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Barton Goldsmith: How to avoid negative people

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5. Value kindness over connections

Some people you may admire and even respect can also have negative personalities. You may think they have something to offer you, but if it’s not delivered with kindness, then it’s useless. People who bully themselves through the world may achieve some success, but they don’t make good friends.

6. Always be ready to leave a party

I enjoy a nice social gathering, but when they get out of hand, usually because of too much alcohol, the energy of the room can go negative fast. This is a good time to make your exit. I just ask my lovely wife if she’s ready to leave, and we say our goodbyes.

7. Choose your friends wisely


Hang with people who have the same core values as you do, and you will encounter much less negativity. I’m not really a joiner, but when I find a group of like-minded people, I stay a member for as long as they will have me.

8. Avoid curmudgeons and misanthropes if you can

These are people who don’t like anything and continually complain about it. It can be draining to be around them, but if they are family members, avoiding them can be problematic. Seeing them as slightly broken and harmless can help you cope.

Unless you live in a fantasy land, there will always be some negative people in your world. Using the above techniques will help you avoid taking in their negativity. Emotional pain is probably what makes people behave this way, and just knowing this can also help you.

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