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Diggin' In: Chew on these ideas for successful gardening with pets

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Safe, friendly gardening with a pet in your household can be a difficult pastime if your yard isn't set up to handle the wear and tear from a four-footed animal who doesn't know the difference between your prized petunias and the potty.

In Hampton, Va., gardener Wendy Iles preaches the dos and don'ts of gardening with pets.

"Dogs love to dig, ...Read more

My Pet World: Worries over dog flu continue

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Chicago is the Windy City, the City of Big Shoulders, the Second City, and now, apparently the dog flu city. The canine influenza virus, or dog flu, settled into the Chicago metropolitan area just over a month ago. Since dogs do travel, however, it's no surprise that the virus has popped up elsewhere. Chicago, however, remains the only hot spot....Read more

Dog flu outbreaks temporarily close shelters, suspend adoptions

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CHICAGO -- Frango, a tiny tan Chihuahua mix, lapped chicken noodle soup from a doggy bowl in between hacking coughs on a recent Thursday at PAWS animal shelter in Tinley Park, one of two south suburban shelters temporarily shut down as canine influenza virus continues to sicken dogs across the region.

"This is the worst thing I've ever seen ...Read more

Pet Vet: Bee sting causes allergic reaction in dog

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Ah, spring is in the air. The flowers are blooming and the air is warming. The sights and sounds and smells of this great time of year are all around, and one of those sounds is buzzing. Apparently, Woody is quite attracted to that buzzing sound, and that attraction proved to be a bit of a problem.

As I suspect you have surmised, the buzzing ...Read more

My Pet World: The threat of tick-borne diseases growing across the U.S.

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There are more ticks in more places than ever, and they continue to spread. Veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden, of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine-Manhattan, calls it a "tick explosion." And the fallout is tick disease.

Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases are likely very under-diagnosed in dogs, Dryden ...Read more

VIDEO: Dog blamed for crashing pickup into pool

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ERWIN, N.C. (UPI) -- A North Carolina couple whose pickup truck crashed into a swimming pool said their black lab was responsible for putting pressure on the gas pedal.

Mike and Ruth Smith said their dog, Caroline, was riding with them on a trip to the grocery store in their 1988 Dodge pickup Friday when something spooked her.

"When she gets ...Read more

Trucking-friendly plan in Congress decried as attack on safety

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WASHINGTON -- A multimillion lobbying push by FedEx Corp. and other freight carriers may be about to open U.S. highways to a new generation of bigger truck trailers even as watchdogs warn the price will be roadway carnage.

A $55.3 billion transportation spending bill unveiled last week blocks a variety of safety measures opposed by the industry...Read more

With 'kitten season' in full swing, animal groups seek foster parents

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Bottle feeding in the middle of the night. Toilet training. Round-the-clock cuddling.

That's life with baby -- when you're helping to raise a tiny kitty.

Fostering newborn kittens is not an easy job, but it's certainly a labor of love for many South Florida volunteers. And as the unofficial kitten season went into full...Read more

California man, 73, punches 300-pound bear to defend his dog

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MEADOW VISTA, Calif. (UPI) -- Don't mess with Carl Moore's "babies." Even if you happen to be a bear.

A 73-year-old California man who punched a 300-pound bear that appeared to be attacking his dog said he would do it again to protect his beloved pets.

Carl Moore, of Meadow Vista in Placer County, said he heard his Chihuahua, Lacy, whimpering ...Read more

Deja Poo: Aspen mountain plagued by major dog doo problem

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ASPEN, Colo. (UPI) -- As a major ski destination, sometimes the glitz and glamour of Hollywood can be seen high up in the mountains of Aspen, Colo. Away from the resorts, though, the town has a big problem -- and it really stinks.

More than 600 pounds of a problem -- piles and piles of dog doo on Smuggler Mountain that was built up over time, ...Read more

Creatures great and small: Zoo's head vet keeps an animal kingdom healthy

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CHICAGO -- Kathryn Gamble is at her desk, animatedly talking about one of the joys in her life: teaching.

As the Dr. Lester E. Fisher Director of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Services at Lincoln Park Zoo, Gamble coordinates research, including studies by veterinarians, veterinary techs, the nutrition manager, keepers and veterinary ...Read more

Harnesses for Dogs Are Safer Than Dog Collars for Walking

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Which are the best for walking, harnesses for dogs or dog collars? This is an eternal debate on doggie forums and a question we receive so many emails about every week. Our unequivocal answer is always, 'harnesses to be safe'.

Not enough people actually realize that dog collars can be quite dangerous when used for leash walking and can cause ...Read more

My Pet World: 'Pilling' a cat takes patience and purrsuation

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Q: Do you have any suggestions for giving my cat the anti-seizure meds she needs three times a day? I use Pill Pockets (flavored treats to hide pills inside) and sometimes she'll take them. I'm planning a trip in late summer and am very concerned about the pet sitter being able to give the meds. Is there anything cats can't resist that I might ...Read more

Talking dogs: Take responsibility for your dog's actions

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Recently, I took a trip with my son. As we stepped into the check-in line at the airport, a child bolted away from his parents and accosted my son, who was calmly standing by my side, yelling and screaming at him, creating a huge scene. The parent's response? "Just ignore her, she's harmless."

Once in a while, I have an opportunity to take a ...Read more

My Pet World: Service dogs offer powerful medicine to disabled kids

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"Rarely do we humans realize the feeling of purpose and destiny," says veterinary technician Julie Shaw, of Lafayette, IN. "I think dogs feel this all the time; it's one of the characteristics we humans envy of them without knowing it."

Shaw is known throughout her profession as a leader, helping to create a specialty in animal behavior among ...Read more

New Jersey police rescue kitten from highway median

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LEONARDO, N.J. (UPI) -- Police in New Jersey said a kitten rescue on a stretch of busy highway turned complicated when the feline fled under a police car and climbed into the undercarriage.

The Middletown Township Police Department said Officer Nicholas Fenezia responded Saturday to a stretch of State Highway 36 in Leonardo on a report of a ...Read more

Boston doberman recovering after eating three wristwatches

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BOSTON (UPI) -- Veterinarians in Boston said a dog that ate three wristwatches underwent surgery quickly enough to avoid serious injury to her digestive system.

Jeff Courcelle said he rushed Mocha, a 5-year-old Isabella doberman, to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' Animal Medical Center in Boston after he and ...Read more

Cat nurses orphaned puppies at Utah shelter

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MURRAY, Utah (UPI) -- The Humane Society of Utah said four abandoned newborn puppies are thriving thanks to being nursed by a mother cat.

Spokeswoman Deann Shepherd said a woman told rescuers the four Chihuahua puppies were in a box someone left on her car Tuesday in West Valley City and a note on the box said the canines were born Friday and ...Read more

Helping Your Animals Stay Healthy Naturally

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You know the old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." In this day and age of health and fitness clubs, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, organic foods, dietary supplements, chiropractic care, meditation, massage and preventative medicine for people, this article will guide you through how many of these treatments can be highly ...Read more

Rising speed limits spur safety concerns

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WASHINGTON -- Wisconsin state Rep. Paul Tittl drives his Toyota Prius 140 miles from his home district to the state capitol in Madison every week. Usually, he keeps up with the fast-moving traffic on the highway. But one day, he decided to lower the pace and drive at the maximum speed allowed -- 65 mph.

"Little old ladies scowled at me and gave...Read more