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Ask Amy: Abusive ex-husband now wants to share cabin

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

We have told them that their children are no longer welcome in our house.

My wife and I believe that it is inappropriate for a young child to barge into another person’s house, with no manners or regard for others, and behave in a way that we don’t let our own children behave.

This behavior is confusing to our kids, and unfair and very annoying for my wife and me.

The other parents don’t feel we have the right to impose behavioral expectations, so now we are at a distant impasse.

We would appreciate your thoughts.

– Mad Dad


Dear Dad: I’m not sure what the impasse is if you simply won’t allow these children into your home.

If they don’t come into the home, then – congratulations – no impasse!

If these niblings barge into your home without being brought by a parent (hard to imagine at their young ages), then you could either take them home, or wait with them on the porch while you call their folks to come and get them.

I understand the challenge of being around young children who are extremely active or poorly behaved (been there, wept with frustration over that), but you seem almost too upset over this.


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