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Ask Amy: Troubled son keeps coming back for more

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

If you can afford to, you might consider offering to pay his first semester’s tuition at his local community college.

This offer of a gift from you might inspire your teenage grandson to press on with his education, as well as demonstrate your faith in his future.

Community colleges are a great and affordable bridge for students to continue their education, and have helped many young people to kick-start their passion for learning.

Dear Amy: Thank you for standing up for restaurant servers, who have an extremely tough job these days.

I am a server. I worked while wearing a mask when customers chose not to, I worked extra hours when other staff were sick or quit, I have absolutely done my best under extremely challenging circumstances, and I live off of my tips.

– Grateful


Dear Grateful: I hope your employers and customers show their gratitude to you.


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