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My Daughter Wants Me To Give Her A Mother's Day Card

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Others look at me and say they didn't hit me with the cart. One time I was jostled hard enough that I had to grab the shelf in front of me, knocking boxes off. A box hit the customer on the shoulder and she told me I needed to be more careful.

I never raise my voice. I smile. On very rare occasions, I have looked at someone and said, "I am sorry for being so clumsy. I really do not want to find out how good my insurance coverage is."

GENTLE READER: You must be the only polite person to be found in a grocery store these days. Miss Manners keeps getting mail about altercations taking place in the aisles or checkout lines. The standard is so low that someone wanted credit for not hitting you with a cart.

Where is a peace-loving citizen supposed to get vittles in safety ?

It is to be hoped that your customers are learning, one by one, from your screams and explanations. Miss Manners is sorry you have to put up with their thoughtlessness.



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