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Pet Vet: Pug's missing hair, itchy skin could be mange from mites

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Hadley is a 6-month-old pug dog with a skin problem. His caretakers, Forest and Sherry, have had him since he was 8 weeks old and noticed recently that he is developing patches of missing hair on his body, some of which show reddened skin. Hadley seems otherwise unaffected although Sherry reports he does seem itchy. He has been treated with a ...Read more

Pet Vet: What to do when abnormal growth appears on your pet

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Andrea from Allentown, Pa., has a Queensland heeler named Jake. Jake is 8 years old and in very good condition, according to Andrea. Recently, he has developed a lump on the underside of his neck and she has noticed it getting a bit larger in the last few weeks. Andrea points out that this lump does not appear painful or to affect Jake in any ...Read more

Uber is piloting smartphone tech to track speeding drivers

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Silicon Valley, where tech can ostensibly solve anything, can it solve the problem of speeding drivers?

That's a question Uber might soon be able to answer. The San Francisco on-demand transportation company announced Tuesday it has been piloting a program that uses the gyrometers and GPS technology in its drivers' smartphones ...Read more

Popular Hoverboards draw scrutiny amid safety concerns

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PITTSBURGH -- Hoverboards went from virtually unknown in the United States a year ago to the hottest gadget around this past Christmas.

Estimates are that manufacturers, most of them in China, have sold millions of the two-wheel, battery-operated vehicles here in the past year for prices ranging from $250 to $1,500.

Now, because of concerns ...Read more

Pet Vet: Helping kitties with kidney problems

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Jan from Cheyenne, Wyo., writes in about her 11-year-old female cat, Matilda, with kidney problems. Having read a previous article dealing with renal (kidney) disease in felines, Jan and her kitty need some additional information.

Renal disease can represent any process that affects the kidneys and their function. This function in its simplest ...Read more

Auto industry, fed regulators to unveil 2 major safety plans

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DETROIT -- The U.S. government and automotive industry are on the brink of announcing two initiatives that could dramatically improve the safety of automobiles and create a new "proactive safety culture," Mark Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said on Tuesday in Detroit.

Rosekind said details of the ...Read more

Floodwater poses health risks to people, pets

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In the rush to protect homes and businesses from flood waters, it's important to also watch out for health risks. Flood waters can contain raw sewage and hazardous chemicals and lead to intestinal illness if ingested.

Keep children and pets away from flood water inside the home. Wear rubber boots, gloves and goggles when cleaning up flooded ...Read more

Pet Vet: Could cat's persistent cough be allergies?

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Marsha, from Sonora, has a 7-year-old cat named Tiger with a persistent cough that has become more frequent over the last few weeks. There are times during these coughing episodes when Tiger will hunch his back and seems to hide in certain areas in the house. He also sometimes acts as though it is hard to breathe in between coughs. Could this be...Read more

NHTSA fines BMW for not reporting Mini recall

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DETROIT -- German automaker BMW has been fined $40 million by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for failing to issue safety recalls in a timely manner to Mini owners.

The automaker joins a growing list of companies that have been sanctioned by the safety agency this year for violating U.S. regulations. Earlier this month NHTSA ...Read more

Pet Vet: Great care needed this time of year for pets

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I wrote this piece four years ago and I feel it bears reprinting.

'Tis the season and the big day is almost here. Houses are decorated, Christmas trees are dressed and our companions are walking around the house thinking about all the neat stuff there is to play with. There are a few reasons to avoid such interaction, not the least of which is ...Read more

Pet Vet: Dog's symptoms are consistent with neurological problem

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Jennifer is from Williams and has a 9-year-old mixed breed female dog named Alice who has recently and rather suddenly developed some changes in her face.

Alice's head is tilted to the left and her face on the left side seems to be drooping. She also has a drooping lower eyelid on the left and is having trouble holding food in the left side of ...Read more

How to keep your pets safe during holiday feasts

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Overindulging in a holiday family feast can be unhealthy for humans, but even worse for pets, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Fatty foods are hard for animals to digest. Poultry bones can damage your pet's digestive tract. And holiday sweets can contain ingredients that are poisonous to pets.

Here are some things the ...Read more

Drone's near collision with CHP helicopter underscores risks in popularity

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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. -- With more than hundreds of thousands of drones expected to be purchased nationwide this holiday season, frightening encounters like the recent one when a California Highway Patrol pilot's sharp maneuver avoided a crash in Contra Costa County skies are likely to become more common, and potentially more dangerous, ...Read more

Pet Vet: Obesity is a huge problem in our four-legged friends

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Kyle from Modesto writes in to express some frustration he is having trying to get some weight off his dog, AJ. AJ is an 8-year-old Basset hound who has become quite overweight. Kyle had AJ neutered about 18 months ago and it seems AJ has gotten heavier ever since. Even with the use of a "lite" formula diet, AJ has continued to put on weight and...Read more

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