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Ask Amy: Friend needs a different kind of wake-up call

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Backed Away: Yes, backing away from this friend sounds like the best thing for you, but there is a teenager in this equation, and I hope you will extend a hand toward her.

Because you are exiting from this friendship anyway, you might as well be completely honest about your reasons: “I am terrified that you and your daughter are in this dangerous situation, but it seems I can’t help you any longer because nothing I do or say seems to make a difference. Your choices and your drug use are harmful to you and this beautiful teenage girl. You both deserve so much better.”

Perhaps you could give your phone number to “Cynthia.” It is doubtful that she would use it, but it sounds as if she needs a safe place, and a safe person to turn to.

Dear Amy: My father has a habit of giving cash to my brother and me, if we are going on a family vacation.

He has done this since we were children, so we could treat ourselves while away.

This continues, even now that we are adults with careers of our own.


Dad is not a man of many words or outward emotions, and I know this is a way of showing affection.

On a trip this year, he gave us each $350 in cash.

My husband thinks this is weird. He disapproves.

He gets upset when I accept money from my father, so I have stopped telling him about it, but if he finds out about it anyway, then he is upset that I hid it from him. He acts as though I'm being dishonest.


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