Chinese Zodiac

Below are ten descriptions of different animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Can you guess which is which?

Points available: 10


I like to hoard valuable items, but I'm also generous to family and friends. Some people think I'm stubborn and manipulative, but I'm also very intelligent and ambitious. I'd make a good writer or psychologist. What am I?


I'm prone to mischief, especially with my variety of talents and quick mind. If someone has wronged me, I don't forget about it. While I'm happy with my own life, I might complicate the lives of others. What am I?


I like to give people freedom, and I expect to receive it in return. I'll always listen to people's problems, and while I'll offer advice, it might be difficult for me to keep a secret. I'm intuitive and inquisitive. What am I?


I'm a hard worker, and like to be left alone while I work. When I make up my mind, it's very difficult for someone to change it. I may not say much, but I'm very intelligent and well-spoken when I do. What am I?


I'm very outgoing and like to show off a lot. It's rare to see me underdressed; I'll always look flashy and want to be the center of attention. I love meeting new people. What am I?


Sometimes I'm aggressive, and sometimes I'm gentle. I'm open with friends, but when I feel trapped, I'm likely to get angry. I'm a generous friend, but can also be self-centered. What am I?


I am patient and shy, and once you get to know me, I'm a warm-hearted person. I don't like unfamiliar surroundings unless they are quiet and relaxing. More than anything, I prefer to avoid arguments. What am I?


I am compassionate and willing to listen to people's problems, but I'm also very sensitive to things around me. I don't like being in aggressive or competitive environments. I'm cultured and graceful, with a great attention to detail. What am I?


I am wise and intelligent, and dislike frivolity and foolishness. I have a talent for judging situations correctly, but this makes me so headstrong that I refuse to listen to the advice of others. What am I?


I am likeable and loyal, and empathize with friends easily. This empathy makes me highly sensitive, and I tend to be upset more than other signs. In a crisis, I offer stability to my friends. What am I?