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Pet Vet: As weather cools, tips to help your reptiles hibernate

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Have you noticed? It's colder outside and the drop in temperature has been relatively sudden. This type of temperature change doesn't cause too much trouble for us warm-blooded creatures, but that is not the case for the poikilothermic ectotherm group. These creatures can't make their own body heat, and their body temperatures are the same as ...Read more

Federal safety regulators to recommend automatic emergency braking

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DETROIT -- Federal safety regulators will include automatic emergency braking as a recommended auto safety technology beginning with 2018 model year vehicles when handing out safety ratings.

"We are adding automatic emergency braking features to the 5-star rating system because crash-avoidance technologies can save lives and should be widely ...Read more

Pet Vet: How a dog's heart murmer is detected and evaluated

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Today's article centers around cardiology and dogs with heart murmurs. We will use Waldo, a 6 year old cockapoo from Green Bay, Wis., as our case study, as he has recently been found to have a heart murmur. His caretaker Kim is understandably concerned. She was told by her veterinarian that Waldo's heart murmur was apparently causing him no ...Read more

Pet Vet: Growth on pet python suggests possible surgical intervention

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As many readers realize, we sometimes deal with companions outside of the canine or feline variety, and today is one of those times.

Stanley is a 10-year-old carpet python that has lived in a cage in Jonathan's house since he was born. He eats once every two weeks, usually one adult rat, and has had no health problems until recently.

About ...Read more

Pet Vet: A look at some causes of vision problems in dogs

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Hulu is apparently having trouble with his eyesight. This especially appears to be the case when there is lower ambient lighting. His caretakers, who wish to remain nameless, have watched Hulu bump into objects in the house with increasing frequency over the last two months and are wondering if he might have cataracts.

Before I delve into Hulu'...Read more

Consumers slow to adopt newest safety features

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Existing technologies already available on new vehicles could prevent about one-third of the traffic deaths annually in the U.S., and save a quarter-trillion dollars, but consumers are very slow to pay the current price for these features, based on a study released this week by the Boston Consulting Group and the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers ...Read more

At least three other fatal accidents involving Duck vehicles reported since 1999

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SEATTLE--Before Thursday's multiple-fatality collision in Seattle, at least three other fatal accidents involving Duck tourist vehicles had been reported nationally since 1999, federal records, news reports and interviews show.

The latest accident occurred in Philadelphia in May, when one of the amphibious military vehicles-turned-tourist ...Read more

Railroad is firm in refusing to give bridge information to local governments

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MILWAUKEE -- Despite urging from a federal agency that railroads hand over more information on safety conditions of bridges, a carrier moving Bakken crude oil through Milwaukee says it doesn't plan to provide such details.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., distributed a letter from Sarah Feinberg, acting administrator of the Federal Railroad ...Read more

Pet Vet: 4-year-old ferret has lost her get up and go

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Ferrets continue to increase in popularity as companion animals in California and elsewhere. This despite their status as illegal pets in California (and a few others states or cities).. The logic as to their illegal status has escaped me, having worked to change this status over the past many years to no avail.

I have been treating ferrets as ...Read more

Pet Vet: What could blood in cat's stool mean?

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Angela shares an apartment with her 6-year-old cat Andy. Andy has spent all his life indoors. Recently, Angela has noticed small amounts of blood in his stool. The stool is otherwise normal. It does not seem to show blood on every bowel movement but it has become increasingly prevalent. His diet consists of Science Diet Feline Maintenance in a ...Read more

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