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Make Guests Accommodate Their Uninvited Plus-Ones

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I am a licensed psychologist with a specialty in pediatric neuropsychology. I successfully completed three years of undergraduate studies, seven years of graduate school, a year of internship and two years of postdoctoral training and specialization prior to becoming licensed and starting my own private practice seven years ago.

I also identify as a woman and am a "mature" individual. I certainly feel that I have earned the respect of being addressed by my title. What would you recommend?

GENTLE READER: It cannot have escaped your attention that titles of any kind have fallen into disuse -- although, as you note, more frequently so in regard to women.

So while it is awkward to insist on one's own title, Miss Manners understands that it is sometimes necessary. And you needn't produce your C.V. in order to deserve it.

As your patients are children, you must be practiced in delivering instructions in a kindly tone. You should use that tone to say to their parents, "Here I am called Dr. Smith."



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