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Friend Plans Own Birthday Gift

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Granted, that may be rare. Those with good intentions may misjudge or not know the recipient well enough. Those with indifferent intentions find it easier to be told how to pay what they seem to owe.

That is why we allow a system of hinting and checking with third parties. But if people are going to outright choose their own presents, they might as well do their own shopping with the time and money they might have spent meeting the demands of others.

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My teenage son blows his nose, loudly, in the shower. I maintain that it's gross, and say he should use a tissue either before or after his shower. My husband says there's nothing wrong with it.

I don't want my son to unintentionally disgust others. What is your ruling on this?

GENTLE READER: That you should not be hanging around the bathroom while your teenaged son is taking a shower. Nor speculating about who might someday shower with him.



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