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Pet Vet: Cat sent outside because of spraying

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Today we are going to deal with a problem I believe to be fairly common among those of us who associate with feline companions. The subject is urine spraying.

When I use the term "urine spraying," I am specifically referring to the actual spraying of urine from a standing position usually aimed at a particular target. There are also situations ...Read more

Pet Vet: Heatworm disease is far easier to prevent than to treat

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Today we are going to return to a subject we have discussed here in the past, spawned by a question from Kevin. Even though the question is the same as one answered before, perhaps, that answer might have changed.

Kevin lives in Modesto, Calif., and wants to know whether or not he should put/ keep his dog Rondo on heart worm preventative. Some ...Read more

Pet Vet: Bee sting causes allergic reaction in dog

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Ah, spring is in the air. The flowers are blooming and the air is warming. The sights and sounds and smells of this great time of year are all around, and one of those sounds is buzzing. Apparently, Woody is quite attracted to that buzzing sound, and that attraction proved to be a bit of a problem.

As I suspect you have surmised, the buzzing ...Read more

Rising speed limits spur safety concerns

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WASHINGTON -- Wisconsin state Rep. Paul Tittl drives his Toyota Prius 140 miles from his home district to the state capitol in Madison every week. Usually, he keeps up with the fast-moving traffic on the highway. But one day, he decided to lower the pace and drive at the maximum speed allowed -- 65 mph.

"Little old ladies scowled at me and gave...Read more

Pet Vet: Is local drinking water safe for dogs?

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A reader has a question about drinking water for her dog, Lacey. Lacey is 9 months old and of mixed breed descent. Erin knows of caretakers who only use bottled water for their companions, fearing potential problems from tap water. Is tap water safe for Lacey? If not, what makes it unsafe?

First off I must tell you I am not a water quality ...Read more

Pet Vet: Dogs, too, can grieve death of a close friend

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Allison from Modesto, Calif., has been recently saddened by the loss of her dog, Fanny, a 12-year-old golden retriever. Fanny had a form of cancer called lymphosarcoma, and after eight months of treatment and a good quality of life, Fanny had a recurrence of her cancer and Allison elected to let her go.

Allison has another dog named Cali, a ...Read more

Sabbath cooking a safety worry for observant Jews

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PITTSBURGH -- Observant Jews say the tragic house fire that killed seven children in New York City recently has reinforced the need to use reliable kitchen equipment and smoke detectors for Sabbath use.

"It definitely highlights the importance of people being extra-careful that whatever is done is being done in a safe manner," said Rabbi ...Read more

Pet Vet: Biopsy results for Annie the yellow lab were good news

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When last we "spoke," our subject was Annie, a 9-year-old yellow Labrador retriever who had presented to our veterinary hospital for an annual physical examination. She was her normal happy self, always wanting to please as we went through the examination.

Unfortunately, Annie had a problem. No one could realize she had a life-threatening ...Read more

Pet Vet: Routine exam turns into emergency surgery

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Annie walked into the exam room just like she had been doing for the past nine years, rear end wagging back and forth with her tail keeping time. She had a big smile on her face and lowered her head as always to make it as easy as possible to pet her head. It was time for her annual physical examination.

Annie is a 9-year-old yellow Labrador ...Read more


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