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Ask Amy: Abusive ex-husband now wants to share cabin

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These are very young children. You and your wife are their uncle and aunt. Keep doing what you are doing with your own kids. But save a shred of kindness and generosity for these other children. They are behaving the way they are being raised to behave.

Meet them at the playground or at the ball pit, where they can express themselves freely without disrupting your household.

Dear Amy: Like others, I am disturbed by your knee-jerk response to “Totally Confused Mom,” whose adult daughters claimed to have been traumatized in their youth.

It’s not always the parents’ fault!

– Upset

Dear Upset: Many people have responded to this topic, most raising the same point: It can’t always be the parents’ fault.


I’m wondering if perhaps there is also a change in parents’ expectations of how close their children should remain to them in adulthood.

Previous generations got by with occasional phone calls or letters. Young adults were expected to figure out their own problems. It’s possible that some young adults are trying to separate from their folks.


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