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Ask Amy: Siblings face dilemma over mother’s will

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My stepfather has two adult children, and my mother has three adult children.

Our stepfather died, and over time mother changed the will so all money she had inherited from him would go to her biological children (which includes me), instead of sharing it among all five.

She was not fond of the stepchildren.

My sister, who was the executor of our mother’s will, says that two weeks before our mother died (suddenly), Mom said that she was thinking of changing the will to include everyone – her children and stepchildren.

Should we children that inherited the entire estate split the inheritance with the stepchildren?

It all feels awkward. Other dynamics are that our stepbrother is a millionaire, who would most likely think that we are not giving him enough and/or appreciate the gesture.


Therefore, we are not sure it would “fix” dynamics already created by my mother’s actions. It all feels awkward.

What would be fair might not heal the situation. And is there any way to heal it? And is it “right” if my mother deliberately created this will?

Am I just finding arguments so I can keep the money?

– Guilty


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