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Visibility for Foster Youth

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The entire point of these issues is never discussed, and quite frankly, it makes me extremely sad to see. -- Family Privilege

Dear Family Privilege: What an important point you make! Very often the media gets on a bandwagon of exploring one group of victims or another, and I understand your frustration at being left out. Let's hope there is more coverage about the trials and tribulations of foster youth. You sound like an amazing mother, and your children are fortunate to have you. Thank you so much for your letter.

Dear Annie: People often write to you complaining about social media posts, and you suggest they block or unfriend the poster.

Another option is to "unfollow" the person. I have quite a few friends and relatives who have strong opinions that are different from mine. Their brash, crude and sometimes untrue memes popped up on my page all the time.

By "unfollowing" them, I can still go to their pages and see their social activities when I want to, but their political memes and name-calling aren't in my face every time I log on. -- Unfollow


Dear Unfollow: Thank you for your great suggestion, based on your success at staying in touch without being offended or getting riled up.


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