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Ask Amy: Reconnected couple deals with silent stages

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

He verbalized a need for space, which I understand and respect.

I stated that I would like him to check in once a day with me.

He has checked in, in a very sweet way, but it is only a few texts each day!

He is not updating me on how he feels or asking me how I am doing during these brief exchanges.

I do want him to have space, but after a week of this, I definitely want to return to normal communication.

Should I say something to him, or should I give this more time, since he is doing what I asked him to do?


How long is too long?

– Impatient Ida

Dear Impatient: Your guy is following your instructions, which tells you that he has some awareness of your needs, and that he wants to please you.

And while you asked him to check in “once a day,” he is checking in several times a day, and yet – his texts don’t contain the wording or content you would prefer.


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