conducting a late-night rescue to save a kitten he spotted stranded on a highway overpass.

The Pasadena Police Department said in a Facebook post that Officer Galvan was at an Exxon station by the Beltway 8 overpass at Red Bluff in the early hours Wednesday when...Read more

Small dog refuses to let tall wheat keep him down

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DURHAM, England (UPI) -- A woman in northeast England shared a video showing how her high-jumping dog keeps track of her while walking in a field of tall grains.

The YouTube video posted by user A Mac shows what appears to be an empty field of tall grain until her small dog, Alfie, leaps above the grain to get a look at his owner.

The grains ...Read more

County fair asked to ban event where monkeys race on backs of dogs

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CHICAGO -- Citing concern for the welfare of animals, a suburban Chicago county board member is calling for the end of a popular county fair event that features capuchin monkeys dressed as horse jockeys that ride atop dogs in a Banana Derby race.

Lake County Fair organizers say the derby will go on as planned during the fair, which runs July 29...Read more

Dog leads owner to beached baby porpoise in Wales

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CRICCIETH, Wales (UPI) -- A Welsh man shooting video with his dog during a walk on the beach recorded the moment his pet led him to a beached baby porpoise he was able to rescue.

Rich Wilcock, whose video was shared on YouTube, was walking with Leia, his 2-year-old springer spaniel, along the shoreline in Criccieth when the canine brought the ...Read more

British Columbia cats being shaved by mystery prankster

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CAMPBELL RIVER, British Columbia (UPI) -- Residents of a British Columbia town said they are afraid to let their cats wander the neighborhood because someone keeps shaving them.

Jo-Jo Yarjau of Campbell River said her 12-year-old cat, Tabby, came home with a square-shaped patch shaved into her belly in January and the feline has since come back...Read more

My Pet World: Separating 'visiting' cats might be best option

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TORONTO, CANADA -- These cat questions were answered by three board members for the non-profit Winn Feline Foundation here for a meeting and the Winn Feline Foundation Annual Symposium. Chiming in: Dr. Drew Weigner, of Atlanta, GA; Dr. Brian Holub, Boston, MA Chief Medical Officer of VetCor veterinary clinics; and board president Dr. Glenn Olah,...Read more

With accidents aplenty on the Pacific Coast Highway, safety improvements get the OK

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LOS ANGELES -- One of the world's most scenic and celebrated ribbons of asphalt, Pacific Coast Highway has served as mood-setting backdrop to films and TV shows and inspired lyrics by artists of such diverse sensibilities as the Beach Boys, Jaden Smith and Hole.

For 21 miles northwest of L.A., the fragmented, 650-mile road becomes the city of ...Read more

Pet Vet: Hound's blue-tinged eyes a sign of vision problems

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Alan has a 9-year-old Basset hound named Hank who seems to be having trouble seeing. Over the past three months or so Hank seems tentative when walking, especially in unfamiliar areas. The problem seems worse at night. When Alan has looked at Hank's eyes, he has noticed a blue color and wondered if this might be a cataract.

Alan, I thank you ...Read more

My Pet World: Big dogs behave quite differently from their smaller cousins

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BOSTON, MA -- Veterinary behaviorists and other veterinarians interested in animal behavior were among those attending the 2015 Veterinary Behavior Symposium July 10, attended by members of American College of Veterinary Behaviorists and other interested veterinarians in Boston, a day before the opening of the annual Convention of...Read more

Dog runs head-first into net, performs perfect 'front flip'

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PORTLAND, Ore. (UPI) -- A Portland dog owner captured footage of their prized pooch running head-first into a net and accidentally performing his "first front flip."

The YouTube video shows the dog, Chai, running head-first into a net barrier at Woodstock City Park in Portland and doing a "front flip" to land on his feet on the other side of ...Read more

62 hair bands, eight pairs of undies removed from dog's stomach

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MARS, Pa. (UPI) -- A Pennsylvania dog with a curious appetite is recovering from surgery to remove 62 hair bands, eight pairs of underwear and other items from her stomach.

Dr. Hisham Ibrahim of Good Shepherd's Veterinary Hospital in Mars said he spent two hours operating on Tiki, the Weiss family's black Labrador, and discovered the dog had ...Read more