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Ask Amy: Young nephew’s behavior causes concern

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There seem to be a lot of parents out there that allow this, but our group agrees it doesn’t feel right to shack up in your girlfriends’ or boyfriends’ childhood bedroom, having sex with the parents next door.

What is your opinion?

– Old-school Moms

Dear Old School: Whenever I hear the phrase “shacking up,” I know someone has been listening to Dr. Laura.

My attitude toward this depends on the situation. If an adult child is in a long-term relationship and I know their partner, I welcome the partner to visit, and they can sleep wherever they like.

However, one surefire way to coax an adult toward independent living is to limit their friends’ access to the bedroom and refrigerator.

Dear Amy: “Mourning in Montana” was a woman whose husband of 46 years abruptly told her he was leaving her.


I thought your advice to her was compassionate and helpful, but you may have missed something: this man could be experiencing the early signs of dementia.

– Concerned

Dear Concerned: Several readers raised this possibility.


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