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Barton Goldsmith: Things have changed — and this is just the beginning

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People use the TV-inspired phrase "the new normal" like we will all just naturally adapt to whatever changes are coming, like changing the channel. I don't like being the negative one (ever), but I don't think people shift that easily. Here are some things that could hold some of us back from reengaging in the world. And I'm totally willing to ...Read more

Erika Ettin: Texting makes dating difficult

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I have an app that tells me the keywords people use to get to my website. When I checked the list of keywords recently, the top results (excluding the name of the business and my name) were:

- Text before first date

- Text after date

- How much texting is too much

- Texting before the first date

- Texting before meeting in person

- When to...Read more