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Oakland concert venue 'was a tinderbox'

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OAKLAND, Calif.--The Oakland warehouse where at least nine people were killed at a late-night concert was a deadly blaze waiting to happen.

People who previously lived there recalled a building that lacked fire sprinklers and had a staircase partly made of wooden pallets. Partygoers recalled a rabbit warren of rooms crammed with belongings -- ...Read more

Lax ambulance rules put paramedics, patients at risk

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WASHINGTON -- When an ambulance driver using her phone's GPS got distracted and crashed through a guardrail, rolling off an embankment in north-central Ohio in August 2014, the consequences were dire: A 56-year-old patient was ejected and killed, and an EMS worker was injured.

The emergency medical service worker was not strapped in, and the ...Read more

Pet Vet: Doggone it! These pet anxiety-reducing meds really stress out owner

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With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, pet owners across the country are preparing to travel to destinations near and far.

While some owners will kennel their beloved fur babies when they go out of town for the holidays, some brave souls will make the choice to travel with their precious dog or cat in tow. Of course, the key to ...Read more

Pet Vet: Dog's facial swelling could be caused by tooth root abscess

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Lacey is a 6-year-old female Pomeranian dog who, according to caretaker Kara, runs the household. I would bet there are a lot of us out there who might say the same thing about our companions. Lacey spends most of her time indoors, but is allowed access into the backyard and goes on regular leash walks with Karen.

Over the past couple of months...Read more

Pet Vet: Readers fear feral cats threaten health of companion cats

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I have received two letters recently that deal with the same subject. Both Carol and Stacey are cat lovers and each has two cats that live predominately indoors.

Stacey has a well-enclosed back yard that she allows her two felines to visit, but otherwise they spend their time inside. All four cats are fully vaccinated, according to their ...Read more

Pet Vet: How to help Eloise, a pet rat with a giant tumor

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Paula is feeling very neglectful concerning her companion, Eloise. She has been caring for Eloise for about a year and a half, since soon after Eloise was born. About five months ago, Eloise developed a small lump on her right side, starting out about the size of a marble. Paula did what I think a lot of folks do and ignored it, hoping it might ...Read more

Pet Vet: Spaniel's overzealous cleaning worries owner

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Fran takes care of Ellie, a 4-year-old springer spaniel with a somewhat embarrassing problem -- at least for Fran. It seems that over the past few months Ellie has been paying a lot of attention to the area around her vulva. She spends an inordinate amount of time licking and the skin in that location is very reddened.

In the past, Ellie has ...Read more

Pet Vet: Looking into causes of swelling on rabbit's face

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Poochie is a 3 year old female and lives most of her time inside a house she shares with her human companions. She enjoys romps in the back yard, especially getting into the flower garden and nibbling on the many varieties of flowers growing there.

She has had no health problems in her past, according to Sharie, her primary caretaker who is -- ...Read more

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