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Erika Ettin: Do dating apps work?

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Two truths and a lie: 1) My beverage of choice is Scotch, 2) I was born outside the US, 3) I have a dog named Scruffy.

Things I like: Pizza (only with red sauce, white is a travesty!), Ted Lasso, my job in finance, and spontaneous games of ping pong.

Entrepreneur, pun-maker, crossword puzzler… math jokes and whiskey make me swoon. Like a cupcake with a jalapeno in the middle — sweet with a kick!

Now, let’s talk about the messages. Make them short, sweet, and end with a question. Just remember that *anything* is better than “Hey,” or “What’s up?”

Examples for when no “message bait” is provided:

You seem like a genuinely happy person … am I right?


*Pizza emoji* or *sushi emoji*?

If you had nothing to do today, would you rather go running or drink a bottle of wine … or both? No judgment!

And finally, let’s talk about the actual date. If you match with someone on a Sunday, try to have the date set up by the next Sunday (basically, keep it within a week). Momentum is key, as people have shorter and shorter attention spans.

So, do dating apps work? Of course. But you have to put in the work, follow this advice, and show up for your dates ready and excited to meet someone new. There are no guarantees as to how well you’ll click with someone, whether dating online or not, but you might as well give yourself the best chance.


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