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Ask Amy: Husband’s lies are just delaying confrontation

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My husband of many years, “Franklin,” has a strategy of lying to me in order to get his way or avoid confrontation.

Three examples, all this week:

We make an annual, very substantial contribution to an arts organization where he’s on the board.

When I reviewed this, he told me that most of the board members give this amount (if not more).

I then discovered that we give 20-times more than most of the other board members.

Franklin was planning a party. I have some social anxiety and asked him about the growing guest list.


He told me that the caterer had a minimum requirement of 20 people. I asked the caterer – no minimum.

One of Franklin’s brothers will be in our area for one night.

Franklin neglected to tell me that not only will his brother and wife be staying with us for a full week, but that other members of his family will also be staying with us for the week.

When I found out about the family invasion, Franklin's response was he was looking for the right moment to tell me, in order to avoid an argument.


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