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Spending Smart: Protect your medical records from identity theft

Identity theft to many people is not a big deal because it has become synonymous with the minor hassle of dealing with a stolen credit card number. You get another card, and you're not out any money. And it happens so often, we've become numb to ...Read More


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'Ex Machina' star Oscar Isaac channels Kubrick in film

Oscar Isaac has launched a first-rate film career by creating characters nobody wants as their imaginary best friend. Over the past 10 years, as villainous King John in Ridley Scott's retelling of the Robin Hood legend, a sneaky CIA type in the ...Read More

Health & Spirit

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Republicans drop battle to do away with Obamacare

WASHINGTON -- After five years and more than 50 votes in Congress, the Republican campaign to repeal the Affordable Care Act is essentially over.

Republican congressional leaders, unable to roll back the law while President Barack Obama remains ...Read More


Vatican abruptly ends investigation of American nuns

The Vatican ended its controversial investigation of U.S. nuns Thursday, marking a quiet conclusion to a boisterous battle between the Holy See and the main umbrella group of American nuns.

A report noting the end of the Vatican's years-long ...Read More

Senior Living

Social Security Q&A: Can I get a new number after ID theft?

Q: Someone stole my Social Security number, and it's being used repeatedly. Does Social Security issue new Social Security numbers to victims of repeated identity theft?

A: Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America, so you ...Read More


Female guards file discrimination complaints against Guantanamo judges

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, Cuba -- Some female soldiers at the prison's secret lockup for former CIA captives have filed gender discrimination complaints against two military judges who are forbidding women from handling prisoners to and from legal...Read More

Home & Leisure

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Ford, Toyota investments help Mexican auto industry boom

Investment in the Mexican auto industry is soaring as automakers take advantage of low labor costs, an increasingly sophisticated workforce and free trade agreements.

Ford Motor Co. said Friday that it will spend $2.5 billion to build and expand ...Read More


Mortgage rates held steady this week, Freddie Mac says

Fixed mortgage rates were essentially flat this week, with lenders offering a 30-year loan at 3.67 percent, compared to 3.66 percent last week, Freddie Mac said Thursday.

The mortgage finance giant's weekly survey showed rates for a 15-year fixed...Read More


On Gardening: Giant leopard plant a spectacular member of the aster family

Members of the aster family can be described by a lot of wonderful adjectives, but "lush" and "tropical" are typically not among them. Yet that is the case with the giant leopard plant. Botanically speaking, I am referring to Farfugium japonicum '...Read More


Between sunscreen and indoor lifestyles, bodies crave vitamin D

Tammi Leader Fuller, 55, is outdoors most of the time, running her Malibu, Calif.-based sleepover camps for grown-ups. Yet, she knows she does not get enough of D, the "sunshine vitamin," because it requires ultraviolet rays to be absorbed.

"I'm ...Read More


Grooming an anxious dog? Try these tips

Whether it’s trimming nails or trying to bathe a dog, if you’re a dog groomer then you probably see anxious dogs on a daily basis and if you have an anxious dog then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! No matter how experienced you...Read More