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Ask Amy: Offer of rides turns into taxi service

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: About five months ago my friend “Stacy” fell on some hard times. I offered her rides to her job so that she could save up for another car, as her transmission went kaput.

Stacy has been very good with reciprocating favors, contributing gas money, buying us groceries, etc.

Reciprocation isn't my issue. But my husband and I seem to have become a permanent taxi service for her.

Now it includes rides to the store and to run errands related to her job.

I just learned that Stacy is going on a week's vacation to visit a friend.

I immediately stated that she would need Uber to get to her friend’s place because my husband won't do inner-city driving.


I'm all about helping someone for a temporary period of time, but now I feel like my whole life revolves around Stacy’s needs for transportation.

Now that she is going on vacation, it occurs to me that she could have had a replacement car by now.

I don't want to lose a friendship, but I want our lives back!

What’s the nicest way to end our taxi service?


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