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Erika Ettin: How to put down your phone and meet new people (yes, including 'The One')

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If you are an animal lover, where better to find a match? If you don’t have a pet yourself, tag along with a friend (going to a dog park sans dog is somewhat frowned upon, though you can always watch from outside the gate and see if a pup decides to play matchmaker) and see if a romance blossoms a la "101 Dalmatians."

5. Join a book club

Not only will you expand your home library, but you’ll meet a new group of people. Again, even if most of your fellow club members are paired up, they may have a network of friends that includes someone great.

6. Book a group vacation

Travel companies like Contiki Tours (which caters to the 18-to-35 crowd) and Exodus Travels focus on group tours, so you’ll be sightseeing with the same group of people over the course of your vacations. It’s a great way to meet new people who are similarly adventurous.


7. Change your normal routine

When you take the same route to work, stop at the same coffee shop, and eat lunch at the same deli every day, you tend to run into the same people over and over again. Who knows what might happen if you try a new spot for morning coffee or a different restaurant?

Meeting new people as an adult is no easy task. It’s not like college when everyone is eager to meet friends — people tend to be busy and stuck in their routines. But it’s when you break out of routines that new opportunities arise. Whether you are looking to expand your horizons or need a break from dating apps all together, there’s no wrong way to go about networking. There are plenty of crazy “how we met” stories out there — maybe you’ll be one of them!

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