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Ask Amy: Pandemic places extra stress on holiday visits

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My husband and I (ages 55 and 62) have followed CDC guidelines throughout the pandemic: masking, social distancing, limiting time in stores, etc. We have kept very much to ourselves.

Only after being vaccinated did we return to socializing with other vaccinated couples, taking short trips, and enjoying occasional indoor dining.

My dilemma is this: I have an elderly unvaccinated family member who is complaining that I haven't been to see them since last spring.

They, however, are regularly visiting with other unvaccinated family members. All of these family members have in fact had COVID.

On the one hand I do feel bad that I have not been to see them, but on the other hand I haven't wanted to take unnecessary risks.

This person wants me to visit during the holiday, inside their very small apartment (it is too cold to get together outside), and without masks (the family member is very hearing impaired).


Because I am vaxxed and boostered, am I worrying too much — or being too stringent?

I'm also trying to sort through how upset I am at their refusal to get vaccinated, and how this plays into my feelings about visiting.

I welcome your thoughts.

– Struggling to Navigate


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