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Erika Ettin: Writing the perfect dating profile

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A large part of the work I do is either writing or revamping clients’ online dating profiles. I do this via Zoom, where clients can share their phone screens with me (isn’t technology grand?), and I can see exactly what’s going on in their accounts.

The conversation usually goes like this:

Client: “Online dating isn’t working for me.”

Me: “What part isn’t working? Are you not getting matches on the sites? Are the conversations fizzling out before the date? Are the dates not going the way you’d like? Are you meeting nice people but just not feeling a connection?”

Depending on the client, the answers vary, but some part is usually that they are not getting enough matches on the dating apps.

So then I look at the profile. I’m usually shocked at how little information the client has shared.


And then, of that information, how generic — or, dare I say, boring — it is.

For example, I was on a session with a client the other day, and the Bumble prompt read, “I get way too excited about…”

She had written “books.” That was it! Not the genre of books, not paper books vs. audiobooks, not bookstores or her personal shelves. Just books.

So I asked some questions about her life. “What’s your favorite snack? (My personal favorite question.) What kinds of things do you like to do on the weekends? If your friends teased you, what would it be about? Do you have any hidden talents/party tricks?”


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