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Barton Goldsmith: 10 things to do when you feel stuck

Barton Goldsmith, Tribune News Service on

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Sometimes when we are trying our best to move forward, something comes along to block us. Here are 10 things to do to help you keep moving in the right direction.

1. Get out of the house or office.

If you can’t get your mind clear, sometimes stepping outside can give you a new perspective. Getting some fresh air will enliven your senses, and your brain will start to think of new things.

2. Start writing.

Turn on your computer, or get out a pad and paper, and write down whatever is in your head. Once you’ve cleared out most of the extemporaneous thoughts, the ones you want will appear.

3. Work on a different project.


If you can’t do what’s immediately in front of you, find something else to occupy your thoughts and energy. It doesn’t really matter what it is; you are taking this action to clear your mind by temporarily putting aside whatever you’re stuck on.

4. Clean your desk.

Sometimes we have so many irons in the fire that we can get bogged down with what to do first. As you clean your desk, you not only will break a pattern of inactivity, but will find things you’ve already completed and can put away. Doing so will give you some more room to process your thoughts.

5. Take a deep breath.


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