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Single File: Quiz Whiz

Susan Dietz on

It's fun time -- tickle time for the brain. Yep, this is another chance to peer inside and come up with the truth. Your truth! The questions -- and the responses to them -- are for your eyes only; there's no editor on the case, no second chance to revise your answer, no eraser in sight. First response, best response!

Mark whether you agree or disagree with the following:

--An interesting, full single life leads to lifelong singleness.

--Women who are assertive and strong turn men off.

--Being unmarried is an interim condition/malady and should be ended quickly.

--Going places alone is unnatural. It makes me look and feel like a loser.

--Everyone desirable is already married.

--Being unmarried is not normal.

--Women don't need to save their salaries. Their husbands will give them financial security.

--True happiness is found only in marriage.

--Men and women aren't meant to be friends; they're much too different.

--Being unmarried means being alone and lonely.


--Everyone should get married and have children; to live any other way is not normal.

--People are either born independent or not; nothing can be done about it.

--Being married is better than being single.

--I'm a half-member of my family because I'm not married.

For the next part, finish these sentences:

--The most important thing I'd like to do but haven't because I'm not married is...

--When I tell people I'm not married, I feel...

--They must think...

--If I knew for sure I'd be single my whole life, I'd...


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