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Zoom intimacy and creative sexting: How COVID-19 has changed the way some people have sex

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PHILADELPHIA -- When Juan's long-term relationship ended the same day Philadelphia announced its first COVID-19 case and started the citywide shutdown, he knew the isolation to come would be a challenge.

So Juan, 33, created profiles on a handful of dating apps, including Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and OkCupid.

"It was tough because it was the peak...Read more


The 'yours, mine and ours' school of budgeting

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“You bought what? And it cost how much?”

Be honest: Have you ever been called out by your spouse for spending too much? Or maybe you’ve been the one to bristle at a fresh batch of shopping bags brought home by your better half?

Bankrate’s latest financial infidelity survey revealed that 30 percent of U.S. adults who are married or ...Read more


What happened to 'Menver'? Denver daters say finding love is getting harder

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DENVER — Much to the chagrin of single Denverites, the city’s nationally-recognized nickname, “Menver” — an allusion to the number of available men, ready for relationships — hasn’t withstood the test of time.

One of the earliest mentions of the Menver phenomenon was a 2006 Westword column raving about the male surplus. That still...Read more

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Why talking about money is crucial in a relationship

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Money is one of the most common sources of conflict in a relationship. So it should come as no surprise that a recent Bankrate survey found that well over one-third (42 percent) of Americans in a relationship have kept a financial secret from their partner.

Keeping money-related secrets, or avoiding talking about money altogether, can lead to ...Read more

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Her pregnant wife filed for divorce. The lawsuit changed who gets to be a parent in Pa.

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PHILADELPHIA -- Nicole Junior and Chanel Glover were ready to be mothers, so the same month as their wedding, they began pursuing IVF.

The two decided early on that Glover would be the one to become pregnant. Junior didn’t care about having a genetic connection — either way, she figured, the baby would be theirs. Still, she was unexpectedly...Read more


Ask Erika: Your dating questions answered

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Question: Three dates and no kiss. How do I show I want to kiss without being cringy? He’s asked me on a fourth.

Answer: Say this: “I wonder what it would feel like if we kissed.” It will work like a charm. Happy smooching!


Question: A guy I was going on a date with canceled twice. Once he forgot, once for work. Thoughts?

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6 ideas for saving money on Valentine's Day

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Expressing undying love for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day doesn’t cost any money, but nearly everything else does. Some 53% of Americans planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2024, bringing the expected holiday spending total to $25.8 billion, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2024 Valentine’s Day Spending Survey.

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How do I politely decline?

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I got this question recently from a client:

“I had my date on Thursday night at the brewery I mentioned. It was fine… no fireworks or anything but not terrible. Just OK. I don’t want to see him again. He did send me a text after the date to make sure I got home OK and one in the morning asking whether I’d like to go out again. Do I have...Read more


Is this 2023 dating trend here to stay in 2024 -- and is it effective?

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It’s the start of the new year, so you probably know some friends or family members who are participating in “Dry January,” or taking a break from alcohol for the month. It’s understandable why the trend is popular: to recover from the (often boozy) holiday season and start 2024 on a healthy note, not to mention saving some money at the ...Read more


Survey: Younger generations more likely to keep financial secrets from partners

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Would you consider it cheating if your romantic partner hid a debt, a credit card or other financial secret from you? While some may not consider financial cheating as harmful as a physical affair, about 1 in 4 Americans in relationships believe otherwise — and it seems keeping financial secrets can be corrosive to romantic partnerships.

A ...Read more


My brain hurts from deciphering these texts!

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I recently got a text from a female client following a first date on a Friday night. According to her, the date went well: They got along, and it even ended with a kiss. The following day, around noon, she sent him a text thanking him for a wonderful evening. He replied by saying: “Hey, any time! I enjoyed it too. Looking forward to seeing ...Read more