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After the Kids Have Flown the Coop

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Dear Annie: I am a 49-year-old father of twins, a boy and girl. They are 18 and will be headed for college soon, and I am starting to get pretty worried about the nest's being empty once they depart.

I love my wife. Our marriage has been rocky at times, but we've stayed together. There's been no infidelity or anything major. We've just had ...Read more

Ask Amy: Flight or fight? These passengers choose both

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Dear Amy: On a short airplane flight, I was seated next to a woman who chatted to me nonstop about this and that, while I listened and smiled politely.

When she started to voice opinions that I didn't share and didn't want to discuss, I tried to wrap up the conversation and turned to my phone.

I texted my daughter an unkind remark about the ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Reluctant Girlfriend

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Dear Annie: I am a sophomore in college and have been dating "Andrew" for nearly six months. He lives with his father and stepfamily. There are several legal problems involving abuse in Andrew's family. Social Services visits their house often to check up on things. Along with that, his family has no sense of financial responsibility, and much ...Read more

Science Advice Goddess: Hollow Sheldon

Call me old-fashioned, but I find humility attractive, and I'm disturbed by the lack of it in a guy I've been dating. He seems to need to keep telling me how desirable he is, like by mentioning he dated some Instagram model and saying, "I'm used to being the smartest guy in the room," when he initially lied about going to a top-tier ...Read more

Getting a Career off Cruise Control

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Dear Annie: I've been working at the same car dealership for five years, since I graduated high school. When I started, it was just a job. I thought I would do this and then figure out what I really want to do. Then I started to make some money, and I got decent at selling. A week turned into a month, which turned into a year, and here I am at ...Read more

Ask Amy: DNA reveals family secret and resentment

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Dear Amy: Information I received from my genetic testing revealed that my father had two other children while married to my mother within our supposedly “intact” family.

I am allowing the picture I have of my past, my childhood, and my family to (painfully) reshape my personal history, as this knowledge integrates into my whole self.

This ...Read more

Headed for Retirement in Michigan

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Dear Annie: I wonder what you would say to a son who is constantly demanding that his father make out a will and leave his 10-acre property to him, excluding his sister.

My husband and I have been married just over a year. He has a grown son and daughter from a previous marriage, both of whom are married with children of their own. I have two ...Read more

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After decades of invisibility, asexuals are speaking up and gaining ground: 'I don't need to be fixed because I'm not broken.'

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CHICAGO — Looking back, Allison McCorkle can laugh at all the signs she missed: There was that time in sixth grade when the cool boy her friends were swooning over called to ask her out. Not only was McCorkle uninterested, but she was also puzzled as to why anyone would feel otherwise.

“We’re too young to be doing that,” she told her ...Read more

Hyper-Involved School Administrators

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Dear Annie: My 10-year-old's school administrators are over-the-top nosey and won't stay out of our business. I think they mean well, but at times, they try to micromanage the care of our child. For example, his favorite pair of shoes are falling apart, and although he has new shoes, he prefers the old ones. The school sent home a pair of shoes,...Read more

Ask Amy: Couple copes with texts and subtexts

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Dear Amy: I recently went on a two-week vacation with my husband “Rob,” and “Patsy,” the wife of another couple we have traveled with in the past.

The husband did not want to go on this particular trip, so it was just the three of us.

From the first day, my husband was fawning all over Patsy, while completely ignoring me.

The three of...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Going Gray (Early) Grandmother

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Dear Annie: I have a toddler grandson (18 months old), and his mother leaves him alone in the bathtub. The other day, when I walked into their home, he was by himself in the tub while she was feeding his newborn sister in another room.

I am so worried that something may happen. We all know how fast a tragedy can occur. Please don't tell me to ...Read more

Millennial Life: Holding Our Breath on Truth

I've spent the last few summers hanging out at the side of the pool, watching an infinitely patient swim instructor teach my kids the basics of working with water. I learned to swim at my daughter's age, but she's much better than I was because I started her at about 4 years old. After I learned the basics, I stopped, and I never really did ...Read more

A Friend in Debt

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Dear Annie: My wife and I are in a pickle. We are friends with another couple, "Josh" and "Vanessa." Vanessa happens to be a teacher at our kids' school. One day, I was picking up my offspring and started chatting with her. I could tell she was sad and asked her about it. That's when the floodgates opened.

She started telling me how she's ...Read more

Ask Amy: Dad is sad that wife has become ‘mom’

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Dear Amy: My spouse has changed so much, and I no longer enjoy her company.

As parents of two young children, we are pretty good parents and partners. Unfortunately, that is the only thing we are now.

She no longer cares about us as a couple, and only has enough bandwidth for our kids.

Everything else comes second, and my wish for a life ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Mother Who Needs Rules in Florida

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Dear Annie: My daughter graduated from high school in June. "Kaitlin" has a serious boyfriend, and they spend almost all of their time at our house.

My husband says a 10 p.m. curfew is sufficient time to say goodnight, regardless of whether it's a Monday or a weekend. I think he could be a bit more lenient, especially on Friday and Saturday ...Read more

Dating My Ex-Husband

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Dear Annie: I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for about two years. He's actually my ex-husband from 25 years ago, and we reunited about 16 months ago. We do not live together, but he's made it clear that he wants to move in that direction and even hints that we should remarry. However, last March, we had a serious falling out and ...Read more

Ask Amy: Saying ‘no’ to pushy house guests is seasonal

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Dear Amy: How does one gently say “no” to an acquaintance who calls and wants to visit my area and stay in my home?

They have visited in the past and I am accommodating, but I have kept my actual feelings quiet, so they will be surprised when I say “no.”

They are very demanding and judgmental, so I am stressed out just thinking about ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox: Wanting To Hurt No One

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Dear Annie: I have three children under the age of 10. When our oldest two were very young, my husband and I asked my brother, "Ned," and his wife to be the guardians of our children, even though they lived in another state. We chose them over my sister, "Dotty," because at the time, Dotty was engaged to a man no one in the family liked. Their ...Read more

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Marriage madness across America has wedding costs soaring

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NEW YORK — Last week, Kate Zhang snapped up a wedding dress at a bridal store in Manhattan. It was only her second appointment.

Her decision to get married was slightly less hurried. Zhang and her fiancé, Harrison Li, agreed to tie the knot the weekend before. Granted, they had waited more than a year because of the pandemic, but this summer...Read more

Do I Deserve a Referral Fee?

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: I am in my late 60s, and my boyfriend, "Mark," is in his early 70s. We have been living together in my house for a year and a half. We're both divorced and have adult children from our previous marriages. Mark communicates daily with all five children via phone calls and text messages. My problem is that he's also regularly in ...Read more