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Pet Vet: How to help Eloise, a pet rat with a giant tumor

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Paula is feeling very neglectful concerning her companion, Eloise. She has been caring for Eloise for about a year and a half, since soon after Eloise was born. About five months ago, Eloise developed a small lump on her right side, starting out about the size of a marble. Paula did what I think a lot of folks do and ignored it, hoping it might ...Read more

Pet Vet: Spaniel's overzealous cleaning worries owner

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Fran takes care of Ellie, a 4-year-old springer spaniel with a somewhat embarrassing problem -- at least for Fran. It seems that over the past few months Ellie has been paying a lot of attention to the area around her vulva. She spends an inordinate amount of time licking and the skin in that location is very reddened.

In the past, Ellie has ...Read more

Pet Vet: Looking into causes of swelling on rabbit's face

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Poochie is a 3 year old female and lives most of her time inside a house she shares with her human companions. She enjoys romps in the back yard, especially getting into the flower garden and nibbling on the many varieties of flowers growing there.

She has had no health problems in her past, according to Sharie, her primary caretaker who is -- ...Read more

Pet Vet: Spaniel's ear troubles could be chronic otitis

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Gladys from Modesto wrote in about Buffy, her 9-year-old female cocker spaniel with ear problems. Buffy has had ear infections on and off for most of her life and is being treated with some type of ointment in the ears without apparent success. Buffy appears to be in pain and her activity level is way down.

It sounds to me as though Buffy is ...Read more


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