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Science Advice Goddess: Ancestry Dot Con

I'm a single woman in my mid-30s with an older half brother I haven't seen in 20 years. He started calling me several years ago, and we speak sporadically (always instigated by him). He's married and refers to me as the aunt to his four children (whom I've never met). Recently, he asked whether they could all stay with me for a while. On the ...Read more

Millenial Life: Becoming a Regular

After my dad died, my mom moved back to her hometown to stay with her aging parents. When I came to visit, we walked through the small village, past a bar that could only fit about 10 people comfortably. I peered in as we walked by and a man looked up, swiveled on his stool and ran out to greet us. It turns out he was a cousin of my mom, who ...Read more

Single File: Sleepover Lovers

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DEAR SUSAN: I'm the single daddy of amazing twin girls. I have them on the weekends, an arrangement that works fine for their mother but not so well for yours truly. Come Friday night, I want some lovin' and am itching to arrange a sleepover with my favorite femme. You say no to the itch. Why?

DEAR BLOGGER: Bringing in a sleepover sex kitten is...Read more


Erika Ettin: I just didn't feel the connection

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Why is it that something that should seem so easy – telling someone you’re not interested – is so hard for many people? I get it – no one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings. So I’m going to share a few examples of the right and wrong ways to kindly let someone down in various situations.

After one date and the other person wants to see...Read more


Barton Goldsmith: How to accept missing out

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FOMO is no-mo. There’s no longer the fear of missing out — because there’s nothing to miss out on. For the near future at least, gatherings of almost any kind have been put on hold, or people are doing them small or not at all.

Meetings are available on Zoom, and that’s great, but it just isn’t the same as meeting up in person. We ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Laddy Issues

I'm a woman in my early 20s. My friends say I have "daddy issues," because I tend to date men in their 30s. (I do have a decent relationship with my dad). I find men in their 20s generally immature, slobby, and inconsiderate, with limited communication skills (and no desire to improve them). I can't see how being frustrated with that means ...Read more


Person to Person: Finding supportive people powers your life

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If you want your life to flow more smoothly, take a close look at your “support system.” This system is comprised of those people who help you get things done.

Do you have enough dependable, stable people to help you in lots of ways? Or, do you cope by relying on one or two friends too much?

While health, money, and education strengthen ...Read more

Breathing out and Digging in

During the majority of 2020, my mom and I had a running joke, particularly after we would watch the governor's weekly COVID-19 presentations. We'd tell each other that we'd have to wait two more weeks to really know if any new mandates or restrictions would have any effect on the rising case numbers. Two weeks later, we'd say it's just two more ...Read more

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Barton Goldsmith: 10 steps to help you accomplish any goal

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It’s a new year, and that usually means setting new goals for yourself. But this isn’t just any new year. Surviving 2020 was in itself a huge accomplishment. You should give yourself a pat on the back for doing just that.

Those of us who are or will be fortunate enough to have grandchildren will tell them how we survived the coronavirus ...Read more


Erika Ettin: 'Never married' doesn't mean 'never in a relationship'

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The other day, a 60-something widowed female client of mine received a message on from an accomplished, seemingly nice man. In her first response back to him, she asked — point blank — “Why have you never been married?” He replied very politely, saying that it was a combination of things, some work-related and some more ...Read more

Single File: Oxymoron

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DEAR SUSAN: Last weekend, I had sex with a girl who's just a friend. (She and I laughed and said it was friendship with benefits.) But now she's calling me regularly, asking when I'm coming to see her again. I feel so guilty. It was purely platonic on my part. She's a nice girl, but honestly, it meant nothing. What should I do?

DEAR BLOGGER: It...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Emily Postal

Bright red lipstick is my trademark. It makes me feel attractive and confident: ready to take on the world. A female friend criticizes me at parties about my leaving a lipstick mark on my glass, even when it's a plastic cup. She says it's disgusting, often when guys are listening. Is this her problem or bad etiquette I need to change?

--Girl...Read more

A Call for a More Connected World

I've been working from home since 2017. In March 2020, my internet speed slowed to a grind. The new demand on the infrastructure was immediately evident, and I started having childhood flashbacks of waiting for images to load, line by pixelated line.

That said, my childhood was technologically abundant. I received a hand-me-down computer from ...Read more

Single File: The Declaration of Undependence

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More than 100 million strong -- and soon to gain majority status in America -- the unmarried community affirms its undependence with this Declaration of Undependence.

I RESOLVE to think for myself in all situations rather than allow anyone (even "experts") to make important decisions regarding the course of my life. While I will remain open to ...Read more