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Ask Amy: Bargains find him, but joy is fleeting

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My family is upper-middle class. I love to dine out and at my instigation, we do it often.

I am also always seeking value in whatever I purchase, including restaurant meals. Bargains gravitate to me.

Our most recent meal at a fine restaurant came about when the restaurant was offering a weekday promotion of a 10-ounce strip steak with side dish for $19.95, considerably less than the normal price.

My wife ordered a 9-ounce bleu filet, which was $40.75 – one of the most expensive items on the menu.

When the check came, she said she was waiting to see if I would have a heart attack, indicating that she knew her dish was pricey.

My wife worked as an accountant before we were married. I am semi-retired and manage our investments and shop for the family.


We do quite well, financially, but this is a common pattern for us. My wife said that she does not look at prices and that if we are going out to dinner, she is going to order what she wants.

Although her expensive meals are not going to take food off of our table, it seems like poor form to me.

Your take?

– Bargain Hunter


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