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Pet Vet: Human exposure to disease in cats is not very likely

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Ellen from Modesto, Cal., is the caretaker for Sassy, a 4-year-old tabby cat that Ellen loves dearly. Ellen is also pregnant and has concerns about being pregnant while living with a cat. Sassy is entirely indoors and Ellen has heard -- without much detail -- about problems that can occur to babies because of the mother's exposure to cats during...Read more

Pet Vet: What to do when a pet goes into a seizure

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Molly is a 3-year-old Yorkshire terrier who lives with Fran and her husband, Bill, in Modesto. Molly spends most of her time indoors never far from Fran or Bill and has had no health problems until about four months ago.

Fran and Bill were on the couch watching television with Molly sitting next to them. Rather suddenly, Molly began to tremble ...Read more

Pet Vet: Concerned owners have questions about cat's kidney disease diagnosis

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Tabitha is a 13-year-old cat, living with Madeline and Frank, that spends all of her time indoors. She is currently up to date on all her vaccinations and, according to Madeline, is the ruler of the household.

Recently, Tabitha had begun to drink more than normal and was not eating very well. As a result, she began to lose weight. Tabitha was ...Read more

Automakers' high-tech headlights disappoint in safety study

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WASHINGTON -- Automakers seeking to improve safety with high-tech headlights may be literally leaving their customers in the dark.

A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rates the headlights in just one of 31 new midsize cars as good: Toyota's Prius V. One-third of the models were deemed "poor," the lowest rating on a four-...Read more

Pet Vet: Find the cause behind the cough to treat ailing Lhasa Apso

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This week I am going to address a letter I received from Marty in Santa Barbara. Marty has been caring for Starr a 7-year-old Lhasa Apso dog for all of her life. In the last six months or so, Starr has developed a cough that has gotten a bit worse with time. It seems that when Marty first gets up in the morning, Starr coughs quite a bit and when...Read more

Automakers agree to make automatic braking a standard feature by 2022

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Automatic emergency braking would be standard equipment on most American cars within six years under an "unprecedented" pact announced Thursday between federal regulators and the auto industry.

The agreement was reached between the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and 20 automakers ...Read more

Automakers agree to adopt emergency braking by 2022

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DETROIT -- Automakers, safety regulators and consumer groups have agreed to require automatic emergency braking in new vehicles by 2022, according to several people who were briefed on the matter.

Mark Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, will make the announcement Thursday at a highway research center ...Read more

Pet Vet: Changing urinary habits a red flag for problems

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Erin takes care of Bondo, a 10-year-old cat that lives entirely inside his house. Recently, Erin has noticed Bondo making many more trips to the litter box to urinate and there have been times when blood was noted in the urine. Erin, thank you for your very detailed letter. The more details the better when it comes to figuring out a possible ...Read more

Pet Vet: Wally's owner worried limp may mean hip dysplasia

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Fran and her 7-month-old dog named Wally are from Eureka. Wally is a large dog, about 80 pounds, and has developed a limp in his right rear leg. She has noticed him limping on and off for about two weeks, and lately it has gotten a bit more severe.

Fran's not positive, but she thinks she may have noticed a limping on the left rear leg as well. ...Read more

The lab where they blow up hoverboards on purpose

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NORTHBROOK, Ill. -- The sign on the reinforced door read "Projectile Testing" and the crowd gathered in the corridor outside had been warned to expect a small explosion.

But when the hoverboard battery blew up with an almighty BANG and a flash of yellow flame, Barbara Guthrie flinched all the same.

"Huh!," UL's chief public safety officer said...Read more

Pet Vet: Tabby cat needs tests to diagnose chronic problem

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Turtle has had diarrhea on and off for the last three months. She has been treated several times with various medications at least some of which, according to Anne, were antibiotics. The medications have had varying degrees of success in lessening the diarrhea, none have completely eliminated it. Turtle is a 10-year-old tabby cat.

Anne reports ...Read more

Pet Vet: Examination, tests needed to diagnose arthritis in cat

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Phyllis is a loyal reader who wrote in with a question concerning her cat, Mathilda. The 12-year-old indoor cat has slowed down quite a bit in the past year or so. She seems to be eating and drinking well, but she sleeps more than she used to and has trouble jumping onto furniture, something she used to do with minimal effort. Phyllis thinks it'...Read more

Here's how your new toy drone could upset the aviation world

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WASHINGTON -- On a Saturday night in early December, Chinese exchange student Owen Ouyang went out to the front yard of his Martinez, Calif., home and launched a sleek new drone he had recently bought for about $1,000.

The 2.8-pound drone, advertised as "easy to fly," proved anything but. Soon after takeoff, the drone veered dangerously toward ...Read more

Pet Vet: Pug's missing hair, itchy skin could be mange from mites

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Hadley is a 6-month-old pug dog with a skin problem. His caretakers, Forest and Sherry, have had him since he was 8 weeks old and noticed recently that he is developing patches of missing hair on his body, some of which show reddened skin. Hadley seems otherwise unaffected although Sherry reports he does seem itchy. He has been treated with a ...Read more


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